Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I know you'all can't wait - so here it comes - more sooths - or is that observatin'


Sen. Feinstein On What She Hopes to Hear from Sally Yates

This worthless PO chicken Shit helps her buddy Khazars and not the people. A joke - not a joke - a disgrace to the monster political establishment created and run by the criminal Shadow Government with their fingers in everyone's pockets.


Philippines drug war under fire at UN rights council

Detuerte Must be cutting into the CIA cash flow!  And the bankers are complaining they don't have enough to launder...and Bush - well - he's sliding down the hill and can't remember why!  Besides, he'll join David Rockefeller in hell soon.


Democrats appeal to Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to appoint special prosecutor

Schumer ? Rosenstein ? Dual citizen Khazars that make decisions for the US citizen? They protect the satanist bankers and evil Likudniks in Israel before they ever think about the people here. Note the key word is "think"!

Do a little search on this:
Man’s Country, one of Chicago’s “grand old bathhouses” and located at 5015 North Clark Street in Chicago’s “Boystown,”
Makes ya wonder why in hell they call it "Man's Country"

All those macho shitheads lined up in the shower waiting impatiently for some schmuck to drop the soap!  But I think they import little boys in there to serve Emanuel and Obama...and the old speaker of the house Dennis Hastert...goddam... throw in Comet ping pong and Podesta...Bushes...Billary...cook a little spirit...
whatchya got?  The Swamp!!!

Brokeback Obama Rides Again: Rahm Emanuel Cuddles Back Into Chicago!

But this could be photo-shopped.

And these mutherfuckers wanna rule the world!  Makes you wanna puke!!


Just too much good stuff on the net.  "Smoke and Mirrors" is a great site too...almost as good as Debugger...

The madness will not stop until the last central banker is strangled with the entrails of the last Zionist

The should include the Kosher Nostra along with the Zio's.


Nearly 1,000 sick with norovirus at 32 schools in northern California's Yolo County

Bill Gates will make another pile of cash on this one too - feed the vaccines to the sheeple - gimmee the money... Depopulate the world is the agenda 21 or now revised to 2030 agenda. Makes you wonder where will these carpet baggers get more wealth when the sheeple are gone? They need a few to clean up the mess they've created and drain the swamp of the vile scum left over, then where will the military industrial complex and bankers get more money if there is no one to rob and kill - and con with the fake news. Sorta whatever goes around comes around and bites you in the ass.


Condoleezza Rice: Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan were never about democracy

Of course it had nothing to do with democracy - it's about the money!!! The low life satanists have made $trillions from wars!! The Rothschilds have financed both sides of all wars since Napoleon. There is no money in peace!


UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC for 9-11 WTC 7 Cover Up

Well, hallelujah - praise Moloch - it's starting!!! - BBC on international TV reported WTC 7 collapsed, 20 minutes before it did.  This obviously means they had advance knowledge.  The guy won the case in a British court.  Makes you wonder when this will happen here...just make sure that idiot Zio judge Hellerstein isn't presiding over the case.


GOP Senator: White House In A 'Downward Spiral'

This idiot Corker - wasn't he mixed up in the Songstad and Sundquist scandal attempting to extort $30 billion from Lee Wanta - and he says the White house is in a downward spiral? This M'therf'ker is in the bottom of the rancid swamp wanting more money!!  That Songstad and Sundquist debacle has never been mentioned on the MSM either !  And ya ain't heard anything on them since... Of course, they're part of the swamp racket and support the Zio agenda.


Trump Cancels Visit to Ancient Masada Site after Israel Refuses Helicopter Landing

Yeah, what the hell, don't land on that mountain, just go shoot some missiles at Syria - we like that better, especially when you kill a buncha women and children - that gives the Likudniks a boner!!


U.S. says Iran directed convoy targeted by U.S. air strike in Syria

Who the hell writes this crapolla? Get our people and money paying for this Israeli plan to dominate the ME and oil out of there, then take back the wealth we've been robbed by from the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia and pay for the blatantly stupid wars we've been mixed up in and rebuild our country and the ones we've devastated. Then shoot the satanic bankers!!

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”
― Voltaire

He got that right - must have been around when the Rothschilds were financing wars and backing both - Napoleon and the Brits.


Jeb Bush Delivers Huge ‘Told You So’ About 'Chaos President' Donald Trump

This idiot is part of the satanic cabal - like when he went to Venezuela to the money laundering Texas Commerce Bank during the Iran - Contra fiasco. He probably can't wait to go to Denver to attend the sick child sacrifice at the Brown Palace and Navarro Tavern whore house.

Little quote from Nancy-boy Hoover but then being a part of the JFK assassination at Murchison 's ranch just outside of Dallas on Nov. 21, 1963 makes you wonder why he reversed his line of thought after he came up with this statement - either he was blackmailed - which they all were by the Zios after this - or he had a quirk of conscience.

The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part II)
Read the article by Preston James - sure does make you sit up and wonder who the fuck is leading us down the path of destruction!  We got some really sick mutherfuckers in there power behind the scene.


As Trump sets out, US and Saudi Arabia blacklist 'terrorist

When with the bought and paid for presstitutes going to finally print the truth - the real terrorists are Zionists and embedded in our nations capital and main control from the City of London, Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia HQ. But then the major mass media is also a part of the terrorists that feed the sheeple the bullasheeta.

Trump: ‘We Are Not Here to Lecture,’ But to Offer Partnership

Boy, are we in the wrong business, why waste our talent in architecture, building, repairing, curing diseases cooked up in Ft. Detrick, educating with common core, making lives better!!!  Let's build a bomb - yeah - it blows up - kills a bunch of women and children and it's gone, then you make another one, no warranty either...if it don't blow up - hell - sell them another one and if some other country wants to make a bomb - you create a false flag, blame them, then go bomb the crapolla out of them, gotta keep the profit centralized and in your back pocket and we swindle the sheeple to pay for it and while we wallow in piles of counterfeit fiat currency...then some schmuck comes up and says 'we want peace'!!!  Hell, shoot that basterd from a book depository and grassy knoll - we don't want anybody to mess with our cash flow and have our puppet FBI and controlled major mass media blame a jerk like Oswald, or was that Osama - Obama... How about Bush!!! - damn - what a racket!!! - General Smedley Butler got it right!


Trump to propose slashing Medicaid

$800 billion in a decade? Hell, we waste that much on bombing the shit out of countries and people and enrich the pedophiles in power in one year! Shut down the 800+ military bases, stop donating $billions to the apartheid state Israel and shoot the bankers that run the Fed!

Good read and tells you who the Judas Goats are!!! Or maybe who the satanists are!!!


Sunday, May 7, 2017

I know you guys are really missing this...so here it comes.

Don't see the guy stepping into the manhole on this one.  But good people are getting 'real' news instead of off the main stream media that's completely fake from the PTB.  And the really bight people read D'booger!!

A good read...
The Latest: Trump signs spending bill that prevents shutdown

Aww - come on, the Fed will simply print some more counterfeit fiat currency - devalue whatever the wealth of the sheeple is based upon - drive them broke - then the greedies can take over the world. Sick buncha basterds we have in government who are controlled by the banksters and at our expense!!! - 666 - the number of satanists!!!  Hallelujah - praise Moloch!!!

News Headlines!

  • FCC to cancel Net Neutrality ?
  • Nuke N Korea !
  • Israel - 15,000 new settlements in West Bank - then goes and bombs Syria!
  • NBC bank failure
  • Canadian Bank Bailout
  • Carbon Dioxide pollutant myth!
  • Sex Abuse by Pedophile Priests!
  • Snow Storms in the US
  • Hail stones golf ball size
Damn - all that fake news!!

What should we look at here, CO2, that's a good one - Gore and the idiots claim there is too much carbon dioxide and we got all this fake global warming - the freezing in the north and south (39 here in Odessa last week and snow 200 miles north), and all the crazy weather going on - violent storms, floods, people drowning - what the fuck is happening.  I've bantered with chemtrails and the gov't claiming to control the weather by 2025. When you stop and think, and the key word is 'think', a grade 6 student can figure out how this modifies the local weather and spreads across the country.  Hot air goes up, cold air goes down, add some fake clouds creating swirling air patterns - presto - a storm brewing in a few days! Bill Gates and Ted Turner just experienced a Genitalia Modified Orgasm!!  That's sorta like chokin' the chicken in your yogi pants!


Johnny "Wet Start" McCain. Just watched a video about this worthless piece of chicken shit politician.  Have a look and  you'll get a better idea of what this moron psychopath is trying to do to the world - and succeeding in certain cases with his closet queen pal Lindsey Graham.  His name should be Johnny "Wet Fart" McCain!!


NY lawmakers hatch plan to release Trump's state taxes

Who really gives a shit - the IRS was enacted right after the Federal Reserve - the greedies wanted to make sure they ended up with the people's money - this is another crooked illegal ponzi scheme. Madoff went to jail for his little bitty ponzi - but the greedies get a way with $trillions! When will the people smarten up and get rid of the puppets kissing the Rothschild's a$$ - then shoot the bankers!!


Posted this before, but it keeps on resurfacing in the alternative news...

This was hatched by the Creature from Jekyll Island...A bunch of Khazars in the room...mix in a Rockefeller agent, presto - the US is enslaved by satanic pedophiles!!!


Steve Bannon: Jared Kushner is a “cuck” and a “globalist”

  • JohnZ

Zionism and communism are the two brothers of world enslavement.
  • Dbooger
When you consider the Rothschilds financed both Zionism and Marx's Communism the end result is the same. Death and destruction to further their goal of world domination. It would be simpler if this poor excuse and curse on humanity were eliminated then the world will finally see peace and prosperity of the people.

The following is a few years old, but still in effect!

And guess where the wars have been since 9/11 - And General Wesley Clark spilled it all over the net!!  And Evelyn's name must have been a little mixed up when he was born - no dick and little balls, but greedie fingers.

And the story keeps on going!
Seems like the White Dragon Society needs to send their little hit men to the western world and eliminate this filthy scum at the bottom of the swamp.


Israeli strikes raise stakes in face-off with Hezbollah

ISIS - Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. The biggest terrorist organization in the world and the dumbass bought and paid for politicians simply ignore the genocide and we give them $billions to keep up the carnage. We have some really dumb ass politicians!!  Time to start the "War on Stupidity"


U.S. needs to balance foreign alliances: Tillerson

Maybe he'll wake up and scrap Israel, the biggest terrorist group in the world, and not just in the middle east - it started in Germany then spread to the City of London Rothschilds banking HQ that has bribed idiot world leaders and created this terrorist country and have financed both sides of wars since before Napoleon.

Been to the Denver airport lately?

denver airport 3 Something is rotten in the Denver airport (13 Photos)
Got some really dumb fucks decorating that place, and the underground city for the greedies when the newclear war breaks out.  Better check out of the Brown Palace and Old Navarre a former Whore House that's connected by a tunnel - this must go straight to the Denver Airport and the hideout for the rich and infamous.


D'ya think this is what they meant?


U.S. chief justice taps New York judge to handle Puerto Rico bankruptcy

No corruption there that I can see...nope...nada...nyet...uh-uh...PR is like Cuba before the revolution - organized crime has taken control - politicians and bankers...and it makes you wonder where the judge came from..Judge Laura Taylor Swain most likely worked under Hellerstein the 9/11 fuck'n Khazar judge that was bought and paid for by AIPAC and the Mossad and Likudniks - you gotta throw in Wall Street and the Fed too.
But in PR you can get the best roasted pork in the world and the cracklin is great!  Still remember Mojito's in Caye.


JFK's Grandson Remains Coy About His Political Future

The only hope left was JFK Jr. But he experienced the Clinton Boston Brakes and ended the immediate threat of exposing GHW being complicit in the murder of his father. His magazine was the finger pointing at Bush, along with the threat of defeating the beast Hillary in the NY senate race.