Saturday, July 14, 2018

Can't find a quotable quote, so I'll just send this as it is.

Disinfo – let’s get into this 
Currently the MSM obviously spouts off what the Deep State controlled by corrupt Zios direct, then the opposite presented by Alternative News on the net, Q Anon, Trump Tweets, Alex Jones and Veterans Today including a host of other sites that attack the current establishments and direction they are pushing the country. Who to believe? It’s anybody’s guess the sheeple are sliding into the rabbit hole and how deep. Ben Fulford says what people that don’t believe the MSM bullshit, want to hear with the White Dragons, Pentagon and CIA whistle blowers, Yakuza and other sources that relay info to him that the good guys will win. Gordon Duff (VT) slams Trump in every case and that goes against the Trump Phenomenon on Republic Broadcasting Network and some of this reporting is questionable.  RBN has other shows like National Intel Report – John Stadtmiller, What Really Happened – Michael Rivero and In Defense of Humanity – Al Whitney that all hit the nail on the head depending on which direction you want to go.   Kevin Shipp and Scott Bennett are also credible sources and opposite yet similar to posts by Robert David Steele that is another source to mislead by stating info not according to the MSM, similar to Alex Jones and there are other sites that promote false news including Brendon O’Connell that goes off the deep end along with Stew Webb. Harley Schlanger on LaRouchePac is a good source for honest direct info and this does go against the criminal bankers in charge.  It makes you wonder how much longer he’ll be on youtube. I just ordered Christopher Bollyn’s book, “The War on Terror: the Plot to Rule the Middle East” and this is supposed to pin point the real motives and perpetrators as if we didn't know already.  Anyways, you all can check the sites and verify.
Getting back to disinfo – this remains in the spotlight as to what the hell is going on in the ME including Iran, Syria, Russia, China and the Silk Road. Israel, commonly known as the snake in the grass or 900 lb gorilla in the room and agent of the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia, apparently by questionable sources, is making deals with Russia, China and even Iran behind the scenes and this has been in the works for quite some time on behalf of the RKM and these evil ones are aware their time is coming to an end if the sheeple revolt.  And these countries are supposed to be enemies of the bankers, yet by the ‘deception thou shalt make war’ scenario fills the Military Industrial complex and bankers, coffers full of funny money and are pushing the world towards annihilation of the masses and sustainable development.  The Cold War, promoted to continue blowing a fortune on military toys has morphed into the War on Terror after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the real enemy isn’t distinguished yet fuels the evil ones incredible wealth. The so called Free World and Communists (and now terrorists) were both financed by the bankers to keep the fear going in the sheeple and continuing to make money by driving the sheeple into unpayable debt.  This may have been the goal of Agenda 21 and 2030 and on to 2050.  The collapse of the US of A or so called 'free world' has been in the works for a number of years with the intricate web of false information provided and expands rapidly in many directions - if one doesn't work, the others will.  If in fact the final result of all of this and, the sustainable development comes into play, the Illuminati NWO won’t have any masses to exploit while sitting in their vaults of precious metals and piles of funny money, yet somebody has to grow the GMO’d veggies and hormone infected beef, pork, sheep and chickens to feed this scum. Or it could be the beginning of the end and it certainly appears WWIII is already in the works.
With the likes of Maxine Waters urging supporters to go and attack Trump backers, like Sarah Sanders being kicked out of a restaurant and soon, they’ll be rioting with assault weapons with more than 10 bullets in the clips. Start of another civil war that’s been planned 100 years ago – Pike’s predictions and Soro’s modus operandi - like the poster on the last blog.  Damn, we’ll have a Maidan massacre coming up with mercenaries shooting the rioters and police at the same time.  Las Vegas or Parkland fiasco carried a giant step farther come to mind?  Then what? Seize your weapons that have more than 10 bullets in a clip. But it makes you wonder, the way things are evolving, if this has been in the works for quite a while and the evil ones are getting desperate because it’s not going the way they have planned and appears to be headed in the wrong direction.  Will the people smarten up before the SHTF?  And make sure your weapon only has a maximum of 10 bullets in the clip – just have a bunch of clips handy.

* * * * * * 
And we wonder why the dollar hasn’t collapsed with the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme.
Summarized by Paul Craig Roberts. Former assistant to the Secretary of Treasury during Reagan’s tenure.
It is Washington’s hegemony over Japan, Europe, and the UK that protects the American Ponzi scheme. The moment one of these central banks ceases to support the dollar, the others would follow, and the Ponzi scheme would unravel. If the prices of US debt and stocks were reduced to their real values, the United States would no longer have a place in the ranks of world powers.
The implication is that war, and not economic reform, is America’s most likely future.
Japan, Euro and UK have their own central banks, also controlled by the Rothschilds, and their printing presses making funny money are running rampant.
What’s that tell you China, Russia and Iran including the rest of the BRICS, know this is what’s happening in the den of vipers, but if they complain, the $trillions of debt they own will go down the toilet and all the capital they have in US treasuries based on 2000 dollars will be $Zero, so it appears they need to prop up the $petro dollar so they don't lose a fortune - maybe go buy some property in FEMA Region IX. Gold in 2000 was around $290 / oz, now it’s $1300, if the US goes bankrupt, it will go to around $10,000, unless the Fed and Wall Street get their fingers out of their butts and buy or short on more gold futures, but that will run out sooner or later, most likely sooner.

* * * * * * *

Volcanic heat source discovered under melting Antarctic glacier

That damned global warming! Gotta pump up that carbon tax - Gore is going broke! But those damn volcanoes - gotta have an eruption tax, or is that erection tax!

* * * * * * *

James Traficant's U.S. Bankruptcy Speech

And it seems the US is bankrupt since 1933 and is now a worthless corporation and the bankers WB, BIS and IMF and the City of London own everything - including your property - don't believe what I write, do a check on this yourself.

Traficant's speech was before his tractor mysteriously ran over him, funny how an Arkancide or Texecution happens to people that don't go in the direction the greedies want and the list is endless.

* * * * * * *

House Republicans are coming for your 401(k)

It seems to have priorities mixed - instead of going after the poor schmuck that's worked and saved his hard earned money into retirement - go after the bandits at the Federal Reserve and their stock holders, they've raped the people of the world out of $trillions, then get bailed out on account of their stupidity - or is that the plan - drive the country broke and turn it into a communist state so the select few own everything - time to load up your AR15!

* * * * * * *

Then we get into derivatives :- 'A Financial instrument whose characteristics and value depend on the characteristics and value of an underlier, typically a commodity, bond, equity or currency'.

Somehow I got lost when this 'Financial Instrument' transitioned from one characteristic and value to the other characteristic and value of a commodity or bond or equity or currency.  Doesn't this sound like going to a race track with borrowed money, then the damn donkey you bet on falls on its face at the starting gates? Andy Capp at his finest hour! And our geniuses in power, well at least the elected ones via orchestrated votes, just let this go on and on and drive the country deeper in debt when the goddam Federal Reserve and unregulated Wall Street took control of this roulette wheel? Hell you could have made a fortune in selling it short, betting it would go down to $1 from $1000 and rake in $999 in value, but that's only when stupid investors buy the stock at $1000.  Yet, when you control and manipulate the market,  you control the eventual outcome and the world knows, this Wall Street financial quagmire is going down the toilet or swamp if the Fed has it's doors slammed shut and wipe off our orchestrated debt to this vampire squid from the books and jail the CEO's and owners.  You can bet your boots there would be a nuke going off in NYC or Pennsylvania Ave to control this.  Problem, reaction, solution. D'ya thinks the DHS would step in and help the masses or would they take care of their creators - the greedies?

* * * * * * *

Trump Blasts NATO Allies For Spending Too Little On Their Own Defense: Report

Yeah, what the hell - but it should be correctly labeled Department of Offense. The countries being waged war against and labeled terrorists, or ones with regime changes for corporations to seize the natural resources, haven't attacked anybody - just the 900 lb gorilla in the room Israel controls US foreign policy via the Federal Reserve and AIPAC. If these two monsters were eliminated including all dual citizens in positions in government regardless of which level, were kicked out and sent back to Palestine, the world will be a better place. Next - arrest the management at Bayer and Monsanto and stick them in Gitmo and feed them glyphosate and GMO'd veggies between the showers.

* * * * * * *

Iran general blames Israel for 'cloud theft,' then is rebuked by Islamic Republic scientist

Do a search on "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025". That should give you an idea wtf the military wants and is in control of. Like the California drought, then fires - then check with geoengineeringwatch dot org and the legal battles in courts on this criminal activity. Iran objects - so do the people of the world except the MIC and bankers that own them.

* * * * * * *

Chinese Tycoon Wang Jian Falls to His Death While on a Business Trip in France

Any bets he might have donated some funds to the Clinton Foundation - funny how this happens when they jump out of high storied buildings. Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, John Ashe, Vince Foster - damn - the list goes on and on. And these creeps keep out of jail on death row?

* * * * * * *

While watching YouTube on ‘David Icke Being Targeted for Getting Far Too close To the Truth New’ this brought up the hidden thoughts, crammed deep in the back of my mind that yes we are being manipulated by a hidden cabal to control our thoughts, means of living and progressing into the future – wherever that will bring us.  Religion in various forms has provided the keys in hidden signals of where the outcome is supposed to bring us in recognizing reality and yet has been twisted to fool the common folk by the manipulators that have taken over religion to cloud the mind. And when you read Preston James PhD's "The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia" all the dots when connected all point to the same source - the Illuminati bankers.  Also connect to JFK's speech about "Secret Societies" and how it evolved into a tight knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations" and then when he issued the silver backed currency, he was shot, confirms the fact that the RKM is the source of evil.  All the other fluff and nonsense reported on the MSM about wars, regime changes, trade, sanctions etc., etc., for freedom and democracy is simply a smoke screen and they pick a subject to blame and not the bankers.  No where do they analyze the banking system in progress for the past 100+ years and how it's practically destroyed countries printing fiat currency whose treasuries are controlled by the Rothschilds.  And it keeps on going - but it appears the evil ones are becoming desperate and know the end will come.  What will be left in society when their final destruction comes?

And we get into quotes by Chis Hedges article on the Truthseeker.
“ America Shows Many Signs of Impending, Catastrophic Collapse.”
“We now live in a nation where Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, the Press destroys information, Religion destroys morals, and Banks destroy the economy.”
“We should not forget that the true PURPOSE of education is to make minds, not careers. A culture that does not grasp the vital interplay between Morality and Power, which mistakes management techniques for Wisdom, which fails to understand that the measure of civilization is its Compassion, not the speed or ability to consume, condemns itself to death
One of the most compelling - when a journalist on assignment in Gaza, was “Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered, but never before have I watched as soldiers enticed children like mice into a trap and murdered them for Sport”
“Those who do not rebel in our age of totalitarian capitalism, those who convince themselves there is no alternative to collaboration with corporate tyranny are complicit in their own enslavement”.
His article deals with the smoke screen of politics, Trump vs. the establishment when in fact one is as bad as the other, the main stream media spills out what they want to, to discredit any actions that go against the deep state, yet this going against the imbeciles in power only makes the decline of the empire go in another direction, and may even speed up the demise of our country and pour it into the pockets of the Illuminati living in their DUMBS.

Throw in General Smedley Butler's book - "War is a Racket" and only the select few reap fortunes and the masses must pay - some with their lives!
Time to get rid of the whackos in charge of this cesspool.

* * * * * * *

IDF uses Gaza as a lab and showroom for new weapons and tech it plans to sell

This is called advertising and merchandising - Yeah, and our paid for police forces are sent to Israel for training for dealing with riots . . . what's that tell you?  Those exploding bullets are more deadly than an AR15 little .223 shells. And don't turn in your weapon yet!

* * * * * * *

Israel: We will not allow Gaza to be rebuilt

This is how it works - first "by deception thou shall make war" scenario - and objecting to the UN's stating Palestinian occupation is against the Geneva Convention, the Khazars secretly organize this anti-Israeli group called Hamas or Hezbollah or whatever, and finance the leaders and provide them with weapons, yet pollute the water and stop any importing of basic essentials for the people. 
The Mossad / Rothschilds have assassinated hundreds of individuals including JFK, RFK, JFK Jr, MLK, going against Israel and the Khazarian bankers, yet couldn't seem to find bin Laden who died in 2001, or Nasrallah or al-Aruri or 19 highjackers with box cutters.  
The Palestinians allegedly send a home made firecracker over the fence and it lands in a field with no one around, this incites the Israeli military to scramble fighter jets and bomb the crap out of women and children with phosphorous and DIME's and shoot children with exploding bullets and blame Hamas and claim this is to protect Israel, when in fact it is a gross act by the evil ones coming out smelling like a rose.  So far the Israeli's have bought and paid for the US government pedophile secret society representatives that don't say a f'k'n thing about the crimes by the Likudniks and claim Russian or China or Iran or whatever boogeyman's collusion at every turn, but not me!

Damn, I had many comments from shills and trolls on this one

* * * * * * *

Had to stick this in here - 

Whew - my pic isn't in there but then  again, I don't rule shit! And there's hundreds of pics not included and where's Adelson and no GHW or Soros and quite a few are already dead?

* * * * * * *

Dunno if you remember, I sent this in a year ago on IWB and they claimed it was spam. Hell, even the alt news don't like criticism.

Why the health care system will end up as SINGLE PAYER (socialized medicine)


Detected as spam Thanks, we'll work on getting this corrected.
When you inspect how the corrupt government operates, then most likely the socialized health care may be avenue of continued robbing and stealing by big pharma, politicians, medical industry, insurance and the never-ending raping of the people will continue.
Then examine what our bought and paid for government is doing to the world with ongoing wars, mass slaughter of indigenous people in countries not even remotely connected to our existence.
This is paid for by our government borrowing money from central banks, increasing our nation’s unpayable debt and then claiming we the people have to pay for it by taxing us to the limit – this, by the way, doesn’t go to pay the debt – it goes straight into the central banks coffers controlled by foreign interests manipulated by Satanists. The main stream media continues to spew out fake news and con the people with, “this is for freedom and democracy”!
It is? Corporate controlled maniacs steal with both hands – a lame excuse for freedom. The military expenditure is far above any social programs provided for the people – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is flushed down the swamp.
Then we have lunatics climbing on the band wagon stating socialized health care is bad! 
What needs to be done is to pass laws that protect the people from being raped by gluttonous morons. Stop the goddam wars, stop financing the military industrial complex owned by the central bankers. Create laws that will prosecute the corporate masters and the penalty is capital punishment for this blatant stealing.
The government was created by the forefathers to protect the people, from enemies both foreign and domestic. Look what is written above that has mushroomed into a global demonic pursuit of control.
If the government is to protect the people, then health care is on the front – stop spraying the skies with aluminum oxide, strontium and barium including fibers that infect people. Stop polluting the environment with toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and creating genetically modified organisms of the foods the people consume to stay alive. This kills them! Take the obscene profits out of pharmaceuticals, insurance and control monopolies that funnel gross wealth into the hands of the few. Plant more trees, develop desalinating equipment and irrigate desserts, expand education of all countries teaching them to manage the expanding population and channel this into a goal of self-preservation not only of the
people but their offspring. Scrap the central banks along with term limits on corrupt politicians. Declare lobbying a capital offense in all levels of government.
A national health care system may be the best solution – expand Medicare for all and control what the providers charge.

* * * * * * *

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

“Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.”

Quote by Nikolas Tesla - funny how we come up with the 'bomb'.  Looks like perversion has taken over betterment of humanity!  The Illuminati at it's finest or more like lowest.

* * * * * *
If you have 45 min - while doing nothing - watch this.

The pic illustrates more for you to make up your own mind. . . .

* * * * * *

Peace Is Bad for Business’: War Profiteer Stocks Plummet After Diplomatic Progress With North Korea

Sounds like Dega' Vu all over again - where have I heard this before?  Maybe in past blogs - No money in Peace!

Then we get into derivatives - Warren Buffet called these "weapons of mass destruction"!  Now, at least in 2010, the unregulated global casino derivative cesspool was over $1.2 quadrillion - that's 1200 trillions.  Didn't check to see what the exposure is today, but hell, the damned world isn't worth that much and these reptilian bankers keep on gambling our future??? And they want to take our AR15's so the people don't go shoot the basterds when they run out of food and the children die from starvation and these fuckin' assholes live in gated estates guarded by private mercenaries? Anybody see anything wrong with this picture?  And how do we stop this?  End the Federal Reserve including all funny money printing in all countries with Rothschilds controlled central banks and shut down Wall Street investment banking based on speculation instead of investing in real tangible commodities.

* * * * * *
Another must see . . . .looks like I need to take a course and re-evaluate the difference between local community banks and central bank Ponzi scheme - soon we won't have any local banks and they'll all be under control of the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia money lenders creating money from nothing.

* * * * * *

The Israeli spinmeisters have now come up with a new hype term, "terror kites".

And here we go again - the Gaza residents light up a kite and send it to the occupied territory, that was their's to begin with and the occupiers - the Israeli's - say this is an attack and send a high dollar drone to fly into the kite.  The kite costs maybe $2 or shekels and the drone costs $1000.  Hmmm. . . no money in peace and don't give the Palestinians back their land, that the Zio stole. Let's shoot some of the demonstrators with these exploding bullets, that'll teach them a lesson not to fly anymore kites or is that kike?

* * * * * *

The Curious Case of Phillip Marshall

The story about the pilot, Marshall, connected to Barry Seal and Iran-Contra on Jan 31, 2013, his two kids, dog and himself were killed.  Authorities claim this as a murder suicide.
He wrote a couple of books, one was 'The Big Bamboozle' listing the events of 9/11, and he was set to issue another book fiction of course, about Lakefront Airport, describing in a more detailed fashion on the 9/11 conspiracy, the planes used and what airport they came from.  (I watched "Operation Terror" on a CD I got, but it won't show again - disappeared in the computer somewhere.)
Strange he ends up dead, and all of his files, books, computer with connections ripped out of the wall mysteriously disappeared.  Makes you wonder how this happened and nobody in the police department or FBI knows where these went.
Looks like the Mossad, MI6 and CIA have agents everywhere.

* * * * * *

Banghazi - then and now.
View image on TwitterOoh

And ambassador Stevens was there and got killed while shipping the weapons from the 'paid for' by the banker jihadists in Libya after they killed Gaddafi’, (We came, we saw, he died - HRC) to mercenaries in Syria where our dear sweet state department and CIA was spreading more freedom and democracy. Yeah - We gotta get rid of those evil dictators, especially when they start a gold backed currency.  Our bankers - the benefactors - really don't like that and have the treasury print another box car full of worthless paper to send to the military industrial complex that has driven our economy down the shithole.  But those guys are already filthy rich - it's their minds that is sick - next (?) Space Wars!!!

* * * * * *

Now we get into "Unrig" - Robert David Steele and the Cynthia McKinney scam.

Apparently, this fund or PAC or whatever, "Unrig" is a scam and RDS has conned CM into going along with this.  This RDS claims he is an ex CIA operative, but there is no credibility in proving he was associated with the CIA.  Could this be a disinfo created by the CIA to take any impact out of CM if she decides to run for congress or better?  I did a comparison on RDS and Kevin Shipp - another CIA operative coming out and blasting the intelligence agencies and all the nefarious actions of the Deep State in controlling the masses I would imagine these two will never appear on the same podcast.  I suppose I should look into this a little farther and double or triple check the sources. Some of the alternate media is approaching the 'fake news' vomit regurgitated by the presstitutes on MSM.
Checking with Ben Fulford, about 50% of what he states on his podcast is true, VT admits 40% of what they spill is fiction - makes you wonder what is the truth and what is fake.
Republic Broadcasting Network seems to be the most credible source and you can flush Alex Jones down the toilet along with ABCNNBCBS and the rest of the fake sources.  It's getting to the point you just don't know who to believe without going and making budget breaking research. But believe everything I say - I'm not a fiction writer - and only take foot wedge or mulligan when no one is looking.

* * * * * *

New warnings about cuts to Social Security and Medicare are a reason to worry

Simple Solution:

First start with Term Limits on these so called law breakers
Cancel the Federal Reserve, IRS and FBI and claw back the $trillions they're raped the people
Shut down the 800+ military bases around the world
Repeal the 'Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973' - take profit out of health care
Shut down the rest of the alphabet criminal organizations

Stop spraying the skies with toxic chemicals and shut down HAARP
Hell, could go on forever, but we need to start some place.

Can you imagine - 'Market Watch' didn't print my comment(?) Neither did 'White House releases sweeping proposal'.

* * * * * *

Democrats recall visiting border facilities: 'It did confirm my worst fears'

If these jerks want to really be disturbed, take a trip to Gaza where the IDF shoots the children with exploding bullets. And these only want their property back the f*k*n Rothschilds stole via Balfour.

* * * * * *

‘Al-Qaeda in Syria is losing in spite of us’ – Ron Paul

As Eisenhower warned, – beware the military industrial complex. We all know who controls or owns them and there’s no money in peace. Albert Pike’s predictions – funny how that happens with the bankers.  How many millions of people have been killed to satisfy the evil greed?  Why don't we the people simply get rid of this parasitic dynasty forever, then shoot the next money changer.

* * * * * *

Canada just scrapped the Maple Leaf.  Can you imagine the Toronto hockey team, change their name to Marijuana Leafs?

Sit back, have a toke and watch the game. . . .

* * * * * *
Had to post this pic - I must have missed it when I was in West Texico. But I40 is up around Amarillo - couple hundred miles were I was exiled to.

* * * * * *

Israeli Prime Minister's Wife, Sara Netanyahu, Indicted For Fraud

Hell, this is the tip of the iceberg - go after them and Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia for the millions of people killed for the Greater Israel Project - Yinon Plan that we end up paying for when our money to the IRS goes straight to the City of London financial district.

* * * * * *

Hollywood Blockbuster Promotes Depopulation Agenda

Hmmm. . . . movie "The Avengers" - looks like the Illuminati is planting Agenda 21 into people's brains and makes it acceptable - yup - gotta depopulate the world to make them more manageable by the greedies.  You just can't manage 7 billion people with 45 million goons with assault rifles. That's  around 155 people against one soldier and he only has a clip that holds 45 shells.  Hmmm . . . looks like the 105 people left could wipe out the military guy. The phosphorous and DIME's would take too long to eliminate the people also, but if the greedies dropped a nuclear device, they could wipe out 100,000 people with one and that would take 70,000 bombs but on the net, it states it would take 3 million 'Fat Mans' to destroy earth.  5G radiation could disable at least half of the population.  The 5G game is in play as we speak and don't let them put a smart meter on your house!

* * * * * *

Timothy McVeigh's defense attorney recalls meeting Oklahoma City bomber in new doc: 'He wasn't completely nuts'

Maybe should read Cody Snodgres book "Choosing the Light" about this. The government didn't want all the evidence hidden in the building to be analyzed and brought out to the public - Iran/Contra - Clintons - Gulf War Syndrome from depleted uranium experimental bombs - this was another false flag, same as 9/11 by the PNAC'ers and Deep State!

* * * * * *

If you didn't like Agenda 21, you won't like 2030.

Now back to Sustainability!  WTF is that supposed to mean with the globalists? Control? Obviously 21 ain't working out too good - Fukushima, N Korea, Chemtrails and HAARP, violent storms, drought and fires, fracking and water contamination, refugees and immigration, border wall, vaccines and toxicity, depopulation, Georgia Guidestones, ISIS paid for by our tax dollar, funny money, Ayatollah and the Russians did it!  - damn, I think I've touched on all of the above here and there, but none in detail. . . .

* * * * * *

I know I've been beating this to death, but so are we - have a look and decide WTF the greedies are doing.

And do a search on Silver Iodide - what it does to you.

* * * * * *