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‘Perpetual war for perpetual profit’

Gotta get this out - be on a long road trip

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Let's back up a little and do you notice the increased demonizing of Russia, Syria, Iran and other loathsome countries and they don't have a Rothschilds controlled central bank? Similar to General Wesley Clark when he was interviewed on TV and stated after 9/11 the US was going to attack 7 countries - who incidentally didn't have a central bank controlled by the Rothschilds. Anybody connect the dots, and when Putin got rid of the central bank and banned the Rothschilds from entering Russia, he became a really bad guy as noted on the Zio controlled major mass media. 
Now we get this demonizing of Assad and gassing his own people - now what idiot believes this is true? This does smell as an up coming false flag and with the moron psycho Bolton in Trumps admin, who is an agent of the Deep State, will no doubt pressure and convince Trump that it's a good idea to go and bomb the hell out of Syria.  This will now doubt place Trump in the 'guilty of war crimes' scenario, and he could be impeached when it is proven the gassing was a fake story or executed by the CIA / KSA / Mossad ISIL agents then millions of Syrians killed, then this will give the Deep State opportunity to take over with the idiot Pense puppet in charge and then follow through what the devil in slacks was to commence in enslaving the people of the world.  The Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia, really don't care WTF is in charge, as long as their NWO plans are in motion and the dumbed down people will be eliminated down to 500 million to work for the CFR, Bilderbergers and world elite.  Groom of the Stool may be a pretty good job in the near future - do they have a class and degree for that?.

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Hadta post this again !  But this came from


Good listen - if you have the time... or a few bucks left...

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Older Americans are hooked on vitamins despite scarey scarce evidence they work.

Raw garlic, ginger, turmeric, organic apple cider vinegar and a little baking soda are great cures for just about everything. Then add a diet of non-GMO'd pesticide free fresh fruits and vegetables. No soda pop or sugar and high fructose corn syrup, use organic honey for a sweetener and a touch of organic coconut oil and hemp oil, lots of pure water without flouride and toxic metals - works for me. I'll be 79 in a couple of months and still play 18 holes ever day.

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Hmmm. . . . . makes you wonder how many people will emigrate to S. Carolina.  And - will they scrap the income tax?  If so, I'll be packing my bags *=)) rolling on the floor

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Why do so many golf fans hate Patrick Reed?

Actually, that's where my wife learned to swear - when she started playing golf. Only one lesson, you can't blame the ball or the club or the course *~X( at wits' endOnly the idiot holding the stick.

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Laurent Guyénot

This guy does a good article or book on the disinfo spread around the alternate media - may as well cloud the sheeple's minds on who really did 9/11, JFK, and Fed and other scenarios of contamination the minds of the citizens of the world... 

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More stuff on chemtrails - good listen - also better detox the brain asap!  Mix up chemtrails, glyphosate, flouride GMO's - makes the people dumb and subservient to the master race of satanic pedophiles.

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Trump calls out Putin for backing 'Animal Assad' in Syria

First thing, get rid of the maniac Bolton - he's a psycho sponsored by the Likudniks that want nothing but war to fatten the Rothschilds pockets and NWO communism. Use a little common sense - hell, so far all the chemical attacks in Syria were sponsored by the US / KSA / Israel back terrorists. John McCain and his closet queen buddy Graham must be having a circle jerk at Man's Country!

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This is the modern world and how we've progressed into endless creativity!

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The White House just let slip a big secret about firing Robert Mueller

Well, Trump can fire Mueller - but the Clintons would orchestrate an Arkancide or a Bush Texecution - or DNC Seth Rich robbery ending up his being shot, but still had his watch and wallet - or Hastings brakes, Or Gary Webb, suicide with two bullets to the back of his head...

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Took this from "The Truth Seeker"

America with its Puritan background is the only country where sexual mores are so strict that they lead to war. Clinton went to war in Yugoslavia because of a blow job, while Trump will possibly destroy the world because of a one-night stand.
This bullshit about sex is twisted - poontang makes the world go around and a lotta fun at the same time, yet this is taught to be disgusting and immoral in schools or not to be shown on the major media and they label this porn.  But . . . You can watch people getting shot, killed, stabbed, throats slit, children gassed and blown up by DIME's on the news and movies, money making amusement in war games annihilating millions of people and this is ok, but poon(?) Nope, that's bad and twists the mind of children growing up. We need to teach them to learn how to hate and kill and Hail Moloch!  Maybe even have the boys wear dresses and girls wear jock straps.
I must have been a little screwed up too when I was a kid, since I read countless of books including Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, the Honey Badger by Ruark and Henry Miller's 'Tropic of Cancer' and this book was banned in Canada and the US and I think I was around 15 when I got hold of the book.  Henry's other books were ok and entertaining, but to me, didn't have the impact of the T of C.  I also preferred Hustler to Playboy and Hefner's Philosophy. 

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Americans Should be Ready to Mobilize If Mueller Is Fired, Says Hawaii Senator as Trump Fumes Over Investigation

And the presstitutes completely ignore Uranium One, Clinton Foundation including body counts, Iran/Contra, 9/11 and JFK, JFK Jr assassinations and focus on grabbing pussy. Sick buncha MFKrs bought and paid for by the RKM.

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A little quote made in 2015 - gotta be the soothsayer of the 21st century..

Walmart has its own drugstore, pharmacists, vision – why not put a clinic in the stores – right next to the tire shop – hire doctors, buy their own medical equipment, scanners, mri’s and set up small labs for diagnosis and then run their own medical insurance.  They could even absorb the customer's medical insurance. They could make money hand over discount fist and for major surgery, make a deal with the world renowned international hospitals in Shanghai or Mumbai – all US trained to handle heart and liver transplants etc. You can get a heart in Shanghai for $10,000 not $750,000 here. They could even quantity discount – reduced plane fare and discount rates at the China Motel 6.
The medical insurance would be around $120 per year and even beat Medicare and Medicaid to death. 

Now Walmart is making a deal to buy Humana - next buy up the Houston Medical Center but somehow, I doubt the medical tzars and big pharma are going to put up with that, but then, with the people reduced to 500 million, there won't be many Walmart's around - they'll buy up the Fed and big pharma and the MIC - what's next - SPACE WARS!!!!

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Joe Wilson Reacts To Scooter Libby Pardon: 'Trump Is A Vile And Despicable Individual'

And those WMD have to be in Iraq some place! And Assad gassed his own people when he's almost won the war against the Likudnik sponsored terrorists. Damn, our government has gone down the toilet - Draino will be a great stock option.

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Letter to Trump 4-14-18

Dear President Trump;
I am asking whether or not you have forgotten your campaign rhetoric regarding Making America Great Again and the reason why I voted for you.
Draining the swamp, one of your highest priorities apparently has gone by the wayside, and in my opinion, since you’ve appointed Bolton as your National Security Advisor it has made the swamp deeper and full of dwellers that only seem to satisfy the Rothschilds and bankers drive for a NWO. His history has shown he is a war hawk with Israel’s interests first instead of America and should be arrested and tried in the Hague as a war criminal.
History has also proven, the chemical attacks in Syria have been orchestrated by the so-called rebels or ISIS or al Qaeda or whoever else the Israeli regime wants to finance in destabilizing Syria and promote the Yinon plan of a greater Israel.
Being a businessman, please have a closer look at the Federal Reserve and their shenanigans in fiat currency created out of nothing and driving us deeper in debt.  The dollar is worth less than 2 cents since 1913 and will be totally worthless in the near future.
Also Eisenhower’s warning of the military industrial complex (MIC) and the war machine should also be in your sights in the MAGA campaign.
Instead of shooting missiles into Syria, create dialog and diplomacy and stop the butchering of people. Since WWII, the USA has been involved in killing 20 to 30 million people according the research on the net, but even if it were 1, that is still murder and for what - Money for the MIC who is owned by the bankers?
These are quick comments, but can all be researched and I am sure the majority of Americans are waking up to the banker’s war machine and the consequences.
Respectfully yours,

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Friday, April 6, 2018 (A must watch - Paul Hellyer)

More good stuff - had to send this out, maybe go play a couple of holes.

Frankenskies - beating the drum again . . . . and they even had the idiot Brennan on this stating how interesting this is - for what? Climate change? Our military including Bill Gates and Monsanto are also mixed up in this criminal activity!  Sustainable development...

And they are finally recognizing this in the article below.

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The Stunning Statistical Fraud Behind The Global Warming Scare

We had snow here in S Texas this past winter - and chemtrails sprayed almost every day covering the skies - the weather stations are on gag orders and call this partly cloudy, meanwhile all the toxic chemicals are polluting the earth, crops and infiltrating the brain with nano aluminum barium and strontium. When I contacted TCEQ, they named them contrails, when I sent photos, articles from and other reference sites including government projects, they stated this was not in their jurisdiction and for me to contact FAA - another corrupt government agency. NOAA just sent me an automated reply and they will get back to me soon. That was 6 months ago. And they call me a conspiracy theorist - do a search on Frankenskies listed above and watch.

Harvard Just Hosted A Conference On Geo-engineering (Chemtrails) – Here’s What You Missed

Now the schools are discussing this criminal activity and say this is for global warming and democracy, yet it will kill millions of people. Who the hell is behind this - Bill Gates is one - lets hope Trump arrests this psycho and puts him in Gitmo for a little water boarding.

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Fed's Bostic Has a Message on Cryptocurrencies: ‘Don't Do It’

The first item for the American people to do is to contact their representatives to act on repealing the Federal Reserve Act and counterfeiting agency where the wealth goes to the City of London financial district controlled by the Rothschilds. Our debt is non payable - default on any debt to the Fed!!!! Pull an Iceland recovery - they did what was right and corrected their debt based economy..enforce a value backed currency - gold or silver or commodities and take our country back from the greedy satanist pedophiles.

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Pilots report close encounters with UFO over Arizona: 'Something just passed over us'

It was the plane spraying chemtrails that nobody seems to want to talk about. Top secret!!! Project Cloverleaf - besides, Trump is going to finally bring out the facts about aliens and shape shifting reptiles that have taken over the Bilderbergers and other elites in the banking industry.

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Advertisers Ditching Laura Ingraham's Show Over Attack On Parkland Survivor

This little POS Hog isn't a high school student - he apparently is a shill placed in there by the gun grabbers - why not talk about the teacher that saw the shooter in full combat and she got grazed by a bullet in the arm. This is obviously another false flag - damn we have some crazies running the show and the corrupted major mass media just pushes the agenda - 21 or 2030 or whatever they'll call it next week.

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Checking into the $21 trillion missing from the Pentagon, we come up with a whole lot of excuses and crap swept under the rug.  I still don't know where it will end, or does anybody?  Yet it all revolves around the criminal Federal Reserve quacks and ponzi scheme orchestrators.

$7.7 trillion – Amount in undisclosed loans the Federal Reserve made to struggling financial institutions, according to the new Bloomberg report. That “dwarf[s] the Treasury Department’s better-known $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program [TARP],” say Bob Ivry, Bradley Keoun, and Phil Kuntz at Bloomberg
$13 billion
Estimated amount in previously undisclosed profits the six largest banks —  JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs Group, and Morgan Stanley — took in, thanks to those loans and the Fed’s below-market rates. Unlike the TARP funds, “the loans came with virtually no strings attached for the banks,” says Travis Waldron at Think Progress
$160 billion
Amount in TARP funds the big six received
As much as $460 billion
Amount the big six borrowed from the Fed, as calculated by Bloomberg and measured by peak daily debt
$1.2 trillion
Amount that banks referenced in the new report required on Dec. 5, 2008, “their single neediest day.” The Federal Reserve didn’t reveal to anyone which banks were in such dire need, say Ivry, Keoun, and Kuntz, and “bankers didn’t mention that they took tens of billions of dollars in emergency loans at the same time they were assuring investors their firms were healthy.”
$86 billion
Amount that Bank of America Corp. owed the central bank when then-CEO Kenneth D. Lewis wrote shareholders saying that he was at the helm of “one of the strongest and most stable banks in the world” on Nov. 26, 2008
$107 billion
Amount in secret loans that Morgan Stanley took in a single month, in September 2008
1 out of 10
Share of the country’s delinquent mortgages that amount could have paid off
$6.8 trillion
Total assets held by the big six on Sept. 30, 2006
$9.5 trillion
Total held on Sept. 20, 2011. Rather than help curb the practice that caused the financial crisis, “the Fed and its secret financing helped America’s biggest financial firms get bigger and go on to pay employees as much as they did at the height of the housing bubble,” say Ivry, Keoun, and Kuntz
So, what is going on? Where is the money?  And exactly where does the Federal Reserve get the $trillions to lend their partners in crime - or do they actually lend them anything other than a number on a computer screen?

And a little icing on the cake . . . .


and nobody knows where Gaddafi's money / gold went when the color revolution or Arab Spring was instituted by these despicable assholes. Then we get into Haiti's horrific earthquake and the money sent to rebuild the country . . . . Wow, we got some real sick psychos at the wheel. . . .then we get into human trafficking . . . .
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Charles Barkley rips President Trump: 'I've never been more angry and disgusted'
He's correct to a point, the Deep State controls the press and the negative views of Trump and hates the fact he was elected and not the devil in slacks, Hildebeast who kisses the DS's rear end and is part of the corrupt cabal. Trump does have his short comings, but he is on the direction to get rid of the swamp, and the DS is doing everything in their little book of deception to turn his target into an impeachment. Sad for America the satanist pedo's are running the world and our financial health via the Federal Reserve and MIC.

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Frank Stallone Calls David Hogg ‘P—y’ and ‘Little B—h'; Twitter Punches Back

This little pencil neck POS Hogg (that's politically correct for 'pig') is promoting himself and is disgusting in the process and looks like he'll fit in with the presstitutes at CNN. The hell with the kids that got killed or the ridiculous Sheriff that instructed his security to stand down or another false flag created to grab the guns. When will the people see through this charade or deception at the expense of innocent people.  But gotta grab those guns we don't care who gets killed cuz when the fascist state takes over, they don't want the people to have weapons to resist.

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The 1 Person Hillary Clinton Definitely Doesn’t Want As the First Female President

This satanist pedo would have been the end of the USofA as we know it. Even now this has transformed to a fascist corporate quagmire hornets nest of greed, hegemony and blatant robbing the people of their wealth and dignity by bankers and military industrial complex blood suckers controlled by the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia. We need to take our country back, Trump may be the tool, but this remains to be seen, but if we don't act quickly, we will all be slaves in the NWO Orwellian state.

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Stormy Daniels fights Twitter troll: 'You are implying that women with certain jobs cannot be assaulted'

Yahoo news has sunk to the low with the controlled major mass media wallowing in the swamp - lets keep the Trump bashing and let Hildebeast get away with murder and blatant corruption, to cloud over the sheeple's minds occupied with this ridiculous nonsense! Pass the cuppa koolaid around!

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The U.S. Has Overthrown Governments for 100 Years: A Compelling and Provocative History 

He's missed the main ones - 2, possibly 3 major overthrows of governments - 1913 - Federal Reserve Act, 1963 - JFK assassination, 2000 - Election of GW Bush that started the regime change head on. And that's over here, not over there . . . And many more since the CIA was created to serve the bankers.

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I suppose we gotta believe these assholeos!  It makes them money, the hell with children being demented by toxic vaccines.  Corporatism at its finest!!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Those who would destroy our lives with lies will themselves be destroyed by truth. Cicada 3301

You just can't make this stuff up!!!

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Oh BTW - I've deleted my facebook account - it's run by the CIA, NSA and other criminals and the other bunch of idiots called Cambridge Analytica that use all the data.  Zuckerschmuck is just a front man or boy or plagiarist . . .  whatever . . . 

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The Money Masters, 1800.  On youtube - watch this. 3.5 hours, but detailed as far as timing, but leaves out the actual perpetrators other than key figures.  D'booger has skirted this on many occasions with a little sarcastic comment here and there but has never gone anywhere near the extent of this presentation.  

Time to scrap the Federal Reserve and hang the boys in the back room counting the money.

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6 Confirmed Dead in Bridge Collapse at Florida International University

Yeah, damn it, pi r round, cake r square - some of them there injunears ain't had much learnin'.  Oh, and sometimes you have to add a little cement in the concrete to help it stick together while curing and I suppose they should have double nutted the post tension cables.  This is called sustainable development with a wannabe Bill Gates the structural engineer - that couldn't make a computer program that works either.  Come to think of it, is Microsoft doing the programming for the F-35?  That thing can't fly and for $1.5 trillion - with a "t"  Anybody see a trend? Common core??? Fascism????

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U.S. accuses Iran of trying to influence Iraq's election

And our bought and paid for politicians are upset when Iran complains about the CIA orchestrating the Mossadegh coup in '53.  One of their first accomplishments in world terrorism.  Yeah, those damn Iranians stole our oil from us, even tho' it was in their country - that shit is ours!!! What about the other 60 regime changes our bright intelligence department have conducted - not for you or me, but the corporations. The bankers are in control.  Orwell's 1984 is already in place

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Trump Jumps in Bed with CIA, Pedophilia Crackdown - Robert David Steele

It certainly appears we need to get RDS and Kevin Shipp on the same youtube broadcast. See which on comes across the best. But then Steele does attack the Zios, so does Shipp and Steele states Cheney was the mastermind behind 9/11, hmph, never thought he was that smart but he did pave the way for Halliburton and MIC / bankers and 4 horsemen into making fortunes in the ME. The Zionists may go down the toilet, but what will take their place - the clouded saviour NWO dressed up in the Grim Reaper's outfit*>:) devil? Hope he don't have a funny haircut and munches on McDonalds quarter pounders.

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Ex-CIA Boss John Brennan Tears Into Donald Trump Over Andrew McCabe Firing

Brennan - accusing Trump of corruption? The Wahhabi communist moron doing the pot - kettle - black thingie? This f**k'n knuckle dragger is part of the satanic cabal destroying the world - he's a puppet, the real rulers are in the City of London bankers that launder CIA drug money - and that's for loose change!  Oh, and he just happened to be in the KSA issuing visas to the so-called box cutters to enter the US of A but Steele says Cheney was the master mind - Yup, Brennan's an idiot puppet for sure. D'ya thinks he'll pull an Allen Dulles and stage a book depository on Elm St fake lone gunman deal near Mar-A-Lago? 

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Trump to combat movie piracy by China saving the US economy 600b annually.

Wait a minute!  Game of Thrones is going to save us $600 billion annually.  Who the hell watches that crap and how will this save us money?  And they call this 'intellectual property theft'? China is stealing from us? But, big business shut down all the manufacturing facilities and out sourced the products to countries with cheap workers and for unimaginable profit.  We're running into debt to pay for the pokemon and other 'shooting' games made in Korea or Japan or wherever creating the kill set mind for the kids after force feeding them with SSRI's or MKUltra...but that's ok... this works in depopulation ... Bill and Ted can go have a bbq and circle jerk by the Georgia Guidestones.

* * * * * * * 

Gore travels to Dubai, warns: ‘Global warming’ triggering ‘flying rivers, rain bombs’

When you factor in the chemical trails sprayed over the world and HAARP electronic manipulation of weather, the global warming is a joke. This is man made, but the military is sponsoring it and plan to control the weather warfare by 2025. Do a search on Project Cloverleaf and this should give us WTF is going on and sustainable development.

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It had to come out sooner or later . . . more likely later . . .

Putin Releases Identity of Russian Spies who Influenced Elections

Putin is light years ahead of these clowns - well, maybe not clowns, they're not funny at all, simply horrible examples of what US of A politics has sunk to - at the bottom of the swamp.

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The most Evil Corporations (Listed on the Alternate News Media)

1.     Monsanto – I would put this on top of the list, since they’ve killed people for decades with their fungicides, pesticides Agent Orange and GMO crops that don’t produce anything of nutritional value.  Now Bayer has bought up this, big pharma mixed in the swamp - but they were already there swimming around the fecal matter.
2.     Apple – Phones that fall apart after the 6 years and you have to buy another, spy on you and they don't pay taxes
3.     Nestle – Up there on the list – they steal water and make you pay for it then sue you for collecting rain water that falls on you.
4.     Phillip Morris – light up a Marlboro and choke then croak.
5.     McDonalds – greasy food that kills you – Chicken McNuggets rank up about the world’s worst foods.  Blahhh and probably no chicken in there mainly GMO'd Soy.

But the list forgot the Federal Reserve and City of London that control the world's central banks and finances all wars and then swallow up the destroyed country for sheckles on the dollar. These evil schmucks should be at the top of the list - the turd in place of the eye on the pyramid!  And where is Raytheon, Boeing, Smith and Wesson and who makes the DIME bombs our boys came home with Gulf War Syndrome?

The following are listed as a group, and fund the Deep State and Shadow Government and have to rank up there as absolutely evil in their operations.  They love wars and profit immensely and killing millions of people for profit.

Goldman Sachs
JPMorgan Chase
ExxonMobil and the rest of the oil boys
Dow Chemical – 
Up there with MonsantoDuPont – Up there with Monsanto
Bayer – need to include the rest of big Pharma.
British American Tobacco – should be included with Phillip Morris.

More of the same, but in bed with the CIA and NSA and the rest of alphabet criminals.

These do provide some sort of service but so much for monopolies and WTF happened to the antitrust laws?
Amazon – Goes without saying and not on the list, and Bezos pays his workers shit and now the richest man in the world, well, outside the Rothschilds
Walmart – These guys are starting mail order business too.

* * * * * * * 

The Former Fox News Anchor Donald Trump Allegedly Tried to Kiss While Married to Melania

All the crapolla about sexually tainted in-you-end-do's take the sheeples minds from Dossier, Uranium One, pay to play, grossly corrupt Clinton Foundation, body counts - whew - the presstitutes are having a hey day!  Probably why this lady is a 'former' Fox news anchor.

* * * * * * * 

Sergei Skripal - Russian spy that was poisoned in the UK, and the idiot Theresa May is blaming the Russians . . . . well . . . .  come to find out the story goes that this guy was one of the people involved with the Christopher Steele's Trump Dossier and was about the come out and tell the truth.  Hmph . . . . looks like we added another one to the Clinton Body Count.

Hadta post this - I like the finger - I'm still #1

* * * * * * * 
This is just a little piece of info I found on the net.  The key to unlocking parallel universes...

Breakthrough Starshot – hmmm….Steven Hawking was going to disclose this and they killed him – so the narrative goes.
With the SVR discovering that all of the Physicist Billionaire Yuri Milner and Professor Stephen Hawking  communications into the “multidimensional visitation hypothesis”, ancient aliens having visited our planet, and advanced artificial intelligence “bio-robots” being interdimensionally sent to Earth—and all being funneled through the Jared Kushner-Milner co-owned New York City-based real estate technology company Credo—this report concludes—an explanation can now be found as to why President Trump has suddenly begun declassifying and releasing to the public stunning videos of US military encounters with UFO’s and ordered the Pentagon to admit its secret UFO program—and is why many now believe that Trump is now in preparations for the first official UFO and alien disclosure in history—and that, also, could be due to Trump actually being able to see the UFO’s that trailed his plane while he was flying to Washington D.C. to be inaugurated—but that the “Deep State” will do everything they can to prevent from happening as they know their true demonic origin.

* * * * * * * 

Taken from The Anti-War Blog  Just for a little info with referenced backup and check on how bad these deep state assholeos are!!!  Then watch the Money Masters above.  Then everything becomes clear and where we're headed.

Gulf of Tonkin 1967: McNamara knew it was a mistake before LBJ used it as an excuse to escalate. Daniel Ellsberg’s firsthand account from inside the pentagon:
(Gareth Porter says Mac kept the truth from LBJ: 
Cold War’s End 1988-1991: CIA so busy lying about Soviet power under Casey and Gates, they missed the USSR’s fall. 
Iraq War I: 1990-1991: Lied about Iraqi preparations to invade Saudi, Iraqi forces murdering babies
Kosovo: 1999: Lied about 100,000 Albanian Muslims slaughtered by Serbs
Afghanistan: 2001: Lied that Taliban wouldn’t give up Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda
Iraq War II 2003: Lied that Iraq was making WMD, including nuclear weapons, was allied with al Qaeda 
Somalia 2006: The Islamic Courts Union government was not truly in league with al Qaeda as claimed 
Libya 2011: Lied that there was an impending genocide in Eastern Libya 
Syria 2013: No Slam Dunk on al Qaeda false-flag sarin attack, they finally admit much later
Yemen 2015: Not really bad intel, but notably knew war would be “long, bloody and indecisive,” launched it anyway, just to “placate the Saudis.”
—Hasn’t led to war yet, but they’ve been lying for years about Iran’s intent and actions to make nuclear weapons, which never existed.
CIA did finally admit this was so in 2007 
Older phony casus belli:
1812: Impressment of sailors was the excuse when the Democrats really just wanted to seize Canada.
1846: Mexico: U.S. invaded, called it defense from the Mexicans
1861: Civil War: Keeping Ft. Sumter open after South Carolina secession was a provocation. (Everyone’s got a different opinion about this one.)
1620-Current: Indian wars: Paid Napoleon for the land. God says we can. And they started it anyway.
1898: Spain: Remember the Maine was an accidental fire which spread to the magazine.
1898: Philippines: Must Christianize these Catholics. 
WWI: Lusitania was a deliberate provocation, Zimmerman telegram threat of German-Mexican invasion of U.S. Southwest was a ridiculous joke. 
WWII: Pearl Harbor: FDR Knew. 
Korea: Syngman Ree’s forces’ provocations preceded Northern invasion 

* * * * * * * 

These are 5 censored books

The Phoenix Program - Douglas Valentine; The Lords of Creation - Frederick Lewis Allen; Blowback - Christopher Simpson; Underground to Palestine - I.F.Stone; Hidden History of the Korean War - I.F.Stone; DuPont Dynasty, Behind the Nylon Curtain - Gerard Colby

Some good reads, and if you can get them on the net - most you gotta pay for . . . I'll try and download them for entertainment when the snow falls here in Texico.

* * * * * * * 

Where we're headed - or more like where we came from - it's called sustainable development - look it up!!  Think you'll have enough water to drink?  Think again - Nestle owns all the water rights and you'll get a few drops whenever they deem it practical.

Need some cash? Let's print up a few bucks or computer digitize some wealth in a fake bank account - so we can spend it on something - if you or I did that they'd throw us in jail...

* * * * * * *