Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, the day after Xmas and nothin’ stirred, not even a mouse…and al Jazeera doesn’t make any reference to the ‘Tiger’ saga…I suppose it’s not that important…

Anyways…another story in Izziland…the moratorium on illegal settlements by Israel…well…in one breath they say “Stop the building we need to satisfy our critics and benefactors and promote the illusion of peace”, in the next breath, they say to the bulldozer operator, “here’s some $ go knock over that raghead’s house to make room for the new condo construction” (the next payment is due from the dumb-ass American tax payer) …and even more shit about the Izzis – Obama says the Izzis are getting’ sirius about attacking Iran, (how does he know that?) or was that a threat to the Chinks to enforce the sanctions on Iran and stop buying their oil, besides we’s gonna start shipping more from Irak and its cheaper to ship to China instead of Houston and we can make more money…hmph – are we stupid or what??? But, here we go – Didjya hear the flush? D’ya thinks all the sorry statements from western politikians is a prelude to pushin’ the Izzis to attack Iran? I mean whaddaya think all that oil is worth? Is it worth another 4000 of our boys and girls lives??? AhmaDJ is sittin’ on the second or third largest oil reserves in the world…the back room oil boyz are lip smackin’ and wringin’ their hands with glee… Lockheed and Boeing have started the third shift…stock pile those DIME bombs…Armageddon…

And they finally did it…and passed the new improved national health care system…well, the first vote go around…that ain’t worth a shit being structured after Enron accounting…they’ve preserved the high cost of medical institutions, the high cost of pharmaceuticals, the high cost of medical and malpractice insurance, so far Medicare status is quo… but there wasn’t a helluva lot spent there in the first place… besides, lotsa providers, hospitals and doctors and drug companies don’t like Medicare cuz they discount the MSRP more than the insurance company bandits…”MSRP” – that’s Medically Suggested Retail Price… but Obama praised the passing…makes ya wonder why? Well, at least he did something.

One of the major stumbling blocks of the new improved, updated, revised 286 times, comprehensive health care bill is the use of federal money on abortions…well, I don’t see anything wrong with payin’ for abortions, that’s the same as congress approving tax dollars for the research, development and manufacture of destructive weapons, nuclear, DIME and phosphorous bombs and givin’ them to the Izzis to experiment with…these kill not only children, born and unborn, but also their mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers, dogs, cats and birds… but, hallelujah…there’s huge $profits in bombs, not much cash in aborted fetuses flushed down the toilet…oh, and think of the money saved in welfare support let alone projected subsidized health care!

And after all the stalling…here’s what they say about Joe Lieberman’s campaign contributors:
The Connecticut senator has raised about $49 million overall, including millions from financial firms, (investment bankers on Wall Street mainly Goldman Sachs) lawyers, real estate interests and pro-Israeli groups. (AIPAC) and health professionals and the insurance industry have contributed more than $2.1 million to his campaigns.
Guess whose side this scumbag is on…and it ain’t yours and mine…
Here’s an interesting article in the Washington post about the health care proposal.
Who the hell are we kidding…what can we do about this uncommon thievery???

Heh, heh, Madoff was taken to the prison hospital yesterday, there you go, the only people that get free health care are prisoners and politicians…one in the same…

Coupla good sites and these sort of tell it like it is. The ‘wide awake’ site has obvious religious references but deals with subject matter that takes a direct view of the bullshit we’re being fed via the media, irregardless of religion and the Turkish news site deals with Middle East events that amazingly supports the Goldstone report and are more accurate as to what’s goin’ on there than what our Izzi controlled media displays over here.

Another good article… the Izzis harvested organs from dead people without anybody’s permission during the Gaza holocaust…(hadta resemble a meat market assembly line with the 1400 involuntary donors) I suppose they musta took the crash course at Josef Mengele Angel of Death’s school of Ethics and that was right after they took the “hypocritical oath”…makes ya wonder if they experimented with stuff like he did…or did they at least wait until the patient died…ol’ Joe didn’t… but this ‘organ’ sale was the result of the military’s experimental tests with the phosphorous and dime bombs as listed in Goldstone’s report…but of course the Izzis’ are complaining about it and simply scream ‘holocaust’ and the report was...’anti-Semitism’! And Goldstone’s a Zionist Heeb…
Yet the UN is considering pressing charges of crimes against humanity on the leader of Guinea for killing 100 people during a demonstration in September…but the British foreign secretary has apologized to Tipzi on the warrant for her arrest for crimes against humanity for killing 1400 people in Gaza…I suppose one’s a crime and the other ain’t? Depends on who pays off who? The Guineas don’t gotta GIPAC either!!!

Goddam, GM has hired the CFO from Microsoft…can you imagine, soon all new Caddies won’t be able to shift into second and when you contact GM warrantee division, they’ll send you excuses that it ain’t their problem until they can figure out a patch to make it shift properly…but that’s only after 10,000 customers complain…until then, you just chug up and down the potholes at 15 mph in reverse…in your $70,000 car.

Yemen al Qaeda fighters say they’s gonna fight all God’s enemies…hmmm…wait a minute…who created who and why would He create an enemy? Maybe it’s to keep everyone on their toes? Bush labeled some countries the ‘Axis of Evil’ including Iraq but didn’t mention Yemen… Do we still get oil from Yemen? If we do then that’s ok, they’s good ol’ boyz…

Chavez is having a tough time with Columbia…he’s complainin’ the US has access to 7 military basis to conduct the ‘war on drugs’…but the CIA makes money from the dope business in Afghaniland, they probably gots their fingers in Columbian ‘coke’ sales too – something like the ‘Iran-Contra affair’ – was Venezuela mixed up in that too??? – Here’s how it worked way back when.
Major players at that time:
– USA: the moron Reagan (labeled the ‘Teflon President’) was masked as the leader of his goon squad staff but the “affair” was basically orchestrated by Casper Weinberger (Izzi) and Oliver North took the fall.
– Sandinistas (Contras): a buncha dumb shits backed by US to overthrow the commie run gov’t
– Nicaragua: the commie run country – major export was bananas – any oil??? – Oops sorry, they had a buncha ‘black gold’ offshore – the real reason for the “affair”!!!
– Israel: the middle man – makin money by brokering weapons supplied by CIA and disguising the source of weapons traded to an undesirable country – the CIA made a buncha money on this deal too and some of the profits went to fund the Contras.
– Iran: the country that the illegal weapons were sold to, in the middle of the Iran / Iraq war…and the US was backing Saddam during this skirmish also sending weapons to Iran???…damn – what a tangled mess that was! Musta had CIA and Irgun operatives stumbling all over themselves
– Lebanon – the buncha rag-a-muffin shithead terrorists that eventually evolved to Hezbollah who held some hostages that Iran was supposed to convince to let go.
– Brunei – the $ brown bag financiers
– And a bunch minor players too numerous to mention here…but a good example of our dishonest and corrupt leadership with limited intelligence at the time! They ain’t gettin’ any smarter either!
Do we have the same thing going on now with the Middle East ‘gold mine’? Floatin’ in a ocean of black gold!!! Yup…axis of evil…WMD…terrorism…you name it, it’s there…I’ll get into the major players later…

It says here in Pakiland…
"Taliban and their local allies are responsible for destroying educational institutions (in one case a girls school) to avenge the military operation against their hideouts in the area."
I suppose they wanna keep all their constituents dumber than shit so nobody will figure out what they’re up to. It goes on to say, this Khyber area – the lawless tribal belt between Pakiland and Afghaniland – is about the most dangerous place on earth…well…next to Washington DC and Tel Aviv!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tiger’s continuing problems are getting worse…one sponsor has already dropped him and he’ll lose around $ 8 million / yr income, but one good thing is, it’s been rumored one of the latest ED companies KMS Corp – acronym for “Keep’m Stiff” is preparing to launch a new commercial with Tiger’s picture, stating that if you take this little ‘purple’ pill, instead of a 36 hour boner enhancer, you can satisfy a minimum of 4 women every day for a period of at least 30 days…with just one pill…but I understand it costs $ 10,000 for each pill… The market would be limited to professional athletes, movie stars, Wall Street Bankers, health care CEO’s and politicians…but their sales forecast is in the $Billions…
Now it looks like he’s gettin’ a divorce…he can play all he wants to now…but he also messed around on his mistress too…oops, I shoulda said ‘mistresses’…but everybody should give the poor guy a break…. Heh, heh…with all those girls, maybe should call him Tiger “Woodie”…

We gots a real dumb shit of a general in Afghaniland…McChrystal???...he says the Talibaners are gonna lose the war. Russia, right next door with an arsenal of monumental proportions couldn’t beat ‘em, but then the ‘baners had a little US assistance, sheeeit, even Rambo was there…I saw the movie…makes ya kinda wonder who’s helping them now, but throughout history, nobody’s ever really beaten them – even Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan…they just hide in the hills then come back when your gone… somethin’ like what bin Laden is doin’…but war was a little cheaper then than it is now…

Ya know, I’ve been workin’ on the new religion D’boogerism and need a little help. The following is a few guidelines I’ve come up with so far and it’s not as sophisticated as Hebert’ism. Please add or subtract as you see fit, but use tracking () and only if it is approved by the congregation…we’s democratic, you see…
D’BOOGERISM…a w’holy’ venture into living the life and discovering the realities of existence and immortality before, during and after life. (Did I say that right?)

• Objectives
o Get all you can out of life with the least amount of time and money invested
o Live your life to the fullest with maximum pleasure and minimum pain. (Epicureanism is in here someplace too)
o Improve your game so when you tee off, everybody screams “OOOOoooo… AAAAaaaa!!!”
o When it’s time to meet the maker, stick in your thumb, pull out a plum and say “What good boy am I”…or was…besides, by that time you won’t know why you’re doin’ it…

• Rules (something like commandments)
o Love thy neighbor but only if they’re the opposite sex, well, unless you’re a little limp wristed. Oh and don’t get caught (like Tiger)!
o Do unto others then boogie…
o No altar boys are permitted – only alter girls and they gotta be over 18! Well, I suppose we can have altar boys for the lady ‘believers’…and the girls don’t hafta look like Serena Williams…took a good peek at her nude pics…nice butt!…and they gotta be able to open a beer bottle without using their hands and find lost balls…oh and own a golf cart…
o Only take a mulligan or foot wedge if nobody is looking, or if they agree and don’t mark it on the score card!
o Straighten your left elbow, slightly bend your knees, keep your head behind the ball and look out for those trees.
o Only use Titleist ProV1X or Taylormade TP Red. Oh and forged muscle backs!
o Make sure you squander all your money, cuz the kids and surviving mate don’t need it, besides you won’t give a shit pushin’ up daisies!

• Responsibility
o Not much of that stuff here, but being responsible to youself is the main objective. Everybody else don’t really matter a tinkers damn, unless they play golf in your foursome on a regular basis and tolerate your stupid behavior and think it’s funny.

• Rewards
o Your handicap will come down
o You’ll never ever shank a ball
o You really won’t give a shit that everybody thinks you’re an asshole.
o Pass the Plate, put all your money in there and I’ll guarantee you’ll go to heaven or you get 3 times your money back!

That’s a start…I’d appreciate your input…

There are approximately 112 million families in the US at an average of 2.6 people per family. When you consider the cost of health care that’s inflated to a ridiculous degree and probably listed as the “MSRP” privately within the industry, the providers – doctors, hospitals, clinics only collect roughly 10% - 15% of what they list as “MSRP” (and they still make a horrendous profit). These bloated costs the ignorant masses are terrorized into believing are ‘real costs’ consequently pushes them in favor of canceling the national health care bill. This bill of $1.2 trillion over the next what, 10 years (?) In reality considering the 10% discounts given from health care providers to the insurance industry, it would be only $120 billion or $12 billion a year and amounts to $107 per family per year. That’s nothing!!! Golf balls cost more than that!
Currently, the insurance cost per family is approximately $12,000 per year and this doesn’t include all the deductibles and malpractice insurance, but in reality, also considering discounts, it should be $ 1,200 to $1,500 per year or $100 - $125 per month. This is affordable even on retirement income and if this was included in an expanded Medicare for everybody, it would be even cheaper!!!
Stated in previous Debuggers, this asshole Joe Lieberman threatening to vote against the bill, that’s a sorry mess to begin with, but ongoing protection of big bidness. He musta got word from his campaign contributors sayin’ if he votes for the public option and expansion of Medicare, all his money will stop… whaddaya think he’s gonna vote on – any bets it’ll be on the side of big bidness??? Yeah what the hell…Fuck those stupid voters!…he should be shot just on general principle…
But when you stop and think of it, why in hell does congress wanna stop national health care when it’s the only decent thing they’ll ever do while in politiks besides, these congressmen get free medical insurance anyways with no deductibles or co-pays…but the cocksuckers passed another defense bill for $ 636 billion…zip – slicker ‘n shit… no debates, problems or filibuster either… probably cuz Boeing and Lockheed and Smith and Wesson posted a lower profit statement this year…and they don’t wanna get accused of havin’ another bailout… yeah, what the hell…all they get from voters is votes, and they get cash money from bidness…I don’t see any corruption here, do you?

And Time Magazine named Bernanke ‘Person of the Year’…probably Time also musta gotta share in some of the TARP stuff too… Time is run by another Izzi anyways, they all stick together…says right here in the ‘protocol’!

D’ya notice a trend in the news? “Kuwaiti PM Cleared of Corruption”…”Olmert being tried for Corruption” … “Afghan ministers cleared of corruption’…“US backed Most Corrupt Person in history dies – Suharto” …”Paki Prime Minister cleared of graft”…”Mubarak” - same…”Lieberman” - same…”Abu Dhabi – Sheik corruption trials” - same…”Karzai defends his corrupt cabinet” - same…”Maliki” - same…”Livni” - same… And they’s our allies? Any bets if we had XOM, BP and Shell doin’ bidness in Iran, ol’ AhmaDJ and the Ayatollah would be our bosom buddies too? And it don’t look like we’s ain’t gonna get any kind of beneficial health care any time in the next millennium… now that wouldn’t be on account of our corrupt congressmen would it? This corruption is a plague…worse than the pig flu…
And another “Swiss bank, ‘Credit Suisse’ fined over Iran ties”. These guys were fined $536 million for violating US sanctions to Iran…hmmm…makes ya kinda wonder where this fine money goes. Do the US get to keep it? This sanction shit is pretty profitable, ya? D’ya thinks it’ll go into national health care, or finance more CIA clandestine activities…it’s pretty sorry when you think that our government places sanctions on countries that don’t agree with our policies of basically not letting our big business and oil company boyz in there to exploit their natural resources…the nuclear shit is just a screen… only one motive here…Greed, ya?

And now anybody can ‘hack’ into the drones video surveillance…a $ 4.5 million vehicle, 600 of the damn things and all you need is $ 25 worth of software. With a $2.7 billion investment, you’d think we’d have something a little tougher to hack into than that, ya? And Intel is accused of bullying competition and monopolistic practice… But what the hell, maybe this is Obama’s method of employing people, “make more drones”, who gives a shit if they work or not, something like investment bankers…

And the dumb shit Monika is back, sayin’ Billie lied about their sneakin’ around the White House hallways…and where was the surveillance cameras that shoulda caught how the shot spots on her dress got there???

The Brit arrest warrant for ol’ Tipzi Linvi has been withdrawn with some asshole sayin’ we ain’t no banana republic and says they’s gonna change their laws against war crimes even tho’ there is international laws that render illegal Israel’s conduct during the Gaza holocaust… they took back their warrant even tho’ the judge had compelling evidence and the assholes claimed this was a ‘witch’ hunt…witch is right ever get a good look at her?... but I suppose since we here in the US of A let Izzi spies off due to extensive lobbying of AIPAC and Izzi congressmen(women), the Brit’s can do the same…do they have a BIPAC? Gotta Google that one…

Heh, heh, just got look at the most viewed stories…Sex toy business is sky rocketing…Wow…a $22 billion dollar a year bidness…probably don’t pay health care for the workers…but the down side is, with all the batteries they use, this is causing a toxic waste crisis…makes ya kinda wonder what’s more toxic, the batteries or the ‘dirty’ rubber dick???

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Things just keep on a popping…

Tiger’s gotta be the dumbest sumbitch in the world…helluva golfer, but not too bright at poon… the count it up to 11 or so, now there’s probably a coupla dozen more cuties gonna surface, get a lawyer, line up for interviews…no end to it, but to pay off his wife $ 300 million??? She can’t be that good, if she was he wouldn’ta been chasin’ poon all over…or is the money to ensure future endorsements? Somehow I doubt it…
And “ambien”…he claims he’s an insomniac… (But it’s reported to heighten effects of poontang) something like Michael Jackson? But Mickey had little boys; Tiger’s got little girls…but hopefully they’s all over 18…need a little vicodin for pain??? What’s the pain from? He’s gonna take a little time off and a little break from golf to heal from the 2 iron raps on his head.

Article in al Jazeera about equality of Afghan women…there ain’t no equality, they’s still walkin’ 15 steps behind the assholes and that’s only cuz they don’t wanna step on a land mine… all the $billions poured into the country for destruction and anything left for rebuilding is being deposited in Karzai’s bank accounts, what filters down to the local areas is nothing… but then again, if these girls were equal to the ladies in the USA for instance, they could blackmail men, sell their story to tabloids, get rich…methinks we need a happy medium here someplace…whadaya say we take women’s right to vote away… nawww, they’d probably cut us off…from what, I have no idea…

When you think about all the crap on the news about healthcare, military escalation, $12 trillion in national debt…and who’s gonna pay for it, take a guess. This works out to somewhere around $40,000 for each man, woman and child. Some assholes in the gov’t are no doubt planning that this should be paid back in taxes and saddle this on all the people (some not born yet), but don’tchya think it should be proportionately paid back? Out of approximately 170 million tax payers, it says here that the top 1% income earners pay 95% of the taxes and the bottom 95% pay the rest. The remaining 4% probably don’t pay any taxes and that would be the super rich including politikians, bankers and CEOs…
Anyways, did some checking in statistics…less than 5% of the population makes over $350 k per year. 1/10 of 1% of the population makes over $10 million per year. Even if they were taxed at 40% (it should be 90% to politicians, insurance, weapons suppliers, Wall Street CEO’s and their underlings and they should be first) this would be an income of over $3 trillion. Shoot, scribble…scribble…scribble… this national debt could be paid back in 5 years, including interest. (That’s if my scribbling is right)

Climate change is a joke too…historically, the world temperature over the course of the last 4.5 billion years has fluctuated up and down like a whore’s drawers and there was dinosaurs wandering around the Arctic Circle a coupla million years ago and these guys are thought to be cold blooded. There was hundreds of thousands volcanoes blowing up causing sun ray deflection to lower temperatures and creating a number of ice ages, then warming periods with palm trees growing in Siberia… hmph, confusing, but if they stopped burning the rice and wheat straw in the fields in China after every harvest, and deforesting in Indoland to make room for palm oil plantations, that should stop 90% of the current greenhouse gas emissions…at least for this cycle of the world’s history and we’ve got 4.5 billion +/- years of it. The universe is calculated to be 13.7 billion +/- years old from the “big bang”, but then – what the hell was there before that???

Well, shit…FINALLY…we got the REAL scoop on WMD in Iraq and the geniuses in charge of the brilliant espionage reported this extremely accurate information came from … Now get this…A taxi driver hustling fares along the Iraqi / Jordan border, told British Intelligence (and the word ‘intelligence’ is used loosely) that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.
I can imagine it happened something like this…
Scene 1: Johnny English, Brit super spy, interrogating a hack in Irak… (While curb cruising around a little girls’ playground or it could be little boy’s playground – ya just never know with these macho shitheads)
”Hey Abdul, you know anything about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction?”
“Weapons of Mass Destruction – does Saddam have any of those weapons!!”
“Weapons… you know…that can gas masses of people to death, explode and annihilate entire villages!”
“Awww shit – the goddam things that kill a lotta people!”
“Huh? Ooh…Oh Yeah…I know…he gotta whole buncha those!!!”
“Well whadaya think James (Bond)…that’s good enough for me – let’s report this to Tony and Dubbia so they can justify the invasion!”
Makes ya kinda wonder edzakery what kind of WMD he had there…a shoe box stuffed fulla firecrackers maybe? And over 4400 of our boys girls are dead??? D’ya thinks they should start arresting people??? Re-commission the firing squad…Blair knew that, the Cheney – Rumsfeld duet obviously were wringing their hands with glee… dither, dither, dither…and let’s blame the Brits… this was the con job on Dubbia and he was stupid enough to fall for it…but curiously, this is reported in al Jazeera, but so far no mention on CNN – yet …
”keep the meter running…then take me to the airport”…
But in the final analysis, the Irak war is finally startin’ to pay off…the plundering of Irakie oil is on its way! XOM, BP and Shell are in there big time also the Ruskies, Chinks, K-Lumpers and Nippers got their fair share too. I didn’t see where it said, these big oil boyz, raping the resources, will pay for the $10 trillion cost of the war games that made it possible to fleece the country of its natural resources. And who is gonna pay for the infrastructure? I mean, Hallybutton, Floor, KBR and the like are in there right up to their pocket pickin’ arm pits. I suppose all the costs will be paid for by our tax dollars in helping that “poor-fledgling-broke” country rebuild!
Think of the money for XOM… “2.3 million Bbl per day over the next six years. As well as the Iraqi government compensating the companies for the cost of upgrading the field—which may run as high as $50 billion—they will be paid $1.90 for each barrel extracted, or some $1.5 billion per year.”
Somethin’ don’t add up scribble…scribble…scribble…2.3 x say $100 a day (it’ll get there) for 6 years =$504 billion. $50 billion for upgrade, that mostly will go into Hallybutton’s UAE accounts, + $9 billion per bbl commission to the boyz….that leaves $445 billion left…where the hell does this go? And this is just one field, there’s a bunch more and could conceivably reach $trillions in less than 6 years…That could rebuild the entire middle east and Africa and finance Dubai’s ski slope…And another thing, why does XOM and BP get $ 1.90 /Bbl and the Chinks and K-Lumpers only get $ 1.19? Can you imagine the size of the little brown envelopes just before negotiations with Maliki? Maliki and his cronies gotta have their retirement 401K plans all set up in Switzerland. Just think of the bonuses in 2010…and we’ll still be paying the bailout bill…

Hmmm…did I read this right??? The Izzis passed the first reading of a bill requiring a referendum to approve a pullout from annexed east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to satisfy conditions in the “Peace Agreement”. What edzakery does this mean?…it gets confusing, but these guys have decided to make sure there’s a complete majority of politikians to get together to pass a referendum that in order to approve a pullout of troops and illegal settlements they need 61 of the 120 voters to pass this so they have to pull out to ensure peace…HAH! Any bets that’s gonna happen any time in the next millennium? Besides, all those condo’s built from our tax dollars will be confiscated by the damned Palestinians…!!! What about the default mortgages, eh? I can see we’s gonna go thru another cash crunch soon! Hope ol’ Hu Jintao gots a lotta money in the Bank of China to lend us…

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here's another one!!!

Hmph…28 deg Friday nite in downtown Houston and snow on the ground…so much for global warming …thank goodness for seat warmers…!!!

Looks like I gotta send these out once a week…just too much stuff goin’ on…

Here we go again, and again and again…more ‘holocaust’ shit… Demjanjuk’s trial has started already… that shit happened over 65 years ago and he was simply doin’ what he was ordered to or be shot…those bastards just don’t wanna let it go and since this is the last trial, they’s gonna make it last for a long time.… and keep on stirrin’ up sympathy to put a smoke screen over the Goldstone report along with getting all that free money…you’d wonder when the bastards that committed war crimes in Gaza will be brought to trial…maybe 2075? Don’tchya think we should try for 2010 and get it over with… if nothin’ happens, the Palestinians will no doubt keep on tossing this up in everybody’s faces for the next 65 years and get free money, F-16’s or 17’s, nuclear bombs, DIME s…but they probably don’t have a lobbying group APPAC in DC yet and we couldn’t afford both AIPAC and APPAC!!

Besides, Ol’ Demjanjuk was too sick to “stand trial” the other day, he couldn’t even “lay down trial”…they better get some really good doctors lookin’ after him cuz this trial has gotta last at least 10 years for the Izzis to get the most sympathy, collect all the free money, witnesses cryin’ their eyes out on account of what some dumb guard was ordered to do over half century ago! …They’ll make him look worse than Hitler ever hoped to be…any bets???

Tiger’s still keeping his silence too…it’s a personal matter he says…tell that to National Enquirer…

Jazmine Sullivan. Yup, the pop princess prophesied this mess in her 2008 song "Bust Your Windows" about a woman who seeks revenge on her cheating lover by breaking his car windows.

Ya’ll saw the T Woods Xmas Card – heh, heh. He looks more like a hockey player…

But what’s her name ’Rachel Ukitblah-blah’ that works in Manhattan’s ‘meat packin’ district’…says she didn’t have no affair…I Google’d ‘meat packin’ and it wasn’t what ya’d think…wrong kinda meat…but the beer joint ‘Hogs and Heifers’ is always on a roll. (Shouldn’t it be bulls and heifers, not hogs? Hogs is pigs…well…I suppose its right! Maybe should throw a Tiger in there too!) But now they gots some other girlie lookin’ for some publicity sayin’ she’s got 300 sms’s and messages on her phone and had a little poon for over 30 months…probably charge a $million for an interview…like white house party crashers…

Oh, and his wife got a 7 figure deposit in her private bank account and negotiating for a helluva lot more …you wants to play, you gots to pay!!!

Besides Tiger’s gonna hafta take the defensive driving course to get the points off his license…I don’t think he can afford a driver…33 and a billionaire playin’ golf…damn…where did I go wrong?

Goddam…Billy and Billary’s daughter Chelsea, is gonna marry a investment banker workin’ at Goldman Sachs –hmph – d’ya thinks he got some of our bailout bonus money too?…his mommy is an ex- Pennsylvania rep and daddy is an ex-Iowa rep and was just let outta jail on some bank fraud charges…a typical politikian, must be related to Madoff…next you’ll see Chelsea runnin’ for prez with Billary as VP…that’ll be one way for the Izzis to backdoor representation in the White House instead of a schmuck like Emanuel…heh, heh, all the bridesmaids are gonna hafta wear chastity belts and keep an eye out for Billy sneakin’ around behind ‘em too…d’ya thinks they’ll get married in a church or mosque…or is that synagogue…not much difference… methinks the Heeb should give up his religion, don’t you? Damn… Am I stupid or what? Why did I even waste time and space on this shit?

And Obama, the dumb sumbitch, says he’s gonna send another 30k troops over to Afghaniland… goddam…I guess he flat ass forgot all his campaign promises…a typical politikian…lie…lie…lie… This’ll drive the country broke fo’ sho’ and d’ya notice how congress just sits back and goes along with this war shit wasting of tax payers money including bailouts and gets into heated arguments about health care claiming they don’t wanna waste money???… but to send a buncha soldiers equivalent to the population of Fort Erie…think about the contracts for infrastructure that Flour and KBR and Hallybutton will get… another ‘win’ for Cheney… see???...all that ‘dithering’ paid off…we’re a sick nation…the fuckin’ Taliban was there before the invasion, they’ll be there when everybody leaves…and women will still wear bags on their heads…

Obama justifies the troop escalation because the 9/11 attack came from Afghanistan… Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind, is a Paki…a lot of the plotting, training and practice was in the USA and Europe and not Afghanistan…looks like we’s attacking the wrong country(s). They’s after bin Laden too but he’s probably in Peterborough, but it sure looks like he didn’t plan this, he just took the credit to make hisself look like the number one terrorist…huge bounty too…can he turn hisself in and collect?

And I’ve got the way to fix all the problems there…simply corrupt all the folks in Afghaniland, right down to the poppy field cultivator and goat herder…just stick a couple dozen marines in local markets scattered about the country handing out cash to everybody instead of Karzai and his relatives and cronies…’one for me, one for you…two for me, none for you’…then they’ll all just love us and reject the Talibaners and al Qaeda …I mean we could teach them all about ponzi schemes, have a ‘Kabul Street’ stock exchange, bailouts… shoot, that could save us $trillions…then we’d have to deal with the unemployed at Lockheed, Boeing, Smith and Wesson, KBR, Flour, but when you consider $1 million per year per soldier plus $1225 per day for mercenaries… corrupting the public there would be cheaper in the long run… and none of our boyz and girlz would be killed…

Google’d Canadian Health Care comparison with US Health Care on Wikipedia –

* Canadians spend $3678/year per individual on health care and Americans spend $6714/year per individual – but let’s knock the Canuk’s system.
* Canadians have a life expectancy of 80.43 years and Americans have 78.6 years. Probably the stress of paying $3000 more per year on health care kills Americans a little sooner.
* Drug costs are disparaging also. Canadian medical services can buy drugs in quantities at discount prices, but Medicare and Medicaid are not allowed by gov’t to negotiate prices of drugs…hmmm …does this seem like there’s some sleight of hand in there brought about by scumbag pharmaceutical lobbying?
* Waiting time is also a factor, in 1984 a Canadian had to wait 22 months for an MRI, but that was in rural Saskatchewan… in 2007 they can get one within 24 hours for emergency. Elective MRI’s takes a little longer. I believe the 22 month wait time was used by the US health insurance industry negative advertising as current wait times. It didn’t say how long an American in Dogpatch Ark (its Marble Falls now) had to wait for an MRI in 1984 either.
* Malpractice insurance costs Canadians about $ 4 each. In the US it costs $16 each – 4 times as high – that’s a total of $4.8 billion and that’s just for the goddam insurance – and nobody even gets an aspirin.
* It appears the US ain’t gonna have universal health care any time soon…no money in it …like we ain’t never gonna stop the wars and killin’ people for profit…

And this was just stated by the GOP leader.

The Obama health care plan will cost billions upon billions to lie about," said GOP chairman Michael Steele. "The question is, shouldn't we be spending this money to lie about something else, like his judicial appointees?"

And poor ol’ Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia is gonna go to court again for sodomy of a 24-year old aid. He should do like Barney Frank – turn over a new ‘page’ and go on…

Heh, heh, we had fun with Anwar and the ridiculous charges back in ’98…the elite businessman scumbags in Kuala Lumpur just don’t want him to be prez, I suppose…cuts into their corrupt profit margin

I suppose we gotta listen to the verbal war going on between Nutanyahoo and AhmaDJ…one is as cocky and arrogant a prick as the other. Since the Izzis already gotta buncha bombs, and for now they’s only seizing land belonging to someone else and bombing a coupla tin shacks, the Iranians gots no bombs so they gotta enrich some more uranium and that’ll make us place more sanctions on them. Why not put sanctions on the Izzis with their bombs too? Hell…Sanction the whole damned neighborhood including Dubai that’s going broke… besides they’s all Semites…but some of ‘em gots the oil…we need that stuff for our Escalades – run into fire hydrants…and why we keep the Izzis on the payroll to maintain a military presence and threat to all the Ayrabs with the oil in the Middle East…”fill ‘er up”