Saturday, November 21, 2009


Another day, another dollar, or maybe I missed the mark…another $ billion down the drain…?

Well, it looks like Nutanyahoo says Palestine better not drag the UN in to decide on how to achieve statehood…”It’s up to us to decide who gets what! Yeah, what the hell…let’s forget about ’48 when we terrorized the Palestinians to achieve our statehood with the help of the Brits, and then in ’67 we took the rest of the surrounding land.”
But why shouldn’t the Palestinians bring in the UN??? Isn’t that what the UN is for, “United Nations”… does that stand for a group of countries whose limited achievements are at the whim of “Great Powers” who veto if it don’t go their way? But the EU says they can’t recognize Palestine cuz there ain’t no state yet... Hmph…sorta like a catch 22 situation…what the hell was there before ’48? Check the geography!
But d’ya thinks the Palestinians are still a little dumb in wanting ‘two’ states…???
But when the going gets sticky in recognizing the Palestinians right to exist over there and to steer the talk away from the two states, the Izzis demolish a buncha Arabs homes and start building more condos even after Mitchell and Obama requested them to stop. They just arrogantly stick it up our ass. This clouds the real reason to what they’re really up to and cleverly diverts the focus of everyone’s attention to ‘negotiate’ the halting of building of condos and avoid any discussion of “peace process and the Palestinians right to exist and pushes the Goldstone report’s impact back in the shadows! This always buys more time and accumulates more free donations of yours and my tax dollars and sorta goes with what happened in late ‘30s in Germany. Makes ya kinda wonder if the Palestinians are gonna have a “holocaust’ museum…they already gots the makings of one in Gaza…after all the Arabs should use this similar to how the Izzis have for years to gather sympathy and keep the rest of the world off their hidden efforts to control the Middle East and the world…

Ya know, nobody really needs atomic bombs but lately the UN and IAEA says it fears Iran’s nuclear activities since they keep on enriching for reactors… but no one seems to say anything about Israel’s 200 + bombs… that’s strange…or is it? Besides, the Izzis simply ignore what the UN says anyways…

The world is criticizing China on their “black jails” where they secretly imprison people so they can’t complain or criticize the governments’ abuses…you know, it’s simple…to circumvent the international uproar, they oughta contract “Affiliated Computer Systems” … these guys, also being cited for interrogation abuses, were bought out by Lockheed Martin (the Pentagon’s largest contractor) in 2003…and had 30 intelligence analysts and 20 interrogators handled all the interrogation of prisoners at Gitmo…you know …dousing… vise grip manicures… head slamming… Just think how good a job they could do for the Chinese… and nobody will be the wiser…but when you Google ‘Affiliated Computer Systems’…you get nothing…hmmm … wonder why that is??? But we can find Chenega Federal Systems …they have a 5 year $152 million current ‘intelligence’ contract at Gitmo…what in hell do they do for $ 30 million per year at the Gitmo prison yard…??? And why the hell do they call it “intelligence” …??? Here we was always lead to believe either the CIA or military or dept. of homeland security (DHS) was conducting all this interrogations … But we can’t seem to check on who the officers of ACS were and if any connection to Cheney, or Blackwater or CIA or NSA, or Bush Gang… but check this out on:

Damn…is this a sick world or what???

Barack is speakin’ with ol’ Hu Jintao on his trip around the world. Makin’ deals…complainin’ about the Yuan…signing a new loan package…Jesus, who’s the goddam capitalist here??? D’ya notice anything strange about this picture???

Heh, heh, an article in al Jazeera about the AIG bailout saying it was quote “mishandled”! The first $ 85 billion in Sept. ’08 then a follow up of another what $100 billion? Mishandled??? Goddam…a treasury spokesman stated “The lesson is that the federal government needs better tools to deal with the impending failure of a large institution”! One tool would be a treasury secretary with a brain…obviously Geithner doesn’t have one! But AIG and Goldman etc. got their bonuses…10.2% unemployed!!!
Got a pregnant idea…we should revise the BATF to D(uh)-DAFT - Department for Drugs, Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco! Currently the BATF is a ‘Gestapo style’ department that raid liquor stores to make sure nobody drinks in the back room during business hours and completely forget about major drug dealers and bootleggers...and conduct major fuck ups like Branch Davidians…
Don’tchya think the gov't should legalize everything, ‘grass’ – ‘smack’ – ‘coke’ – ‘methashit’...and that sure as hell will take the profit outta the illegal drug trade and transfer it into the pharmaceutical industry ...and can you imagine the commercials...Pfizer ..."snort this shit and get a ‘high’ hard one” far the gov't has fucked up just about everything they've touched so with the legalizing of drugs, taxation etc., it's just a matter of time the illegal drug business will lose its profitability, so the drug cartel gangsters will take their railroad cars full of cash and allotted corruption money and go into the banking and stock trading business where the real profit exists and receive bailouts when they fuck up!!! Just like the current crooks… can you imagine the ‘wars’ that’ll start on Wall Street…but it’ll probably be a tamer version of what they gots now with Madoff in jail!

Gonna start a new lobbying firm…it’ll be called – “For Unlimited Congressional Konspiritors Under the Peoples’ Status” Lobby – or “FUCKUPS” for short and ask for donations to lobby congress, plus all under the table expenses, to pass laws that protect the people instead of big business and AIPAC…if we’re registered, then it’ll be tax deductible…
Just think, paid vacations… private jets… yachts… country club memberships… tax free income… bonuses… bailouts… do I hear any co-Konspiritor volunteers??? Maybe should change the name???

Does all this sound like I’m losing my mind? Nawww…just blending in with the rest of the politikians…

Obama went to the east and bowed to all the countries leaders (but I didn’t see him kiss their asses like he did Nutnyahoo’s)…especially China… oh, and they claim China is the biggest spying bunch on the USA. What the hell…if somebody owed you $ trillions, wouldn’t you wanna know what the hell is going on? Or with the spying accusation, maybe we can stir up some shit and declare a ‘cold war’ and seize the loan assets and don’t pay it back…heh, heh, maybe that’s the plan… just like WMD’s…

Here’s a good one “Obama asks for patience on economy”…but he forgot to add “let’s limit the bonuses to the bastards on Wall Street, that caused the meltdown to $ 25 million each…and give the other sumbitches in the failed institutions jobs as lobbyists for health care…but those unemployed steelworkers losin’ their houses…fuck ‘em…’let ‘em eat cake’”…

Goddam, are we at war with Pakistan? Missiles bombing towns…probably those drones again… but it says here
“U.S. officials say the drone strikes are carried out under an agreement with Islamabad that allows Pakistani leaders to decry the attacks in public.”
Why do we keep on letting the CIA fuck everything up? Don’t anybody in DC gotta brain???

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