Wednesday, November 8, 2017

No November surprise other than a few Antifa riots fizzling

The Russians hacked the elections and put Trump in there according to the Russian Dossier, that is a fake...
The Russians now own 20% of the US uranium deposits and have created a mess for Hildabeast and signed off by Obamarama.
The Russians have gone into Syria and knocked down the ISIS and al Qaeda and whoever else the CIA and Mossad has created in destabilizing ME governments to further the Yinon plan.
The Russians and China are trading in Rubles or Yuan and throw in Iran's Rial and other BRICS nations currency.
The US of A is in hopeless debt and will never get out swirling in the swamp.
Shootings all over the US some false flags and some real deranged veterans fed too much anti-depressants for their PTSD.
Tony Podesta is arrested - next is John, then throw in the rest of the snakes - Debbie Schultz - Comey - then up (or down) the ladder to get Crooked Hillary - Slick Willey - maybe it'll go on beyond and get the rest of the swamp dwellers...

Connect the dots and where is this headed - it kinda points to Putin may just be the orchestrator behind all of this. He never gets angry or spouts off nonsense and apparently never has a knee jerk reaction when a crisis hits.  When the sanctions against Russia was installed after he paid of the central bank and got rid of them, he sat back and made the plan to destabilize the western world using the Khazarian Mafia modus operandi in reverse. Don't get mad - get even...where are we now?  D'ya thinks we got some real dumbfuckery in our government!

Then read 'Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars' this points to the dumbfuckery!!


Just thought I'd throw this in for some idle thought taken from "Trotsky, the Wall Street Thug"...maybe this is the dawn of awakening...

What can Save America?
  1. Complete rejection of the political philosophy of neo-conservatism and a national dialogue on “Who are we, Americans in the modern world?” To begin the formation of a realistic national development strategy in the 21st century
  2. Revival of the classical school of diplomacy
  3. Revival of real journalism
  4. The revival of the education system, educating citizens and creative personalities, rather than disadvantaged consumers and credit slaves
  5. Creation of a system of strict control over the agrarian sector and the food industry for the return of healthy and safe food for life.

This will surely put an end to the Federal Reserve and nutcase bankers, military industrial complex, 4 horsemen, Monsanto and Bill Gates...

This is not taught in our schools, or shown on the MSM since they're owned by the Thugs offsprings!

And if you have time, check on this article - you won't get on CNN...


Just sitting back chewing on a Macanudo and wondering how central banking got started...

A couple of schmucks sitting on a street corner with nothing to eat and nothing to do, one comes up with an idea,

“Hey Abey, why don’t we come up with a business that will make us rich?”

"Oh, OK, Schlemiel – whatchya got?

“Well, lemmee see, there’s thousands of people walking down the street counting their pennies before they go to the local market on Wall Street to get some rice and beans and some cow juice for their kiddies that are mushrooming out of control.”

“Oh yeah, I saw that too, but how’s that gonna make us rich?”

“Well, I thought of an idea here, let’s take that piece of pipe in the sewer and make it into something that we can call wealth.”

“You mean, pound that worthless piece of scrap into money?”

“Yeah, and there’s plenty of pipe around, put there by the Romans – the dumb bastards thought they’d civilize us here in downtown Yarmulke Land.  Hell, we’ll make a fortune.”

“But don’t you think the sheeple will figure that out, we’re making money out of nothing?”

“Hell no, we’ll tell the guy yelling the news on the corner over there, that we’ll give him a piece of the action if he preaches it’s OK for us to do that and it’s required by local law and disorder!”

“Damn Schlemiel, that’s a helluv’an idea – why didn’t I think of that? But then, the town leaders, you know, the guys sitting around eating filet mignon washing it down with Dom Perignon, while the people eating moldy flat bread and drinking polluted water, hell, they’ll object to it too – then might throw us in the jailhouse.”

“Let’s do it this way – see that lady over there, plying her charms to all the passerby’s to make a few shekels by giving them a little head – then we can set it up so we can look in the window with the local rabbi to witness her pulling a Monika and spitting out the goodies on her dress.”

“Oh, oh, wait a minute... I’ve seen the rabbi cozying up to her too – so wouldn’t that be sorta like double indemnification?”

“Abey! Hah!! – you gots that right – then we’ll have them all by the gonads!!”

“Damn! Schlemiel – so in other words, we can coerce the local politicians, religious boneheads, to lead the sheep down to the slaughter house, and we can molest little kiddies and nobody will say a word and we keep on creating this worthless shit out of nothing!”

“Yeah, Abey, and we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams, start wars, keep the dumb shits brains in a fog with fake news, politicians kissing our ass with grants, entitlements and feeding the bo’narrow manufacturer, that we’ll own with all this fake money…hell…give us our daily pizza…”

And the outcome is - Wall Street - wallowing in money - unending wars - more coming up - Africa the new target area for bilking the public - bombing in Somalia - gotta keep the military industrial complex from declaring bankruptcy - 95.4 million people unemployed - housing bubble expanding beyond common sense - rentals stalling on vacant high cost units, and last but not least - the idiot Sessions has stated he will push for more NSA surveillance Bush started and won't persecute Hillary, Comey and Mueller...does this give you any signal on what the fuck is going to happen?  Looks like we need a change, and soon.

And where the  pedos go to celebrate in modern day US of A land.
The Bohemian Grove - where all the psychos congregate - even Nixon stated this was the grossest homosexual encounter he's ever seen by these deranged "Faggoty" assholes... Next they go to Brown Palace in Denver - chop up a few little kiddies...sick... Hail Moloch!!!


Corporatism at its finest...

Comments made in 2007 by Debugger - funny how things come to pass...

Ya know, in this government of, for and by the people, they oughta pass a law that states, it is illegal for private interest groups to lobby, bribe, donate to election campaigns to and for the US congress for the specific purpose to influence and promote their criminally selfish goals and it should be punishable by death… no trial, just shoot the bastards…only problem with that is, just about every big bidness would go down the shitter and 99.99% of all the politicians would hafta get a part time job to make ends meet and won’t be able to take private plane trips, cruises and spend the public’s money…then anarchy would set in…which is better, anarchy or AIPAC?  Elections are a circus anyways, so make the people pay admission to vote...a good way to generate a few bucks…but then, no one would go vote…
And Bush oughta fire his speech writer.  He comes off a real dumb shit that is trying to con people into believing some of the stupid policy the US maintains in the Middle East…and I never thought much of Donald Trump, but he does share quite a few people’s opinion?
You can tell, one in a speech that was written and one in a press conference…both are bad but on his own, Bush fails miserably.
That 7 year-old Madeline McCann that was raped by some pervert.  His name was Chester. They left off “the molester”!!!! 
Now we find out the Podesta's were there with witness sketches that look just like them?
Oh, and now they’s discovered there is this amoeba that once entering the body, attacks only the brain and eats it all up.  There ain’t none of these pesky little creatures in Washington DC and Crawford Texas…they’d starve to death…

But then, you have to wonder why Trump has changed his tune after dealing directly with the secret shadow government and deep state.  Threats of assassination maybe? And I voted for this idiot?

I need to check on past blogs for more stuff that's come to pass. Gotta be sooths of the century...


As JFK Assassination Files Are Slated for Release, Recalling the Controversial Film That Started It All

Michael Collins Piper's book "Final Judgement" is about the most detailed and extensive researched fact based collection of information on JFK's assassination and points at who the perpetrators are / were. These secret society asshole psychos got away with murder - and now some fed intravenously and most have already kicked the bucket and are squirming around in hell or wherever Moloch hangs his hat.

You'll also notice, the MSM is posting all sorts of shit - yet they completely ignore Hillary's Uranium One Pay for Play deal and lets not forget about the $500k payment for Slick Willey's speech ... no bribery there, that I can see,*>:P phbbbbt and can you imagine wasting time listening to this pedo for more than half a second(?) ... Gotta keep those sheeple's empty brains occupied, the world series is / was a good one for the time being - Houston Astros finally won, Harvey Weinstein is another, keeping the public looking in another direction from the real news.... U - One, Seth Rich, Vince Foster and hundreds of others in the Clinton Body Count... This ranks up there with the Bushes...A gang of psychos in power...

...................../..../ /
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Just playing around on the computer - in my spare time - since I've retired, for the 6th or 7th time.  Shoulda bought a little gold & silver back before the dotcom bust.


The other nite, the 31st, it rained so damn hard the little kiddies didn't go out for tricking and treats... damn, got sacks full of candy in the closet now!! Gotta check the expiration date - pick out the snickers and give the rest to some homeless people.


The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud shit!!! Gotta feed those nut cases behind Gore's financial windfall... CO2 - that's what makes trees, grass and tomatoes and GMO'd corn leafy green... I think we should be more concerned about Monsanto killing the world's bees with glyphosate and other carcinogenic toxins that will devastate the fuckin' world. Gates population control - outta shove a cup of that shit down his throat... and chemtrails - whew - its never gonna end... well, it will, but then there'll be nobody left to enjoy the clear skies and nice weather...


Sutherland Springs TX - another shooting - a deranged member of the USAF discharged for bad behavior, domestic violence and stuff. Hmph, sounds like a shootout at the OK coral... The result of MKUltra?  Or another staged horrific event?  How many more of these deranged idiots are prowling around the streets(?) - shit - won't be able to go to Walmart anymore without your sawed off 12 ga. to get your flu shot...


Iran's actions may be 'act of war,' Saudi Crown Prince says

Gotta keep the military industrial complex and bankers swimming in wealth - no money in peace for these psychos. The Khazar plan of taking over Syria has failed, lets start with Iran via Yemen. We have some real stupid reps in the UN - Haley is about the worst, she ranks up there in Dumb (with a capital D) as John Bolton pushing the war doctrine.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Gotta get this out before Nov. 4

All this Trump bashing on the MSM is completely out of control.  But then, what does that tell you? In spite of some of his foolish statements coming off the cuff and his tweets, he's still better than Hillary and so far in the past 50 some odd years, going back to the JFK assassination, everything the media spills out is clouded with injected false information to twist the thinking process of the readers.  Reading between the lines, it is obvious the media moguls who are part of the cabal, are trying their damnedest to control what you think and what they post is completely twisted and fake.  Even Veterans Today, who continually post negative articles about Trump, have started publishing pieces indicating Trump, in spite of his callous behavior, along with kissing Netanyahu's butt, is going against the cabal and going after Hillary and gang - who should be in prison for the blatant corruption and slaughter of people in the world to fatten hers and the bankers pockets.  Who knows, this may be the preclude after the October Surprise - the November revolution to drain the swamp!!  And maybe we'll forget about the alien bases on the far side of the moon - but then - it kinda makes you wonder, why doesn't it rotate like most of the other planets and their moons?
Now Steve Bannon at the Hudson Institute, part of the establishment, and powerful think tank, states, Trump, is the president because of fundamental opposition of the people to the engagement of the never ending wars, $trillions in unpayable debt, millions of people killed and for what?  And the dirt has been uncovered of the state department under the tutelage of Hillary, the snake in slacks on the uranium deal with Russia.  All of the assholes will fall if this goes to court that includes the Clinton's, Obama, Comey, Holder and a host of other complicit pedophile swamp dwellers.  He also needs to go a step further and go after the 9/11 perpetrators and that will rake in the Bushes, Cheney, PNAC'ers, AIPAC and other criminal think tanks including the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia plotting the NWO with the Federal Reserve printing counterfeit currency - that should clean house completely, well, except for a few camouflaged lizards still squirming in the swamp. D'ya thinks there's going to be a revolution?  Better stock up on some slugs or double ought shot for the 410!


Ya gotta love Ben's cartoons!!!

The following aren't Ben's

I hadta stick this one in here too... *:puke! puke
The cartoons are getting better...the only item is lately there's nothing published about the Bushes.

The targets for the cartoonists are the puppets - it's time to go after the puppet master - baters.


Trump to release JFK files, subject to 'further information'

There's probably nothing in there of the collusion between LBJ, J. Edgar, GHW Bush, CIA and Mossad in these papers. What we really need is a proper investigation of that horror and then go after the 9/11 culprits - and any bets it reveals the same perpetrators and slimy org's and that includes the Federal Reserve orchestrators?


Trump withholds JFK files says “has no choice” cites “irreversible harm to national security” if released

'National Security'? Is that something along the same lines as 'American Interests'?  What it most probably means is that if the people really find out WTF really happened on November 22, 1963, there would be a revolution by the next morning. Like GHW stated,  to Sarah McClendon after the Iran/ Contra fiasco - "if the American people ever found out what we did, they'd chase us down the street and lynch us".
But, perhaps Trump is smarter than that - being pressured by the deep state back room boys, in not releasing the documents that would put the cabal in line on the ramp to the guillotine, using the term "national security" will wake up the dumbed down sheeple to face the reality that national security in '63 is light years behind what we have now protecting corporate interests.  He just may be pointing straight at the real perpetrators that some are still alive fed by intravenous tubes and that certainly relates to GHW's statement above.

John McCain Slams Wealthy Draft Dodgers In Apparent Swipe At Trump

This POS spoiled idiot killed 134 sailors on the USS Forrestal showing off with his wet start!!! But he's OK I suppose(?) then after about 13 hours in military duty of flying gets shot down and preaches over the Vietcong radio what the North Vietnam handlers tell him to on broadcasts.  That demented traitor doesn't deserve being in government let alone an agent for organized crime!!

Guess what, they - meaning the CMMM - didn't publish my comment.  I wonder why?


Boogie Man Terrorists. Created by the Khazarian Mafia and the goyim are suckered into fighting the war.
There's more to come - just need to list what's current.

1) Create an immediate monetary infusion into the Military Industrial Complex (some Two Trillion Dollars).
2) Stop Saddam Hussein from breaking away from the NWO Central Banking model (we call this the “Federal Reserve”).
3) Stop Saddam Hussein from establishing Iraq’s independent gold-backed sovereign currency.
4) Stop Saddam Hussein from disengaging from the US Petro Dollar model. In- other-word, not be forced to buy, sell or trade petroleum with the US Petro Dollar.

5) Steal 100’s of tons of Iraqi Gold bullion. In the war that followed, over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians were left dead.

And we wonder why the military personnel have so many PTSD problems - they actually where there committing these atrocities for the greedies, and when it sunk into their heads that they weren't there for the good of mankind - it takes it's toll. Listen to Ken O'Keefe on some of his rants and this hits the nail on the head.  Chelsea Manning was thrown in jail for passing info to the real news on what was done to the locals.  We got some really sick assholes running our foreign policy and it ain't the dummies in congress.

Steve Robertson has published a number of articles and you can search these here - Interesting - and a couple more to come - the boogie man was IV!

- Part I: Puppet Masters of Media Propaganda
- Part II: Banking and War Profiteering
- Part III: Tactical Diversions and False Flag Deceptions
- Part IV: Boogieman Terrorists
- Part V: Police Brutality Against It’s Citizens
- Part VI: The Big Picture of Global Politics and Change We Must To Live Again


Jeff Flake's Speech And The White House Response Was The Trump Presidency In A Nutshell

"a politician repeatedly violating the norms of politics and basic civility, then getting away with it"

Exactly what are the norms of politics?  You mean 'tell the truth'?  That's a violation of political norm?  Of course Trump can't come anywhere close to Hillary and the rest of the cabal of lying with a straight face! Flake's a flake! or is that fake!  This is politics in the swamp... slither... slither... slither... blahhh... *hiccup*... let's have Antifa and illegal immigrants from the ME start another shooting and feed the bankers!! Ban them guns - give more counterfeit money and military equipment paid by our debt to the Fed to Israel to shoot the Gazan women and children... Oy Vey...


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Finally - I'm out of this hell hole - and free!! - That's Odessa - now back on the golf course

Do a search and listen to the old song - "If you got the money honey"


"We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution." ...Abraham Lincoln

Looks like we got a lot to do coming up...


Harvey Weinstein on 'indefinite leave' during harassment inquiry

This demented Neanderthal didn't make it past the missing link test - but he did manage somehow to walk on his hind legs and flash his weenie and rape starlets!! Any bets Dianne Feinstein will give back all the money he donated to her election campaign?  But she's too ugly to stand in front of naked and choke the chicken - but then he's a major ugly basterd too.  Maybe they fit in the same transgender 'johnny on the spot' for psychos.

Sounds like he's gonna pull a Polanski going to Europe for a little counseling.  And the Clinton Foundation says they've spent the money the 'PIG' (as he is labelled in Hollywood) gave on charitable causes - Chelsea's $20 million apartment - Bill's AIDS treatment - and Hillary's shoes she keeps on losing...


Joe Biden signals he is done being 'quiet and respectful' as he tears into Trump: 'We’re walking down a very dark path'

These puppets continue to reference "American Interests" - not mine or yours, but corporate America - the military industrial complex, 4 horsemen and mostly the bankers - they reap fortunes in war money in peace. Quit invading countries for so called fabricated national security and give peace a chance to prevail and stop raping poor countries natural resources.  First up grade our common core education system and the world's and maybe, just maybe this will be a better place to live and not go broke while the satanists wallow in wealth and power up to their necks in fecal matter - best alternative is to shoot the elite basterds. Ol' what's his name in Vegas was shooting at the wrong people, or was he really the culprit - it smells of a false flag for sure and in comes the October surprise - too many crisis actors being paid - Antifa hand in hand with ISIS (backed by the CIA) at it's finest.  We'll see what hatches on November 4, 2017.
I still maintain, what you hear or read on the controlled MSM - follow the money trail and do a research of the Mandalay CEO selling stock a month or more before the SHTF.

I like the geometry, not the topics...
kosher trinity

Sorta like HUTA.

When you look at what the hell is going on around us - Black Lives Matter - Antifa - White Supremacists - Korean H-bomb - Syria IS - Russia hacking - Iran proliferating their nuclear crap - Weinstein whacking off in front of women - Hillary lying her ass off - Trump and his calm before the storm - Vegas shooting and all the other false flags - including Orlando, Boston, Sandy Hook, and all pasted on the MSM.
First thing you need to do is to look at the opposite of what these presstitutes splash over the net, TV and papers - but nobody reads those anymore... Start connecting the dots and what d'ya come up with? Follow the money!!


California wildfires: How to help those impacted

First, they need to shut down HAARP and stop the chemical spraying of the atmosphere. Then put a stop to the military's goal to control the weather for warfare.
Next, elect some politicians that serve the people instead of turning the masses into fodder for the bankers.

The drones saving the world - Obama's at the controls...

Our government hard at work - sacrifice ya?? Federal Emergency Morons Agency!!!  Kinda rides up there with Department of Homeland Stupidity  and Fuckin' Basterd Investigation...yet still way under the Clinton Foundation!!  You donate $1 we keep 98 cents.

I mean the jokes keep on coming - but the liberals are taking the cake.


My retirement home - did I post this before? And it costs a fortune too!!  And I couldn't find the indoor plumbing room.


Kymberley Suchomel, 28, found dead Oct 9 after Facebook posts disputing official Las Vegas shooting story. FBI declines to interview another witness of multiple shooters.

Naww, this ain't a false flag, is it?  The damn story has changed so many times it almost sounds like 9/11.  Maybe bin Laden was orchestrating this from the sea where Obama had him thrown into - see(?) - cell phones really do work under water - and even 16  years after he croaked.


Pesticides linked to honeybee decline are affecting other species, scientists say

Hmmm...GMO corn? Monsanto keeps on pushing these genetically modified crops and glyphosate, neonicotinoids (neonics) and fipronil to make money and they're slowly going to eliminate what keeps the world alive! 
Even the plagiarist Einstein stated, when the bees are gone, soon are the people!!!

Legal weed might be saving lives in Colorado

Big pharma sure as hell won't promote cannabis as an alternate.  It don't cost nothing to grow this in your back yard, just make sure you have female plants to get the biggest bang for your buck.  No pay to play either.  The politicians won't push for this either, this cuts down their corrupt money flowing into their pockets.  Ban big pharma first and get the hell out of Afghanistan - but the CIA will loose the black money peddling opiates and heroin funding their regime changes for corporatism.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

“All Wars are fought for money” – Socrates (469 BC)

Paul Hellyer - the Canadian politician - tells it like it is...I never thought Canadian politicians were this clever or can read between the lines of fake news.

The boys in the backroom...

These buncha bat shit crazy psycho assholes are why the swamp wasn't drained, there's so many of them, they plugged the hole... and closet queen Graham just dropped the soap - again - guess where they're going next - yup - Mans Country - a little KY goes a long way...

Posted this one before - my kinda humor...

And not so funny by J Edgar H. - again...

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot
believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."

The corrupt controlled mass mass media is pushing this statement by Hoover to be about communism in the midst of the US hierarchy. But if you step back and look at history, who financed Marx to write the manifesto also Lenin and Trotsky and Mao including Hitler and other rogue nations and introduced by treachery - the Federal Reserve and formed Israel? The Rothchilds! Divide and conquer... Time to start connecting the dots!

President Trump Threatens to 'Totally Destroy' North Korea in U.N. Speech

The Donald hasn't recognized the fact he can't repeat in public what the back room shadow gov't guys banter about, he has to cloud it like Hillary and spill out bullshit...well...more than he is doing now...
Why Kim Jong Un called him a 'dotard'!


Governor Hires Health Care Industry Lobbyist To Push Obamacare Fixes

Bipartisan health care fix dies in Senate

What those pedophiles in DC need to do is start using their brain, if they have one. Expand medicare for all the citizens like most other civilized countries not controlled by corporate fascism and the bankers! Get rid of Nixon's Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 that skyrocketed cost of health care. Then shoot all the Federal Reserve creeps with their fingers in the money pot!


War of words ratchets up between Kim and Trump

Ahh what the hell, they should schedule a meeting in the oval office and serve a sack full of donuts. Peace will prevail when these fat boys are gobbling up the goodies. Throw in a little aspartame and high fructose contaminated soda, some GMO  snacks infected with glyphosate, chase it down with some frack'd lead soaked water - they won't be around much longer.

Image may contain: 3 people


'Amen sister': Clinton agrees with interviewer that authenticity is a 'bullsh*t concept'

A demented evil excuse for a human being in slacks!!! This psycho should be in Gitmo for a little waterboarding, throw in Slick Willey and the Bush Crime Cabal and bankers too, then claw back the $trillions pilfered from the people for orchestrated wars and NWO.


Russian state agents behind 'grave violations' in Crimea: UN

Crimea had a majority vote to rejoin Russia after Victoria 'the cookie monster' Nuland wasted $5 billion of our debt to the Fed, to destabilize Ukraine. And paid for mercenaries to shoot at both police and protesters in the Maidan debacle. These presstitutes that write this garbage are owned by the Zio's and only publish what they are told or they lose their jobs or suffer Arkencide. Russia, in particular Putin, an ex-KGB agent, makes more sense than our corrupt pedophiles in DC trying to stay afloat in the swamp.

Chelsea Manning barred from entering Canada for offenses 'similar to treason'

Millions of people died due to false intelligence on WMD cooked up by corporate greed - sure as hell this is treason, certainly not whistle blowing. The bankers and military industrial complex benefited - what he did, by exposing the war crimes by our bought and paid for mercenaries and military performing "Collateral Murder" was probably against the archaic laws, but you must protect your nation from enemies foreign and domestic. We have more domestic terrorists in the Deep State and Shadow Government than anywhere in the world.  911 is the classic example of the horror of greed and they're getting away with it, for the time being - the thrust for the NWO. 1984 all over again.

A Crash Course on the True Causes of "Anti-Semitism"

I think we need to get off this Antisemitism bullshit and get down to the facts and study a little history.  It's not the curly side-burn schmucks jumping around in circles or banging their head against a stone wall, other than their supremacist attitudes and belief in being "chosen' - but by who - or what?
Along with this the Babylonian Talmud was cooked up by the Khazars that has twisted the minds of the money-lenders into taking control of country's financial health - Rothschilds, who are Khazarian, not Semites, have financed this outrageous fallacy and have bribed and blackmailed nations leaders and holding threats over their heads by exposure of corruption crimes, assassination and pedophilia. The Secret Societies, JFK spoke about before his assassination by cutouts for this evil satanic group.
Key players - Adam Weishaupt - 1700's, founder of Illuminati and other questionable secret societies like converting Freemasonry; Aleister Crowley, labeled "The Great Beast" and his 666, and other inspired psychos like Rockefeller, Rothschilds descendants, Bush Crime Cabal, Clintons and others too numerous to mention, throw in the skull and boners and modern day masons - you got the malignant contaminants in the swamp infecting others.
(Add more)

The Wiz does come keen observatin'.


Las Vegas strip shooting: More than 50 dead, 200 injured after gunman opens fire near Mandalay Bay casino

It makes you wonder why these crackpots always kill innocent people. They need to train the psychos to go to DC and shoot the corrupt pedophiles that are driving our country down the drain - not the swamp - it's already full of these shape shifted lizards!


Mystery dump: State Department releases thousands of Hillary Clinton documents

Ahhh...but Hillary the snake in slacks is waving a huge weapon of mass destruction - if she goes down, she will take all the other pedophile satanists with her...the reason why the FBI, NSA, CIA and the rest of the alphabet criminals and members of congress won't push for indicting her.  They're as guilty as she is.  Chavez has left politics due to probably threats against his family by the shadow government and deep state, Trey Gowdy is next on the list for sure, Ron Paul was exorcised, and Rand is being beat up by the press.  Time for America to wake up!!! Get off Pokemon, War games and google watch...Cancel 'Executive Plan 5'.

But I don't think Hillary needs a "groom of the stool" - look it up and discover the meaning - Blahhhh - demented Royalty at it's worst...


Las Vegas Officials Create GoFundMe Page For Shooting Victims

Lets not mix GOfundme with GOfondle me at the airports. And forget about the Red Cross or FEMA - two corrupt agencies - and forget about gun laws, guns don't kill people, sick Mutherfuk'n people kill people. Like 911 and WMD, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Lusitania, JFK and a host of other crimes by the Deep State.