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A little study of history...recent...

This originates in modern day history around 1913 - the creation of the Federal Reserve

Scalar High Energy Weapons System or Shews apparently was the tool used to intensify and control Harvey and probably Irma - and here I thought it was HAARP and chemtrails - but apparently these did play a part in it.

Another good watch - and everybody thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist!!!

When will the truth surface and the people will finally find out what and who the monsters are running this world??!!
But one good thing - Hurricane Irma has just leveled Little Saint James Island - maybe they wiped out the little pedophile slime pit - Jeffy Epstein and all his buddies, Slick Willey, Billary, the queen's kids from London - probably work in a few members of congress...hail Moloch...


Darwin and “Scientific” Racism Meet Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Kant

Ahh, here we go again - Darwin and eugenics - I sort of agree with Darwin to the point of rationalizing the evolution of 'man' but need to step back and reference Plato and Aristotle with morality and thought.
But I'm more inclined to believe man's origin came from an extra testicle ET from another galaxy, that cast his seed in a monkey and man was created and eventually walked on his hind legs.  Darwin also depicted the one with the biggest club wins and stupid ones need to be eliminated, along the same direction the Illuminati and puppets, Gates and Turner are headed, but when you study the 'real thinkers', this contradicts Darwin's theory in quite a few areas. Then you get into the Adam and Eve story fed to the sheeple, the apple and snake were simply a misconstrued start painting good vs evil... and as the story goes, after Cain and Able were born and grew up, the sons of God's creations, Cain killed Able, and went off and married one of his cousins, no incest here that I can see, most likely the apple was behind this or maybe the snake, but where the hell did she / they come from? Maybe God was playing a game and created the earth, before Pokemon, Facebook and War Games were invented, then threw in some land, oceans, sun and moon that revolve around the flat earth and created the chosen people, but they started from nothing and on and on, and accumulated history came from Egypt, before Moses was born, around 1300 BC who by the way, could only speak Egyptian - Afro-Asiatic, that originated around 3400 BC, so guess where the 10 commandments came from, (and that was when Moses was around 80 after wandering around in a desert for 40 years or so) - not for the chosen for sure, kinda makes you wonder who exactly did He choose(?) ...  So ends the story of Santa Clause and the seven dwarfs, Easter Bunny, tuyul (the little guy - 6" tall, that steals your money) and tokoloshe (the little gremlin in S. Africa that craps in your mouth then slams the door to wake you up) and you know he was there by the nasty taste - even after a night of binge boozing.  You'll notice I always wander off the topic from time to time...some day, I'll venture into this in detail and reference Karen Hudes (ex- World Bank attorney) interviews that hit the nail on the head and spells out where our tax dollar really goes... and who steals it...

Did a little research on the so-called "intelligence" agencies in beautiful downtown US of A.

A very brief history of the alphabet criminals…

  • FBI in 1908 and IRS in 1913 were created to protect the Federal Reserve cooked up on Jekyll Island in 1910.
  • CIA – (1952) was created after the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) group failed in promoting the greedies agenda after WWII
  • PWE (Political Warfare Executive – 1946)
  • IRD (Information Research Department – 1947 – created by OSS)
  • CCF (Congress for Cultural Freedom – circa 1947 - this is a misnomer(?)
  • PEU (Pan European Union – 1948 – this was long before the EU)
  • CDEI (Center for European Documentation and Information - the start of fake news)
  • Then came the Bilderberg'rs a (1952)…Rockefeller got a boner on this one and the goal for the One World Government came into being or did it just slap him along side his screwed up brain.
  • NSA (National Security Agency – 1952 or No Such Agency)
  • PNAC, ISW and CFR were also created by the Zio neo-cons. Can you imagine what goes on in the think tank, Institute for the Study of War? Damn!! A buncha fuckin' crazies around a table...

Then we got the 17 intelligence agencies…some old and some new…and most of them questionable...
  • DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency – 1961 – budget – $classified - I wonder who controls this buncha scum)
  • CIA (we all know what this stands for – 1952 – budget – $44 billion - and, of course, doesn't include the $trillions of dope money)
  • NSA (same origin – 1947 – budget - $classified - I betchya can't even guess how much this is)
  • INR (Bureau of Intelligence and Research – budget $ 49 million - somebody really screwed this up - the word intelligence was flushed down the toilet before it was even started)
  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance – 1948 – budget – $46 million)
  • NSB (National Security Branch – 2005 arm of the FBI – budget – $ 8.1 billion)
  • INSCOM (Intelligence and Security Command – started in 1775 but bloomed in 1977 budget – $21.5 billion)
  • OIC (Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence – branch of the DEA to spy on nuclear shit both foreign and domestic – budget – $16 billion)
  • CGI (Coast Guard Intelligence – 1915 – catch the dopers smuggling – failed thousands of times – budget – $60 million)
  • OIA (Treasuries – Office of Intelligence and Analysis – 2004 – but they seem to completely overlook the FED ’s shenanigans – budget – $340 million)
  • DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency – 1973 – budget - $2 billion – and these assholes  completely miss the CIA’s smuggling operations since the Golden Triangle – Vietnam era kickoff, to Iran-Contra to Afghan CIA dope op. Their head office is in El Paso TX, and 1000 miles from Mena Arkansas where Barry Seal would fly his planes full of crack – budget – $2 billion)
  • MCIA (Marine Corps Intelligence Activity – no start time – budget $21.5 billion)
  • NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency – 1972 – budget – classified (gotta hide those ET's).
  • NRA (National Reconnaissance Agency – 1961 – budget – classified.
  • ONA (Office of Naval Intelligence – 1882 – budget $21.5 billion.
  • DHS (Department of Homeland Security – 2001 – budget $49.8 billion - and doesn't include Chertoff's body scanners at all the airports).
  • ODNI (Office of Director of National Intelligence – 2004 – budget $48 billion makes your wonder why this was created and this is $48 billion for the director?).
To sum up the cost of ‘intelligence’, that can’t find their ass with either hand, or catch 19 so-called hijackers with box cutters run from a cave with an obsolete cell phone,  by a conservative guess, is way over $300 billion a year.
Then we get into 1,271 additional government organizations and 1,931 private companies working on intelligence, counter-terrorism, or homeland (gofondleme) security in the U.S – makes you wonder how much this costs us? 
Goddamn - when you consider what it costs us for the military budget of over $600 billion a year add that to the intelligence expenditures - this has to be in the vicinity of over $1 trillion per year that we can put our fingers on, let alone the $10 trillion they just can't find, and for what? Death and destruction...what would happened if our genius politicians would sit down and diplomatically discuss the problems in the world using a shred of common sense and morality? 

Does anybody in DC have a fuckin’ brain? Time for the War on Stupidity!

First - shoot the lobbyists!!

Charlie Hebdo's Harvey Cover Praises Drowning Of 'Neo-Nazis Of Texas'

Where's the 6 pointed star in the middle of the swastikas? Need a hammer and sickle in there too. They're the real Nazis - or more like ex-Trotskyites - camouflaged as neo-cons pushing the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia agenda of taking over the world with their Ponzi scheme, creating money from nothing and making the people pay taxes that funnels into their wealth pot. And let's not forget the Black Nobility.


Putin’s Hand Can Clearly Be Seen In the Chaos of a Destabilized West

The Zios are paying Kovalev lots of money to write garbage...amazing the lies spilling out of frothing mouths... but the gotta keep the sheeple dumbed down ... and make that money ... rape the world ... NWO!!!




This thing is in front of the City of London financial district, home of the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia..give you an idea of who / what these asshole psychos are? ...the gatekeeper... Hail Moloch  And you can even pair this up with Cerberus and Carlyle group...Bilderbergers...CFR...on and on...


Demand for real 9/11 investigation to be filed in federal court (US Atty. Southern District of NY)

Just make sure ol' Judge Hellerstein isn't the asshole sitting behind the bench... he's part of the perpetrators...

 Gotta post this one.

Not that I'm a nationalist, but what do we have here - have a look up to the alphabet criminals, then whada'ya got runnin' the govt - can't pin it completely on the Deep State or Shadow Government...or both... Ben's statement is ringing a bell now...


Ahead of 9/11, top Trump aide says U.S. not vulnerable to terrorists

This horrific event was staged by the 'intelligence' agencies - both here and Israel and was a phenomenal money maker for the military industrial complex and bankers. Millions of people have died in its aftermath. Time for a real investigation and the search for the rest of the mini nukes stolen out of Pantex that were used to demolish WTC I & II and made $billions for Lucky Larry. Then line the perpetrators up and shoot them!  Need Cheney and Netanyahu, Kristol and the rest of the PNAC'ers in the front row next to the Rothschilds and what's left of the Rockefellers.


Hillary Clinton is set to dish the dirt in her new book – and we can be sure that everyone is going to want a piece of it

Comment to PETE that Hillary allowed Russia to rape Ukraine and steal Crimea...

Pete - Victoria Nuland, the F*k the EU, cookie monster, admitted the US funded over $5 billion of our dollar to destabilize Ukraine and funded the Nazis to create the riot. Mercenaries were hired to shoot at both protesters and police and the debacle forced Yanukovych to leave his democratically elected position as prime minister. Crimea after the Maidan debacle, voted to leave being part of Ukraine and joined Russia by a massive majority vote. Hillary was the nutcase behind this, the question is, who was behind Hillary - Soros? They stuck in Porky and Yats to plunder the economy and Ukraine is in a sorry mess. Russia, under Putin's (ex-KGB agent) leadership makes a helluva lot more sense than the carpetbaggers here in the US controlled by the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia controlling the Federal Reserve. Print more money out of nothing, devalue our net worth with greed. We need a change - get rid of the pedophile satanists in power, line them up and shoot 'em on Pennsylvania Ave. Then we may have a new start!!!


Hillary Clinton: Won't Forgive Those Who Didn't Vote

Can you tell when Hillary is lying? Her mouth is open...she wins the 4 Pinnochios again!!


UFO ET Dulce Base, NM

This is another story - will take a few months to get thru this...and do a little research...

A terrorist is someone who has a bomb but doesn’t have an air force.

Boy, am I ever glad we have an air force and not labelled as terrorists.

The bombing list

  • Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War)
  • Guatemala 1954
  • Indonesia 1958
  • Cuba 1959-1961
  • Guatemala 1960
  • Congo 1964
  • Laos 1964-73
  • Vietnam 1961-73
  • Cambodia 1969-70
  • Guatemala 1967-69
  • Grenada 1983
  • Lebanon 1983, 1984 (both Lebanese and Syrian targets)
  • Libya 1986
  • El Salvador 1980s
  • Nicaragua 1980s
  • Iran 1987
  • Panama 1989
  • Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War)
  • Kuwait 1991
  • Somalia 1993
  • Bosnia 1994, 1995
  • Sudan 1998
  • Afghanistan 1998
  • Yugoslavia 1999
  • Yemen 2002
  • Iraq 1991-2003 (US/UK on regular basis)
  • Iraq 2003-2015
  • Afghanistan 2001-2015
  • Pakistan 2007-2015
  • Somalia 2007-8, 2011
  • Yemen 2009, 2011
  • Libya 2011, 2015
  • Syria 2014-2015


Friday, September 1, 2017

Sit back, grab an 18 year old single malt and watch the youtube above.  I won't say anymore.

Keep in mind the name is Kevin Shipp and lets not confuse Deep State with Shadow Government.


A good watch and listen - how it works with the satanists...
This conspiracy is no theory...  check reference military paper below ...

And they shot this poor his front yard !

Where is Harvey now; where will it go next?

The storm will go where the satanists want it to. This is a geoengineered storm - read - this will give you a better picture and next time on a clear day, look up in the skies and watch the chemtrails.


'Steve is now unchained': Bannon reportedly thinks the Trump administration is a 'sinking ship' and he now plans to 'go nuclear'

I appears the Deep State has taken control of the Trump administration.  Most of Trumps picks were obviously paid off by these satanists and if he doesn't go in the direction they are pushing to create organized havoc, he resists and fires them and the bought and paid for media attacks him from all angles orchestrating the condition of hopelessness of the voters that put Trump in as POTUS. His first action was to "drain the swamp" which he didn't do and in closer examination, he has no potential of doing. Trump has another elephant in the room - his son-in-law who is also a agent of the Zios that control government officials via many means and pedophilia is one, corrupt financing is another. Pense, an asset for the Deep State, is another that will take control if Trump suffers the Boston Brakes or heart attack or assassination if he doesn't kiss the Deep State's ass. Time to start laws of "term limits", cancel the Federal Reserve and arrest the operators, first on the list is the little weasel Blankfein, claw back the $trillions raped from the world and splinter the CIA and their criminal actions throughout the world - dope peddling financing black ops and regime changes, then attack corporate fascism that has taken over the government, foreign policy, false flags, creating wars for financial gain, criminal ballooned price of healthcare and big pharma, military completely out of control expenditures + $trillions unaccounted for, printing of currency with no value backed security other than fattening the greedies pockets and putting us deeper in unpayable debt. Arrest the Bush Clinton Crime cabal and hang them on Pennsylvania Ave. Then go after the City of London and Vatican psychos, Knights of Malta, any Freemason over level 2 and abolish all secret societies that JFK warned us about, and then they shot him a couple years later. Arrest the evil satanic clan that was behind J Edgar Hoovers 1956 statement and they aren't KKK'ers, then arrest the perpetrators of 9/11, the ultimate disaster that has enabled these evil Illuminati to take over the world. A start...then the world will go forward from here...

Gotta post this...

Damn this sounds familiar!!!  Yeah, what the hell, it's Sunday morning...


"All statues of Lenin pulled down across Ukraine"

This makes you wonder how much rope and how many people it will take to pull down the columns on the Federal Reserve building in DC then hang the evil monsters that control the lives of people?


The Ways and Means of going up the ladder at Goldman Sachs.  (Quote from an ex-broker)

“What are three quick ways to become a leader?
a) Execute on the firm’s “axes,” which is Goldman-speak for persuading your clients to invest in the stocks or other products that we are trying to get rid of because they are not seen as having a lot of potential profit.
b) ‘Hunt Elephants.’ “In English: get your clients — some of whom are sophisticated, and some of whom aren’t — to trade whatever will bring the biggest profit to Goldman.
“Today, many of these leaders display a Goldman Sachs culture quotient of exactly zero percent. I attend derivatives sales meetings where not one single minute is spent asking questions about how we can help clients. It’s purely about how we can make the most possible money off of them. If you were an alien from Mars and sat in on one of these meetings, you would believe that a client’s success or progress was not part of the thought process at all.”

This gives you a pretty good idea that these slithering slime buy up corporations getting ready to collapse, then peddle the worthless stock to idiots that can't find their ass with either hand, then the crash - whew - skid marks everywhere!!!
I lost the bulk of my retirement in the dotcom bust in 2000, cuz I was an idiot too - I know - but now my underwear is clean... clinker free...


Trump backs off Afghan withdrawal, lambasts Pakistan

Pull out now!!!! Then go after the perpetrators that orchestrated 9/11 and continuing the squandering of our wealth to satisfy the satanist psychos that are NWO Assholes.  The Deep State has Trumps gonads in a vise and turning the screw!!!
One problem with that is, the Talibaners will stop growing poppies...that goes against the CIA and central bankers cash flow - a definite no-no.
BTW, here is the contents of chemtrails - us conspiracy theorists know what's sprayed up in the atmosphere to dumb down the masses.

Aluminum oxide particles, barium salts, barium titanates, ethylene dibromide, cadmium, methyl aluminum, desiccated human red blood cells, nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass, sub-micron particles (containing live biological matter), polymer fibers, unidentified bacteria, enterobacteria cloacal, enterobacteriaceae, mycoplasma, human white blood cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA), mold spores, bacilli and molds, yellow fungal mycotoxins, lead, mercury, nitrogen trifluoride, nickel, calcium, chromium, radioactive cesium, radioactive thorium, selenium, arsenic, titanium shards, silver, streptomyces, strontium, uranium….

Better stock up on spirulina, chlorella, organic coconut oil, cold pressed organic hemp oil and eat iodine rich organic greens and detox the brain and body. Lay off the high fructose corn syrup and GMO'd foods too.  And don't drink the water laced with fluoride...or get your own home filter that will eliminate fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals and get rid of the toxic shit that passes the brain filters that can be controlled by EMP and turn the sheeple into robots.

Dozens reported dead in US-led strikes as battle nears Raqa heart

Solution is simple - stop the money! This never would have happened in the first place. The slime slithering in the bottom of the swamp controlled by the Zios are the reason for this. Shoot the AIPAC lobbyists first, then the wars will stop then shut down the Federal Reserve, splinter the Bush/Clinton CIA puppets - problem solved!!

Back again to 9/11 and conspiracy theories

The official explanation of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory. Some Muslims, mainly Saudi Arabians, delivered the greatest humiliation to a superpower since David slew Goliath. They outsmarted all 17 US intelligence agencies and those of NATO and Israel, the National Security Council, the Transportation Safety Administration, Air Traffic Control, and Dick Cheney, and hijacked four US airliners on one morning, brought down three World Trade Center skyscrapers, destroyed that part of the Pentagon where research was underway into the missing $2.3 trillion, and caused the morons in Washington to blame Afghanistan instead of Saudi Arabia.

Dam, this is some unbelievable shit??? This article also doesn't mention the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania with no bodies or airplane parts and just a hole in the ground, and the Able Danger crew, that was also investigating the 350 - W54 mini nuclear pits that mysteriously went missing out of the Pantex plant in Texico, just happened to be in the wing where the missile struck - it wasn't a 767 either that left a 10' diameter hole and no skid marks on the lawn and no passports on the's strange the Able Danger crew tracked the pits to Houston ship channel and somehow they ended up in S. Africa, then on to Israel...who no doubt brokered them to N. Korea and other rogue nations the presstitutes, controlled by the satanists, paint as being really bad guys... anybody get the connection of the dots???

and as Paul Craig Roberts states:

"Everywhere in the Western world, government is a conspiracy against the people."

Is this the Nuclear Blast Hole beneath a WTC Tower that Dimitri Khalizov reported would result from a 150 KiloTon Bomb underground nuclear explosion?

Photo of the melted stone and steel under WTC 1 & II. That damn jet fuel sure does burn at some high temps to melt all this steel, concrete and granite, and deep underground or was it one of those W-54 pits???

A good read  will enlighten everybody.


And these Antifa guys have a training manual - destroy America!!!!  Just happened to be found on the street - top secret!!!  Like the 9/11 hijackers passport found on the street by the WTC and they can't find a jet engine or black box...

Antifa training manual-cover-700x340

Damn, that Soros money goes a long way!


Now we get into insurance - a joke - not a joke(sick) - you must have car insurance according to government law - PL and PD is a must, then the private insurance companies coerce you into taking comprehensive and collision and all sorts of other shit cuz you just can't live without all the frills.  The execs of insurance companies make ridiculous compensation...then this trickles down to the local insurance dealer and he's driving a 750 B'mer, living in country club estate but your deductible ranges from $500 to $1000 on occurrence and if you have a mishap, your premium doubles.  Bear in mind this is required by law...
Then we get into health insurance, now Obamacare is / was compulsory...or you pay a fine. You have to get a doctor the Obamarama's approve or they don't pay the medical care bill (bean counters decide what the fuck is good for you) this indicates they won't pay what the doctor thinks his service is worth and he desperately needs to make a payment on his Ferrari and the $1,750,000 mortgage costs him a fortune, let alone the taxes and country club dues and big pharma won't give him a bonus on prescribing opiates and other chemical shit that will kill you before it makes you better.  What's this poor schmuck to do? - follow the money!!!
Before 1973, it was illegal to make profit from health care in the US of A then Nixon passed the law The Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 and medical costs ran out of sight.
To sum this up, corporate fascism has taken over our existence and soon we'll be living in FEMA camps - but with free health care and we won't need car insurance...besides the GMO'd and glyphosate infected foods will kill us and Gates and Turner and the rest of the satanists will get boners and choke the chicken until they get a cramp in their little pea brain - if they have one...
Fuck Insurance!!!


Tropical Storm Harvey: What to expect from the historic storm

The weather manipulators, chemtrail experts and HAARP operators are high fiving this monster. It's only 8 more years and the military will be able to completely control the weather.  Hell, we'll be able to destroy nations with this handy little tool. Gimmee the money!!!

"Kurdistan independence can stir civil war"

I spent almost a year in Kurdistan, north of Erbil at oil well sites. My security and driver were Kurds, but Christians. We would drive through small villages and at coffee houses there were a mixture of religions chatting and all getting along pleasantly.
Being about 25 km from Mosul, but not allowed to go there for security reasons. IED's were everywhere and caution to be exercised until the area was swept.

The Kurds should control their natural resources, but the 4 horsemen and a few ponies have the leases. Other than supplying jobs for a few of the locals, the oil revenue is taken by the oil companies with tokens donated to the local politicians.  The push for independence of Kurdistan is a smoke screen by the CMMM and Zios for corporations to rape the country of their wealth in natural resources, then abandon them as fomented in Yemen.  When the oil is gone, so are the money boys.

Houston Runs Low On Kosher Food As Harvey Floods Delivery Routes

The chosen will just have to start circumcising pigs now.





US takes aim at Iran over ties to Hamas

But the US, Israel, KSA and other puppet nations of the bankers and big oil, financing and training al Qaeda and ISIS - that's ok!!