Sunday, December 25, 2016

Twas the night before Xmas and not a creature was stirring - not even a cockroach - we had the house sprayed last week

And the comments are superfluous - Trump won!!  Let's see how he drains the swamp - hopefully he won't trade them out for more slithering flesh eaters. 
What he needs is a bovine excrement detector - the only problem is, in DC the bells will be ringing until he turns deaf...

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This will spook you for sure. But then again, he threw in freemasonry and that sort of spells the game.

And another one - good to review and make up your own mind...

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And another little film about the greedies...never thought this would have been put out by Hollywood - maybe they better get fitted for a body bag soon...



Why Giuliani wasn't chosen... - he could give Lindsey Graham a run for the money...


Obama points finger at Putin for hacks during U.S. election

Obama and his partners in crime the Clintons and Bushes are on the same path of WMD. "Yup, Putin did it, let's start another war, kill a few million people and satisfy Gates and Turner's eugenics along with enriching the military industrial complex and Rothschilds and Rockefellers banks - think of all the good we'll do." These Assholes, and that's with a capital "A", need to be chased down the street and lynched - like Bush stated to Sarah McClendon after she questioned the Iran - Contra fiasco along with feeding our children crack to enrich the greedies.


White House criticizes Duterte’s ‘deeply troubling’ vigilantism comments

Maybe Obama can lend Duterte a few drones to assassinate the possible drug dealers, oh and without a warrant or act of congress. This is the new "Murder Incorporated" - he's killed more than Lepke could ever hope to. This also satisfies the Likudnik's drive for getting rid of their competition.


Obama warns Russia on hacking: ‘We can do stuff to you’

Obama should just STFU (that's shut the fuck up in case you all forgot), he is sounding more stupid as the time goes by, either that or he's conditioning the sheeple for a gross heinous act to steal the election from Trump and install the devil in a pant suit.  These puppets just never give up, and their puppet masters keep pulling the strings.


WikiLeaks offers to 'authenticate' US intelligence on Russia's involvement in election hacking

Wikileaks needs access to material? They just can't get the info themselves from their shills? Hmph, looks like Assange is making a deal to get the hell out of the Ecuadorian embassy. He's already fitted for the body bag.


James Woolsey: There is 'Building Consensus' That Russia Was Behind Election Hack

Consensus...that sort of means they have a bunch of schmucks sitting around a ping pong table saying - "Hmmm...who can we blame for our fuckin' loss in the elections - yup the Russians hacked the election - yeah - I agree - me too - Oy vey - lets let ABCNNBCBBCFOX know so they can get the people backing our dumb ass decision. Then we won't let Trump become president cuz he will put us in jail for all the screw ups we've done in the past 100 years."


Witness to an assassination: AP photographer captures attack

Was Spielberg directing this ridiculous false flag? The greedies will stop at nothing to cause WWIII. Pathetic bunch of losers and costing people's lives!!! At least Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing - no one was killed, except for one of the Tsnarnaev bros. and his buddy,  but the propaganda goes on!!! Yup, fill the Khazars coffers.


Trump's commitment to infrastructure vow is being questioned

He probably knows the financial world is set for a collapse, why the FED has been propping it up when there is no logical reason for the market to be up where it is, other than the fact the dollar is now worthless from when the Fed was enacted by the Khazars in 1913 and in those factors the Dow should be around 200. He'll have his hands full when it tanks - first he needs to orchestrate the Iceland protocol - abolish the criminal banks and scrap the loans from money printed out of thin air - it costs more to print a dollar than it is worth. Then line the bankers up and shoot 'em - that's the Khazarian Mafia - Rothschilds, Rockefellers and cronies.


Did Bolton’s mustache disqualify him from consideration for Trump’s secretary of state?

It's not his mustache - it's his demented f'k'n Khazar brain - this guy is an idiot and promotes foreign policy for the benefit of Israel not the US of A.


Five and a half years of conflict in Syria

The presstitutes keep on the false news reporting calling the orchestrated Syrian carnage a 'civil war', when in fact it is a so-called color revolution invasion and coup by mercenaries paid for by Soros, CIA, Mossad, MI6, KSA backing ISIS and the rest of the ME greedies that wanted the pipeline from Qatar,.  Assad canceled it favoring one from Iran. This is similar to the bullshit of Ukraine being invaded by Russia, when the Maidan debacle was paid for by our $5 billion by the cookie monster Nuland and her ex-Trotskyite husband Kagan and Hillary to overthrow a democratically elected leader and inserted their dual citizen carpet baggers, Yats and Porky, because Yanukovych didn't want the EU to rape their wealth. Monsanto is in there someplace also wanting to control the bread basket of Europe with their GMO seeds.


Damn dogs watching too much false news!!


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