Sunday, February 21, 2016

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In 1963, the Top Federal Income Tax Rate was 91% for regular income and 25% for capital gains In 1967, the Top Federal Income Tax Rate was 70% for regular income and 25% for capital gains They dropped the tax rate 21% after the elite shot Kennedy.
Guess what – Israel pays 3.5% on income for the rich – they get the money free from the US. And another item, gold was $18.92 in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was illegally enacted. Now it’s around $1225. This means the dollar is worth approximately 1.5% of what it was in 1913. Makes you wonder how much it will be worth in 2017(?) The countries whose central banks weren’t controlled by the Khazarian Mafia in 2000 were – Afghanistan – Iraq – Sudan – Libya plus Iran, N. Korea and Cuba. Guess where the wars were(?) yup – now the banks are controlled by the KM. The next on the list of wars are Iran, N. Korea and Cuba. They’re making a deal with Cuba as we speak, Iran is on the KM’s list of conquer and destroy, and N. Korea – there’s not much money there so fuck ‘em and Israel already has the money for the nuclear weapons they sent there after they stole 350 W-54 pits from Pantex, Texas. Incidentally, the Able Danger crew that investigated this just happened to be called to the Pentagon for a meeting on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately they were killed when that giant 767 plowed into the Pentagon and left a 10’ diameter hole.
The Americans and the Federal Reserve. Back in the 40’s and 50’s people worked and made enough income to support their families, purchase houses at a reasonable price, own a car, wife stayed at home and looked after the kids and cooked a turkey in the oven on Sundays and they all go to the ball game. As business expanded and profits rose, corporate hegemony slowly stripped the worker of his critical thinking by subverting education, sending manufacturing of necessary goods offshore, cut the tariffs and import duties on free trade for profit by buying and corrupting the politicians. The poor schmuck, having a mortgage on an overpriced home being qualified for with no down payment, loses it all. Meanwhile Countrywide - Mozilo running to Wall Street with pockets full of counterfeit cash based on toxic loans! The elite primates made fortunes and bailouts from the dumbed down taxpayer and the Fed printed more money out of nothing. With Quantitative Easing – a misnomer for fucking the people – this bailed out the criminal carpet baggers and the people were caught in the flush. We continue to have wars to take the sheeple’s minds off of their misery, and again filling the pockets of the criminal Rothschild/Rockefeller Khazarian Mafia. These pedophile Luciferians lounging in a sauna at the Bohemian Grove, being massaged by little boys and girls, are chuckling to themselves and plotting where they’ll go next. ********************
Comments on Jonas Alexis article about David Duke not coming up with logical conclusions
1. Jonas, I enjoy your articles and your comment on Duke has a good grasp on Zionism and the West being bamboozled about “Jewish supremacy”, but doesn’t follow up the statement that the Jews are genetically altered humans and their behavior is logically incoherent. I have to agree about the genetically altered schmucks, but incoherent behavior is culturally exposed to the masses and surely the Jews recognize this and should govern their actions in accordance with accepted practice in society as we know it. However, with the media, financial and entertainment industry controlled by the Chosen, they conduct their behavior under cloak and dagger.
2. Darwin’s case of evolution does have a few gaps and the Missing Link is the key one. When you read books by Willis Carto “The Revenge of the Neanderthals”, this does appear to connect monkeys with humans and in the case of the recent discovery of the Homo naledi. (This was discovered in S. Africa – not the Garden of Eden) This brings up the point that we can conclude that the Jews are not fully developed yet and their DNA doesn’t allow them to blend into society as we know it and probably the reason why they associate in small groups instead of mixing with the Goyim. History has noted they have infiltrated the secret societies and Luciferians and do drag in some influential goys (and politicians) and lure them with sex, money and drugs.
3. Darwin also summarizes that the “Fittest will survive”. The caveman with the biggest club rules the rest. The Jews, being a minority, have been confronted with this since walking on their hind legs and have recognized this, and being beaten on the head for millenniums, have developed the genetically modified DNA to adapt and learn how to control the actions and become the beater by deception and have their Goyim slaves risking life and limb and do the beating for them. 4. I believe it goes much deeper than that, but for now I’ll stick with this thought and make a tee time.

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