Sunday, December 25, 2016

Twas the night before Xmas and not a creature was stirring - not even a cockroach - we had the house sprayed last week

And the comments are superfluous - Trump won!!  Let's see how he drains the swamp - hopefully he won't trade them out for more slithering flesh eaters. 
What he needs is a bovine excrement detector - the only problem is, in DC the bells will be ringing until he turns deaf...

And if you have a little time log on to

This will spook you for sure. But then again, he threw in freemasonry and that sort of spells the game.

And another one - good to review and make up your own mind...

http //

And another little film about the greedies...never thought this would have been put out by Hollywood - maybe they better get fitted for a body bag soon...



Why Giuliani wasn't chosen... - he could give Lindsey Graham a run for the money...


Obama points finger at Putin for hacks during U.S. election

Obama and his partners in crime the Clintons and Bushes are on the same path of WMD. "Yup, Putin did it, let's start another war, kill a few million people and satisfy Gates and Turner's eugenics along with enriching the military industrial complex and Rothschilds and Rockefellers banks - think of all the good we'll do." These Assholes, and that's with a capital "A", need to be chased down the street and lynched - like Bush stated to Sarah McClendon after she questioned the Iran - Contra fiasco along with feeding our children crack to enrich the greedies.


White House criticizes Duterte’s ‘deeply troubling’ vigilantism comments

Maybe Obama can lend Duterte a few drones to assassinate the possible drug dealers, oh and without a warrant or act of congress. This is the new "Murder Incorporated" - he's killed more than Lepke could ever hope to. This also satisfies the Likudnik's drive for getting rid of their competition.


Obama warns Russia on hacking: ‘We can do stuff to you’

Obama should just STFU (that's shut the fuck up in case you all forgot), he is sounding more stupid as the time goes by, either that or he's conditioning the sheeple for a gross heinous act to steal the election from Trump and install the devil in a pant suit.  These puppets just never give up, and their puppet masters keep pulling the strings.


WikiLeaks offers to 'authenticate' US intelligence on Russia's involvement in election hacking

Wikileaks needs access to material? They just can't get the info themselves from their shills? Hmph, looks like Assange is making a deal to get the hell out of the Ecuadorian embassy. He's already fitted for the body bag.


James Woolsey: There is 'Building Consensus' That Russia Was Behind Election Hack

Consensus...that sort of means they have a bunch of schmucks sitting around a ping pong table saying - "Hmmm...who can we blame for our fuckin' loss in the elections - yup the Russians hacked the election - yeah - I agree - me too - Oy vey - lets let ABCNNBCBBCFOX know so they can get the people backing our dumb ass decision. Then we won't let Trump become president cuz he will put us in jail for all the screw ups we've done in the past 100 years."


Witness to an assassination: AP photographer captures attack

Was Spielberg directing this ridiculous false flag? The greedies will stop at nothing to cause WWIII. Pathetic bunch of losers and costing people's lives!!! At least Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing - no one was killed, except for one of the Tsnarnaev bros. and his buddy,  but the propaganda goes on!!! Yup, fill the Khazars coffers.


Trump's commitment to infrastructure vow is being questioned

He probably knows the financial world is set for a collapse, why the FED has been propping it up when there is no logical reason for the market to be up where it is, other than the fact the dollar is now worthless from when the Fed was enacted by the Khazars in 1913 and in those factors the Dow should be around 200. He'll have his hands full when it tanks - first he needs to orchestrate the Iceland protocol - abolish the criminal banks and scrap the loans from money printed out of thin air - it costs more to print a dollar than it is worth. Then line the bankers up and shoot 'em - that's the Khazarian Mafia - Rothschilds, Rockefellers and cronies.


Did Bolton’s mustache disqualify him from consideration for Trump’s secretary of state?

It's not his mustache - it's his demented f'k'n Khazar brain - this guy is an idiot and promotes foreign policy for the benefit of Israel not the US of A.


Five and a half years of conflict in Syria

The presstitutes keep on the false news reporting calling the orchestrated Syrian carnage a 'civil war', when in fact it is a so-called color revolution invasion and coup by mercenaries paid for by Soros, CIA, Mossad, MI6, KSA backing ISIS and the rest of the ME greedies that wanted the pipeline from Qatar,.  Assad canceled it favoring one from Iran. This is similar to the bullshit of Ukraine being invaded by Russia, when the Maidan debacle was paid for by our $5 billion by the cookie monster Nuland and her ex-Trotskyite husband Kagan and Hillary to overthrow a democratically elected leader and inserted their dual citizen carpet baggers, Yats and Porky, because Yanukovych didn't want the EU to rape their wealth. Monsanto is in there someplace also wanting to control the bread basket of Europe with their GMO seeds.


Damn dogs watching too much false news!!


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Another little expression of frustration...

A good read to see where we're headed and where we came from.

Scary, ya?  And this was 2 years ago, where are we now? On the edge. D'ya thinks Trump will stop this?  The answer remains to be seen.

Yup, gotta stop that global warming somehow  Damn, I must be a major source also - hope those money boys don't figure that one out.  Gotta quit re-fried beans at the El Bosque resto...

The damned global warming is freezing the world - or is that global cooling? Dunno, but it made Al Gore a fortune in speaking fees plus all the other investments in that fiasco.

Cows and rice paddies boost methane emissions: study

Can you imagine the smell if 6.5 billion people passed a little fart at the same time? Whew - that's like everyone in NYC flushing the toilet at 4:15 pm. We need to get off this global warming crapolla and deal with the specifics - methane is escaping in the Arctic Circle and has a greater impact on humanity than a few cows letting a fart - what do we do to stop that? Less fracking? Also instruct the Chinese to plow the rice straw into the ground for organic matter instead of burning it.

Paula Broadwell breaks her silence 5 years after the Petraeus affair

Paula was a honey trap set up by the Khazarian Mafia. Now she wants to capitalize on it? Maybe she wasn't paid enough for her act of corrupting an official. This smells like another stain on Trump's administration pick. But there are better people than Patraeus. Ron Paul would probably be the best for Secretary of State!


Democrats call for 9/11-style commission to probe election hacks

Are the democrats losing their mind? Phil Zelikow cooked up that fiasco commission and hid the real perpetrators and they're still walking around in plain site with allotments at the Cayman's and UAE. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush / Clinton Crime Cabal, and Wall Street hustlers are chuckling. Now they may feel a bit threatened by Trump draining the swamp - only problem is, there's not a place big enough to put the excrement.


'We will rebuild': Indonesian president tours quake zone

Slick Willy and GHW Bush visited Aceh when the horrific earthquake happened in 2004. $millions were donated yet Aceh has seen minor if any improvements. Any bets the money went into the Clinton foundation for self serving principles.


Clinton decries rise of fake news in Capitol speech

Maybe the people are not watching ABCNNBCFoxCBSBBC anymore. Time to shut them down and get rid of the CIA sponsored false reporting. Like Casey stated in 1981 "We'll know when our disinformation is complete when everything the American Public believes is false".  Posted a pic of it in last blog.


35 things the media reported as FACTS that were later found to be total lies

As Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once explained: (I think I posted this before - but not the lies)

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

Here are 35 huge lies the mainstream media repeatedly reported as "facts" that we now know to be total lies:

1) Brian Williams: "The helicopter I was riding in got hit with an RPG."

2) President Obama: "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

3) Lance Armstrong: "I never doped."

4) The CDC: "There's no evidence linking vaccines to autism."

5) The NSA: "We aren't spying on the phone calls or emails of U.S. citizens."

6) The U.S. Navy: "No sailors were harmed by Fukushima radiation."

7) The mainstream media: "What Fukushima radiation?"

8) The American Diabetes Association: "Diabetes cannot be reversed; only managed with expensive medication."

10) Government-run schools: "Common Core provides your child with a quality, historically-accurate education."

11) The FCC: "We don't want to really control the internet. We just want to regulate it a little."

12) Big Pharma: "We don't need to charge you exorbitant prices for drugs for our own profits; we only need the money to bring you amazing breakthroughs!" (REALITY: Most drug company R&D money comes from taxpayer dollars funneled through the NIH.)

13) Every news station in America: "Unvaccinated children put vaccinated children at great risk because vaccines work so well they make vaccinated children immune... unless there are unvaccinated children around in which case the unvaccinated children cause the vaccinated children to revert to unvaccinated status which is bad. And that's where measles comes from!"

14) The U.S. Congress: "We can pay off the national debt by slightly reducing the acceleration of the growth of new debt being added to it."

15) The Federal Reserve: "Printing more fiat currency is good for the economy, and inflated stock market valuations prove it!" (Until one day they don't, anyway...)

16) The IRS: "We need your tax revenues to fund the government." (But when banksters need another trillion-dollar bailout, they instantly create the money from nothing.)

17) Monsanto: "Glyphosate is perfectly safe for human consumption and has zero negative impacts on the environment."

18) British Petroleum: "We completely cleaned up the Gulf of Mexico. What dolphins? We thought those were greasy sea otters..."

19) The FDA: "The psychiatric drugging of children helps children become healthier."

20) The American Dental Association: "Mercury is awesome! Especially when we drill it into your mouth."

21) Vaccine manufacturers: "What mercury?"

22) The USDA: "Every GMO crop the biotech industry comes up with is totally safe for open-field planting! No worries!"

23) Every liberal media outlet: "Everything is so screwed up by big government that the only answer is BIGGER government!"

24) Children's hospitals: "We are kidnapping your children and forcing them to undergo chemotherapy because we know better than you do what's good for them."

25) Your local TV news station: "Children's vitamins are dangerous!"

26) That same local TV news station: "But mercury in vaccines makes children healthier!"

27) Your local city: "Dumping fluoride chemicals into the public water supply is just one of the many ways we selflessly serve the humanitarian needs of society."

28) All mainstream doctors over the last 20 years: "Eating cholesterol in foods causes heart disease."

29) Those same doctors: And because cholesterol is so horrible, statin drugs are awesome and help everyone!

30) CNBC: "The rising stock market proves the economy is strong, and it has nothing to do with money printing by the Fed."

31) The White House: "The number of unemployed Americans is falling, just like we promised. See? These numbers prove it..."

32) Mainstream media: "Illegal immigrants carry no disease into U.S. cities, but unvaccinated American children are filthy and dangerous."

33) Every mainstream media newspaper in America: "There is no CDC whistleblower named Dr. William Thompson, and he never confessed to taking part in the fraudulent alteration of data to bury any link between vaccines and autism."

34) NBC News: "When Brian Williams lies to the world, that's okay. But when independent media organizations report the truth, they're crazy!"

35) Every "science" columnist carried by the mainstream media: "Aspartame is totally safe! In fact, it's probably just as safe as vaccines! Maybe even as safe as eating glyphosate or GMOs."


Trump blasts F-35 fighter jet program cost as 'out of control'

As long as the greedies get the money from the poor sheeple, what difference does it make. Typical corporate debacle, gimmee the money...what do you mean, was this dumb plane supposed to work? Bill Gates must have shares in L-M. Windows never worked either and now they want to charge you yearly for their broken system.  Like Alfred E Neuman - "What me worry?"


Obama says US will retaliate against Russian hacking

The puppets really don't want Trump as president - they fabricate just about any lie and the presstitute media puts it in print - time to get rid of the skum in DC - the false news factory!!!

Obama vows ‘action’ against Russia over election hacks

And Obama forgets the 40 some odd destabilizations of governments since the CIA was instituted on behalf of the corporations and bankers. Somehow I don’t believe, if in fact Russia did any cyber attacks, this was to destabilize the US – it was more like a putting it on the correct path for the people instead of for, of, and by the corporations and satanists in control.


Lindsey Graham Says Campaign Account Hacked by Russia

The closet queen Graham will fabricate a horrendous lie, McCain will M-F'kn swear to it then they'll go to Comet for a little hot dog and pizza with the rest of the clan in drag.  How in hell does the people get conned into voting for these moron faggots...


Obama ties election hack to Putin, knocks ‘weaker’ Russia

GHW, Clinton, W, now this idiot has to rank up there with being the worst presidents in history in rapid decline. The first 3 being part of the cabal, and Obama simply an eloquent puppet and handled by Brzezinski.  Woodrow Wilson has to be in this mess also. Sad, the world had to see the demise of the USA by corruption at it's worst ever. Putin puts these guys in competition with the 3 stooges. Hopefully Trump will save us from the (sick) joke of the century.


Friday, December 9, 2016

Just got back from my long journey...with wifey and her hairy friend...must have piled on 4000 miles

I guess I better put a disclaimer on my blog cuz it might be classified as "Hate" or anti-Semitic or something like that...
"Any similarity between what you read here is a fictional account of a demented faux conservative view on current events or something like that...but ch'ya never know...


Had to fight the weather coming from Florida thru western Louisiana and Texas - 18 wheelers flipped across the interstate, cars piled up and traffic backed up for miles and the rain pouring down - didn't see the 9" we were supposed to get but fields were like lakes, either that or crawfish ponds - soon to be in season...


Listened to Jeff Rense podcast with Karen Stewart - whistle blower - of our nice boys at the NSA and their FBI stooges.
Another good one is with Linda Stone


Come to think of it, I believe I sent my daughter an email from China around 2001 or 2 and suggested she learn Chinese - cuz it looks like they'll own the world in 10 years - I blew it by about 5 or 6 years but it's closing down on the banksters...Way...Nee How!!! Gum Bay!!!!


Santa's Sweltering: North Pole Soars 36 Degrees Above Normal

HAARP and chemtrails don't figure into this, do they? The greedies have been trying to manipulate the weather for the past 50 years.  Besides, I don't think I could tell the difference between -78 and -42.  But then have a look at the south pole - where the satanists and aliens meet.  That's chilly to say the least.


KRUGMAN: Trump is going to bring about 'an era of corrupt governance unprecedented in US history'

Another Khazar putting the blame somewhere - when in fact the money junkies are behind every politician - with possibly the exception of Trump. Why they object to him - he can't be bought - Hillary on the other hand has a "for sale" sign on her butt - and a big sign at that!!!


Mitt Romney Is Under ‘Active Consideration’ for Secretary of State

Trumps first mistake - damn, why in hell would he pick this carpet bagger - he'll be as bad, well, maybe not as bad as Hillary - Bain Capital will be laundering drug money from everywhere - head office in Havana Cuba - but they've been doin' that for a number of years - Castro - have Moloch bless his soul - was probably on the take too.


Yup, looks like they're all ganging up on TrumpStein's a Jew or maybe not by DNA but from the same part of NW Mongolia or is that SW Ukraine , maybe Georgia - should check for dual citizenship and it looks like her green party has taken some under the table assistance but that's typical in politiks - Trumps' one big problem is his son-in-law Kushner - damn - that names sounds familiar(!) - he's a f'n Jew too, with ties to Likudniks in Israel - this could be serious problem.  So much for draining the swamp...just adding more stinky shit pollution to it...the smell is rancid.


Future of Clinton Foundation in jeopardy after election

Why Hillary the dyke and slick Willy transferred $1.8 billion to Qatar - undoubtedly they're gonna do some real charity work someplace, oh, and Qatar doesn't extradite criminals with piles of money in their banks.


This is how it goes - the CIA is an international spy org, not national or domestic - the FBI and NSA, other illegal organization, like the FED, is supposed to do that, makes you wonder why they tell so many lies and disinformation to dupe the sheeple?
Maybe the Biden's trip to Antarctica on election day to meet the worlds' satanists and aliens indicates they just might believe they're in real trouble????
Damn, when I did a search on this site, the computer was jerking, sputtering and jumping - d'ya thinks I am being tracked by the secret society goons???  The disclaimer will save my ass...


Pope gives priests permanent right to pardon abortion

Yeah, what the hell, he even blesses our government for killing millions of people over the years for profit!! Even gives Bill Gates a pat on the back for his vaccines shipped to Africa to depopulate the world and blesses Monsanto for Round Up and GMO food killing more. Hallelujah - praise Moloch...
Image result for moloch
Come to think of it, in the bible, early civilizations, if you call it that, would sacrifice their first born to some sort of god - but then later changed the sacrificial being to sheep, one in the same in modern society...

The Bohemian Grove party boys...
Image result for bohemian grove moloch

And these creeps want to rule the world - Like Dragnet 1987, Sargent Joe Friday and the P.A.G.A.N. (People Against Goodness And Normalcy) But here Molech is an owl - not Moloch the half-cow

Gotta high five Michael Rivero on this one -

"The reason for the Holocaust hoax is simple. The world had just united against Nazi Germany on the principle that one nation does not have the right to march into another nation and steal it for their own. But the founders of Israel proposed to do just that, march into Palestine and take it for their own. They needed a propaganda device so powerful it would trick the world into allowing Israel to do to Palestine exactly what Nazi Germany had been prevented from doing to France, Poland, etc. And that propaganda remains one of the most fiercely protected secrets of modern times, enforced by laws in many nations.
And that in and of itself betrays the lie, for truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Truth withstands re-examination. Truth survives questions. Throughout history, from Galileo to Zundel, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma." -- Mike Rivero


Listened to Jeff Rense podcast with Karen Stewart - whistle blower - about our nice boys at the NSA and their FBI stooges.
Another good one is the podcast with Linda Stone

Future of Clinton Foundation in jeopardy after election

Why Hillary the dyke and slick Willy transferred $1.8 billion to Qatar - Qatar doesn't extradite criminals with piles of money in their banks.


3 States That May Legalize Medical Marijuana Next

This medical marijuana must be a pain in the ass for big can grow this shit in your back yard for practically nothing and it has considerable health benefits - let alone making the world look rosy when it's a pile of satanic assassins and pedophiles raping the people of the world of their dignity and well being...


Monday, November 21, 2016

Damn, this will be over before you can blink an eye!

And I don't mean to keep on bringing up Pizzagate...

Gotta get ready for the trip to the frozen north - so much for climate change....


A little more on Comet Ping Pong - it was noted on Wikileaks that Obama threw a party at the White House and spent $65,000 of our tax dollar on imported hotdogs and pizza from Chicago.  This is about as sick as you can get and these assholes are preaching democracy and forcing this twisted ideology throughout the world by our military...and we pay for it... well ... sort of ... our tax dollar goes straight into the Federal Reserve and not into the government financial coffers to pay for bills...and these assholes charge us interest when they buy the bonds with absolutely nothing printed on the counterfeit press...guillotine...guillotine - where's Madam Defarge when you need her...

This also points to the Franklin Scandal with Reagan and Bush in the White House and Lawrence King was importing the boys from Denver boys club to stay over nite and the pedophiles would have their treats...throw in Seville - the white haired creep in London with British politicians engaging in pedophilia... Hastert - old speaker of the house...G W Bush and his nancy boys... Epstein and Slick Willy on the Lolita Express...  the Brown Palace in Denver...Sandusky... Bohemian Grove in California plus devil only knows how many other pits of evil that control the government...anybody starting to connect the dots?

And more into the codes of the pedo's...


Clinton 'Heartbroken' Over Election, Says FBI Letter Was Turning Point

Oh well, Hillary and gang, including the Podesta's, escorted by Comey and FBI agents, will all go to Comet Ping Pong in their sad state and carve up a little pizza or hot dog with the lunatic Marina Abramovic cooking a little spirit on the side and staining the walls.


Russia wins the Syrian war; New World Order agents are becoming obsolete

We have some real sick muther fuckers in power lurking behind the scenes and distract the sheeple with mobile phone games. Satanists? Secret Cults and Societies? And these piles of excrement think they will control the world. The next war coming up will destroy civilization or whatever you call it since when you turn around and look at how we’ve evolved, we’re really not civilized.  The creeps will be hiding in their underground bunkers in Denver or New Zealand while the rest of the world will be annihilated, then, after the radiation clears, they’ll come out and rule the pile of rubble…and eat GMO food laced with glyphosate, butcher the 6 legged animals for the backyard BBQ and Bill Gates and Ted Turner along with the Satanists will be playing ping pong at Comet and having some hotdogs and pizza.

I posted this on Veterans Today - and they didn't print it - I wonder why?  Maybe the disinfo crew won't let it out?


Comparisons with Trump 'obvious' to Berlusconi

Nothing like a little bunga bunga to get things rolling at the white house warming party. Maybe Obama can send some hot dogs and pizza from Chicago to liven things up.  But don't drop your hankie.


'Abhorrent' Bagram attack won't change US policy: Kerry

"underscores what we are all fighting for... stability, peace and the ability for people to live with tolerance and different points of view" - Awww Come on - are you kidding us? The reason for the US military in Afghanistan is to keep the poppies growing and fuel the banksters money launderers with cash and conduct false flag operations around the world.


Just a thought -
Here's another view of the latest electoral college upcoming event in selecting Trump as president that's been bouncing around in the thought process, especially when you have to remember, deception is the art of war by the Khazars.  This could have been orchestrated by the neo-cons and greedy Satanists to present Hillary as an absolutely despicable candidate (which she is) and paint Trump as the savior of the people (which he ain't). His campaign was based on what the people wanted to hear (other than pussy grabbing) - audit the Fed, stop the wars driving us into an insurmountable debt to the Khazarian Mafia, bring back the jobs the corporations have funneled to 3rd world countries at 1% of the cost of labor to raise corporate profits.  Russia and China are at odds with these heinous policies and putting Trump in there will ease the potential of an all out war that nobody in the world wants.  He could also be manipulated due to his lack of knowledge of the intricacies the shadow government in power wields, and lead him by deception to enrich the banksters.  Whether he (Trump) was/is aware of the cloak and dagger methods of the Judas Goats remains to be seen - lets hope the first impression of his election is the path to healing the corrupt nation we live in – Fulford was painting this message from the White Dragon Society that Trump or even Hillary, if you can imagine, would be the change in direction the world should be headed – but methinks there is more to it than that - we'll find out sooner or later, most probably after January 20, 2017.  Maybe after that, they'll go and have a little Comet ping pong...

Posted this on VT also, they only printed half and that didn't make any sense - like the entire passage, I suppose.


'Make love, not CO2', climate protesters demand

Instead of wasting $trillions on annihilating the human race, why not take this money and plant more trees, irrigate deserts like Gaddafi did and develop efficient desalination equipment instead of F-35's that can't fly. Then take a fraction of war money and improve the world's education and scrap Common Core, then go to DC and Wall Street and start the war on stupidity and "Drain the Swamp".  The drain job should be first on the list.


Is it legal to maintain sanctuary cities?

Holy Shit - DC has been a sanctuary for neocons and corrupt criminals since before the JFK assassination and goes back to 1913. That should be illegal!! Build a wall around it and feed them GMO food.


Trump set to roll back Obama policies on energy, environment

Come to think of it, I haven't seen many chemtrails in the past couple of days or so. Maybe he'll stop that pollution too.


Jon Stewart Closes ‘Full Frontal’ To Address Media Who Blame Him For Donald Trump Presidency

It's not the Jews - the real Semites, it's the Khazarian Mafia who is to blame of all the nations problems, wars, genocide and mass murder including raping the world of it's assets - hopefully Trump will try to solve that problem and free the world from the corrupt evil banksters.


Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish Turn Up in New York Bay, State Environmental Officials Launch Investigation

Glyphosate has leaked into the water from Monsanto's method of profiteering - either that or Hillary went for a swim and didn't have her rubber pant suit on.


U.S. Senate leader says Iran sanctions renewal will pass

The idiots in government who are puppets for the money junkies should BDS Israel, the main catalyst for all the ME carnage!! Then arrest the assholes in the US of A, Wall Street and City of London that sponsor this and seize their wealth and distribute it to the countries they've pillaged and put the rest in our treasury to pay for the damage to our economy.



Makes you wonder when Trump will go after these perpetrators, that's if they're still alive - Rockefeller has had 6 heart transplants, so he is, shoot him first, then go after the demented GHW and the banksters and criminal secret societies, then the corrupt politicians - whew - the list is endless.  Who knows when you finish with all the bad guys, we may succeed at Agenda 21 and a half, population control. Bill and Ted would be happy, but they're on the list too.


If Trump does these ten things he’ll be the greatest president ever

  1. Expose the truth about 9/11, which is that it was a neocon coup designed to unleash Islamophobia to benefit Israel.
  2. Reinstate the Constitution by repealing all post-9/11 police state legislation and pushing through draconian restrictions on all forms of spying, search and seizure, etc.
  3. Push through Steele’s Election Reform Act, ending the corrupt two-party duopoly.
  4. Close down US military bases worldwide and return to a defend-the-borders posture.
  5. Use the savings to rebuild America’s infrastructure.
  6. Force big corporations to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US. (If he leaves office in 2024 with the percentage of made-in-USA stuff equivalent to what it was in, say, 1970, he will have succeeded.)
  7. End the Fed and print honest, Constitutional currency.
  8. Pass and enforce real anti-trust legislation so there can be no more monopolies or collusive trade practices, period.
  9. Push through the Constitutional amendment that would be needed to end private funding of political campaigns by the rich and special interests.
  10. Bust up big media into thousands of much smaller pieces, and use antitrust laws to keep them small.

The list of 10 is great and has also been stated by Trump in some of his speeches during his campaign, however not necessarily in order of importance. He added a few more, but the what will actually happen will be anybody’s guess and the rumors of potential assassination floating around will be a factor. The future will also tell if he is a liar as big as Hillary – but not a chance she does win the award!


Darwin and his statements!

“[If we] do not prevent the reckless, the vicious and otherwise inferior members of society from increasing at a quicker rate than the better class of men, the nation will retrograde, as has occurred too often in the history of the world.”

You have to admit, Darwin was correct in his statement "the reckless, the vicious and otherwise inferior members of society" unfortunately are succeeding - they are the bankers.  Aristotle and Plato and other great philosophers and their followers of course were not in this group - the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are!!! and this is where we are today - a nation in retrograde.