Sunday, December 20, 2009


Tiger’s continuing problems are getting worse…one sponsor has already dropped him and he’ll lose around $ 8 million / yr income, but one good thing is, it’s been rumored one of the latest ED companies KMS Corp – acronym for “Keep’m Stiff” is preparing to launch a new commercial with Tiger’s picture, stating that if you take this little ‘purple’ pill, instead of a 36 hour boner enhancer, you can satisfy a minimum of 4 women every day for a period of at least 30 days…with just one pill…but I understand it costs $ 10,000 for each pill… The market would be limited to professional athletes, movie stars, Wall Street Bankers, health care CEO’s and politicians…but their sales forecast is in the $Billions…
Now it looks like he’s gettin’ a divorce…he can play all he wants to now…but he also messed around on his mistress too…oops, I shoulda said ‘mistresses’…but everybody should give the poor guy a break…. Heh, heh…with all those girls, maybe should call him Tiger “Woodie”…

We gots a real dumb shit of a general in Afghaniland…McChrystal???...he says the Talibaners are gonna lose the war. Russia, right next door with an arsenal of monumental proportions couldn’t beat ‘em, but then the ‘baners had a little US assistance, sheeeit, even Rambo was there…I saw the movie…makes ya kinda wonder who’s helping them now, but throughout history, nobody’s ever really beaten them – even Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan…they just hide in the hills then come back when your gone… somethin’ like what bin Laden is doin’…but war was a little cheaper then than it is now…

Ya know, I’ve been workin’ on the new religion D’boogerism and need a little help. The following is a few guidelines I’ve come up with so far and it’s not as sophisticated as Hebert’ism. Please add or subtract as you see fit, but use tracking () and only if it is approved by the congregation…we’s democratic, you see…
D’BOOGERISM…a w’holy’ venture into living the life and discovering the realities of existence and immortality before, during and after life. (Did I say that right?)

• Objectives
o Get all you can out of life with the least amount of time and money invested
o Live your life to the fullest with maximum pleasure and minimum pain. (Epicureanism is in here someplace too)
o Improve your game so when you tee off, everybody screams “OOOOoooo… AAAAaaaa!!!”
o When it’s time to meet the maker, stick in your thumb, pull out a plum and say “What good boy am I”…or was…besides, by that time you won’t know why you’re doin’ it…

• Rules (something like commandments)
o Love thy neighbor but only if they’re the opposite sex, well, unless you’re a little limp wristed. Oh and don’t get caught (like Tiger)!
o Do unto others then boogie…
o No altar boys are permitted – only alter girls and they gotta be over 18! Well, I suppose we can have altar boys for the lady ‘believers’…and the girls don’t hafta look like Serena Williams…took a good peek at her nude pics…nice butt!…and they gotta be able to open a beer bottle without using their hands and find lost balls…oh and own a golf cart…
o Only take a mulligan or foot wedge if nobody is looking, or if they agree and don’t mark it on the score card!
o Straighten your left elbow, slightly bend your knees, keep your head behind the ball and look out for those trees.
o Only use Titleist ProV1X or Taylormade TP Red. Oh and forged muscle backs!
o Make sure you squander all your money, cuz the kids and surviving mate don’t need it, besides you won’t give a shit pushin’ up daisies!

• Responsibility
o Not much of that stuff here, but being responsible to youself is the main objective. Everybody else don’t really matter a tinkers damn, unless they play golf in your foursome on a regular basis and tolerate your stupid behavior and think it’s funny.

• Rewards
o Your handicap will come down
o You’ll never ever shank a ball
o You really won’t give a shit that everybody thinks you’re an asshole.
o Pass the Plate, put all your money in there and I’ll guarantee you’ll go to heaven or you get 3 times your money back!

That’s a start…I’d appreciate your input…

There are approximately 112 million families in the US at an average of 2.6 people per family. When you consider the cost of health care that’s inflated to a ridiculous degree and probably listed as the “MSRP” privately within the industry, the providers – doctors, hospitals, clinics only collect roughly 10% - 15% of what they list as “MSRP” (and they still make a horrendous profit). These bloated costs the ignorant masses are terrorized into believing are ‘real costs’ consequently pushes them in favor of canceling the national health care bill. This bill of $1.2 trillion over the next what, 10 years (?) In reality considering the 10% discounts given from health care providers to the insurance industry, it would be only $120 billion or $12 billion a year and amounts to $107 per family per year. That’s nothing!!! Golf balls cost more than that!
Currently, the insurance cost per family is approximately $12,000 per year and this doesn’t include all the deductibles and malpractice insurance, but in reality, also considering discounts, it should be $ 1,200 to $1,500 per year or $100 - $125 per month. This is affordable even on retirement income and if this was included in an expanded Medicare for everybody, it would be even cheaper!!!
Stated in previous Debuggers, this asshole Joe Lieberman threatening to vote against the bill, that’s a sorry mess to begin with, but ongoing protection of big bidness. He musta got word from his campaign contributors sayin’ if he votes for the public option and expansion of Medicare, all his money will stop… whaddaya think he’s gonna vote on – any bets it’ll be on the side of big bidness??? Yeah what the hell…Fuck those stupid voters!…he should be shot just on general principle…
But when you stop and think of it, why in hell does congress wanna stop national health care when it’s the only decent thing they’ll ever do while in politiks besides, these congressmen get free medical insurance anyways with no deductibles or co-pays…but the cocksuckers passed another defense bill for $ 636 billion…zip – slicker ‘n shit… no debates, problems or filibuster either… probably cuz Boeing and Lockheed and Smith and Wesson posted a lower profit statement this year…and they don’t wanna get accused of havin’ another bailout… yeah, what the hell…all they get from voters is votes, and they get cash money from bidness…I don’t see any corruption here, do you?

And Time Magazine named Bernanke ‘Person of the Year’…probably Time also musta gotta share in some of the TARP stuff too… Time is run by another Izzi anyways, they all stick together…says right here in the ‘protocol’!

D’ya notice a trend in the news? “Kuwaiti PM Cleared of Corruption”…”Olmert being tried for Corruption” … “Afghan ministers cleared of corruption’…“US backed Most Corrupt Person in history dies – Suharto” …”Paki Prime Minister cleared of graft”…”Mubarak” - same…”Lieberman” - same…”Abu Dhabi – Sheik corruption trials” - same…”Karzai defends his corrupt cabinet” - same…”Maliki” - same…”Livni” - same… And they’s our allies? Any bets if we had XOM, BP and Shell doin’ bidness in Iran, ol’ AhmaDJ and the Ayatollah would be our bosom buddies too? And it don’t look like we’s ain’t gonna get any kind of beneficial health care any time in the next millennium… now that wouldn’t be on account of our corrupt congressmen would it? This corruption is a plague…worse than the pig flu…
And another “Swiss bank, ‘Credit Suisse’ fined over Iran ties”. These guys were fined $536 million for violating US sanctions to Iran…hmmm…makes ya kinda wonder where this fine money goes. Do the US get to keep it? This sanction shit is pretty profitable, ya? D’ya thinks it’ll go into national health care, or finance more CIA clandestine activities…it’s pretty sorry when you think that our government places sanctions on countries that don’t agree with our policies of basically not letting our big business and oil company boyz in there to exploit their natural resources…the nuclear shit is just a screen… only one motive here…Greed, ya?

And now anybody can ‘hack’ into the drones video surveillance…a $ 4.5 million vehicle, 600 of the damn things and all you need is $ 25 worth of software. With a $2.7 billion investment, you’d think we’d have something a little tougher to hack into than that, ya? And Intel is accused of bullying competition and monopolistic practice… But what the hell, maybe this is Obama’s method of employing people, “make more drones”, who gives a shit if they work or not, something like investment bankers…

And the dumb shit Monika is back, sayin’ Billie lied about their sneakin’ around the White House hallways…and where was the surveillance cameras that shoulda caught how the shot spots on her dress got there???

The Brit arrest warrant for ol’ Tipzi Linvi has been withdrawn with some asshole sayin’ we ain’t no banana republic and says they’s gonna change their laws against war crimes even tho’ there is international laws that render illegal Israel’s conduct during the Gaza holocaust… they took back their warrant even tho’ the judge had compelling evidence and the assholes claimed this was a ‘witch’ hunt…witch is right ever get a good look at her?... but I suppose since we here in the US of A let Izzi spies off due to extensive lobbying of AIPAC and Izzi congressmen(women), the Brit’s can do the same…do they have a BIPAC? Gotta Google that one…

Heh, heh, just got look at the most viewed stories…Sex toy business is sky rocketing…Wow…a $22 billion dollar a year bidness…probably don’t pay health care for the workers…but the down side is, with all the batteries they use, this is causing a toxic waste crisis…makes ya kinda wonder what’s more toxic, the batteries or the ‘dirty’ rubber dick???

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