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Well, the day after Xmas and nothin’ stirred, not even a mouse…and al Jazeera doesn’t make any reference to the ‘Tiger’ saga…I suppose it’s not that important…

Anyways…another story in Izziland…the moratorium on illegal settlements by Israel…well…in one breath they say “Stop the building we need to satisfy our critics and benefactors and promote the illusion of peace”, in the next breath, they say to the bulldozer operator, “here’s some $ go knock over that raghead’s house to make room for the new condo construction” (the next payment is due from the dumb-ass American tax payer) …and even more shit about the Izzis – Obama says the Izzis are getting’ sirius about attacking Iran, (how does he know that?) or was that a threat to the Chinks to enforce the sanctions on Iran and stop buying their oil, besides we’s gonna start shipping more from Irak and its cheaper to ship to China instead of Houston and we can make more money…hmph – are we stupid or what??? But, here we go – Didjya hear the flush? D’ya thinks all the sorry statements from western politikians is a prelude to pushin’ the Izzis to attack Iran? I mean whaddaya think all that oil is worth? Is it worth another 4000 of our boys and girls lives??? AhmaDJ is sittin’ on the second or third largest oil reserves in the world…the back room oil boyz are lip smackin’ and wringin’ their hands with glee… Lockheed and Boeing have started the third shift…stock pile those DIME bombs…Armageddon…

And they finally did it…and passed the new improved national health care system…well, the first vote go around…that ain’t worth a shit being structured after Enron accounting…they’ve preserved the high cost of medical institutions, the high cost of pharmaceuticals, the high cost of medical and malpractice insurance, so far Medicare status is quo… but there wasn’t a helluva lot spent there in the first place… besides, lotsa providers, hospitals and doctors and drug companies don’t like Medicare cuz they discount the MSRP more than the insurance company bandits…”MSRP” – that’s Medically Suggested Retail Price… but Obama praised the passing…makes ya wonder why? Well, at least he did something.

One of the major stumbling blocks of the new improved, updated, revised 286 times, comprehensive health care bill is the use of federal money on abortions…well, I don’t see anything wrong with payin’ for abortions, that’s the same as congress approving tax dollars for the research, development and manufacture of destructive weapons, nuclear, DIME and phosphorous bombs and givin’ them to the Izzis to experiment with…these kill not only children, born and unborn, but also their mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers, dogs, cats and birds… but, hallelujah…there’s huge $profits in bombs, not much cash in aborted fetuses flushed down the toilet…oh, and think of the money saved in welfare support let alone projected subsidized health care!

And after all the stalling…here’s what they say about Joe Lieberman’s campaign contributors:
The Connecticut senator has raised about $49 million overall, including millions from financial firms, (investment bankers on Wall Street mainly Goldman Sachs) lawyers, real estate interests and pro-Israeli groups. (AIPAC) and health professionals and the insurance industry have contributed more than $2.1 million to his campaigns.
Guess whose side this scumbag is on…and it ain’t yours and mine…
Here’s an interesting article in the Washington post about the health care proposal.
Who the hell are we kidding…what can we do about this uncommon thievery???

Heh, heh, Madoff was taken to the prison hospital yesterday, there you go, the only people that get free health care are prisoners and politicians…one in the same…

Coupla good sites and these sort of tell it like it is. The ‘wide awake’ site has obvious religious references but deals with subject matter that takes a direct view of the bullshit we’re being fed via the media, irregardless of religion and the Turkish news site deals with Middle East events that amazingly supports the Goldstone report and are more accurate as to what’s goin’ on there than what our Izzi controlled media displays over here.

Another good article… the Izzis harvested organs from dead people without anybody’s permission during the Gaza holocaust…(hadta resemble a meat market assembly line with the 1400 involuntary donors) I suppose they musta took the crash course at Josef Mengele Angel of Death’s school of Ethics and that was right after they took the “hypocritical oath”…makes ya wonder if they experimented with stuff like he did…or did they at least wait until the patient died…ol’ Joe didn’t… but this ‘organ’ sale was the result of the military’s experimental tests with the phosphorous and dime bombs as listed in Goldstone’s report…but of course the Izzis’ are complaining about it and simply scream ‘holocaust’ and the report was...’anti-Semitism’! And Goldstone’s a Zionist Heeb…
Yet the UN is considering pressing charges of crimes against humanity on the leader of Guinea for killing 100 people during a demonstration in September…but the British foreign secretary has apologized to Tipzi on the warrant for her arrest for crimes against humanity for killing 1400 people in Gaza…I suppose one’s a crime and the other ain’t? Depends on who pays off who? The Guineas don’t gotta GIPAC either!!!

Goddam, GM has hired the CFO from Microsoft…can you imagine, soon all new Caddies won’t be able to shift into second and when you contact GM warrantee division, they’ll send you excuses that it ain’t their problem until they can figure out a patch to make it shift properly…but that’s only after 10,000 customers complain…until then, you just chug up and down the potholes at 15 mph in reverse…in your $70,000 car.

Yemen al Qaeda fighters say they’s gonna fight all God’s enemies…hmmm…wait a minute…who created who and why would He create an enemy? Maybe it’s to keep everyone on their toes? Bush labeled some countries the ‘Axis of Evil’ including Iraq but didn’t mention Yemen… Do we still get oil from Yemen? If we do then that’s ok, they’s good ol’ boyz…

Chavez is having a tough time with Columbia…he’s complainin’ the US has access to 7 military basis to conduct the ‘war on drugs’…but the CIA makes money from the dope business in Afghaniland, they probably gots their fingers in Columbian ‘coke’ sales too – something like the ‘Iran-Contra affair’ – was Venezuela mixed up in that too??? – Here’s how it worked way back when.
Major players at that time:
– USA: the moron Reagan (labeled the ‘Teflon President’) was masked as the leader of his goon squad staff but the “affair” was basically orchestrated by Casper Weinberger (Izzi) and Oliver North took the fall.
– Sandinistas (Contras): a buncha dumb shits backed by US to overthrow the commie run gov’t
– Nicaragua: the commie run country – major export was bananas – any oil??? – Oops sorry, they had a buncha ‘black gold’ offshore – the real reason for the “affair”!!!
– Israel: the middle man – makin money by brokering weapons supplied by CIA and disguising the source of weapons traded to an undesirable country – the CIA made a buncha money on this deal too and some of the profits went to fund the Contras.
– Iran: the country that the illegal weapons were sold to, in the middle of the Iran / Iraq war…and the US was backing Saddam during this skirmish also sending weapons to Iran???…damn – what a tangled mess that was! Musta had CIA and Irgun operatives stumbling all over themselves
– Lebanon – the buncha rag-a-muffin shithead terrorists that eventually evolved to Hezbollah who held some hostages that Iran was supposed to convince to let go.
– Brunei – the $ brown bag financiers
– And a bunch minor players too numerous to mention here…but a good example of our dishonest and corrupt leadership with limited intelligence at the time! They ain’t gettin’ any smarter either!
Do we have the same thing going on now with the Middle East ‘gold mine’? Floatin’ in a ocean of black gold!!! Yup…axis of evil…WMD…terrorism…you name it, it’s there…I’ll get into the major players later…

It says here in Pakiland…
"Taliban and their local allies are responsible for destroying educational institutions (in one case a girls school) to avenge the military operation against their hideouts in the area."
I suppose they wanna keep all their constituents dumber than shit so nobody will figure out what they’re up to. It goes on to say, this Khyber area – the lawless tribal belt between Pakiland and Afghaniland – is about the most dangerous place on earth…well…next to Washington DC and Tel Aviv!

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