Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here's another one!!!

Hmph…28 deg Friday nite in downtown Houston and snow on the ground…so much for global warming …thank goodness for seat warmers…!!!

Looks like I gotta send these out once a week…just too much stuff goin’ on…

Here we go again, and again and again…more ‘holocaust’ shit… Demjanjuk’s trial has started already… that shit happened over 65 years ago and he was simply doin’ what he was ordered to or be shot…those bastards just don’t wanna let it go and since this is the last trial, they’s gonna make it last for a long time.… and keep on stirrin’ up sympathy to put a smoke screen over the Goldstone report along with getting all that free money…you’d wonder when the bastards that committed war crimes in Gaza will be brought to trial…maybe 2075? Don’tchya think we should try for 2010 and get it over with… if nothin’ happens, the Palestinians will no doubt keep on tossing this up in everybody’s faces for the next 65 years and get free money, F-16’s or 17’s, nuclear bombs, DIME s…but they probably don’t have a lobbying group APPAC in DC yet and we couldn’t afford both AIPAC and APPAC!!

Besides, Ol’ Demjanjuk was too sick to “stand trial” the other day, he couldn’t even “lay down trial”…they better get some really good doctors lookin’ after him cuz this trial has gotta last at least 10 years for the Izzis to get the most sympathy, collect all the free money, witnesses cryin’ their eyes out on account of what some dumb guard was ordered to do over half century ago! …They’ll make him look worse than Hitler ever hoped to be…any bets???

Tiger’s still keeping his silence too…it’s a personal matter he says…tell that to National Enquirer…

Jazmine Sullivan. Yup, the pop princess prophesied this mess in her 2008 song "Bust Your Windows" about a woman who seeks revenge on her cheating lover by breaking his car windows.

Ya’ll saw the T Woods Xmas Card – heh, heh. He looks more like a hockey player…

But what’s her name ’Rachel Ukitblah-blah’ that works in Manhattan’s ‘meat packin’ district’…says she didn’t have no affair…I Google’d ‘meat packin’ and it wasn’t what ya’d think…wrong kinda meat…but the beer joint ‘Hogs and Heifers’ is always on a roll. (Shouldn’t it be bulls and heifers, not hogs? Hogs is pigs…well…I suppose its right! Maybe should throw a Tiger in there too!) But now they gots some other girlie lookin’ for some publicity sayin’ she’s got 300 sms’s and messages on her phone and had a little poon for over 30 months…probably charge a $million for an interview…like white house party crashers…

Oh, and his wife got a 7 figure deposit in her private bank account and negotiating for a helluva lot more …you wants to play, you gots to pay!!!

Besides Tiger’s gonna hafta take the defensive driving course to get the points off his license…I don’t think he can afford a driver…33 and a billionaire playin’ golf…damn…where did I go wrong?

Goddam…Billy and Billary’s daughter Chelsea, is gonna marry a investment banker workin’ at Goldman Sachs –hmph – d’ya thinks he got some of our bailout bonus money too?…his mommy is an ex- Pennsylvania rep and daddy is an ex-Iowa rep and was just let outta jail on some bank fraud charges…a typical politikian, must be related to Madoff…next you’ll see Chelsea runnin’ for prez with Billary as VP…that’ll be one way for the Izzis to backdoor representation in the White House instead of a schmuck like Emanuel…heh, heh, all the bridesmaids are gonna hafta wear chastity belts and keep an eye out for Billy sneakin’ around behind ‘em too…d’ya thinks they’ll get married in a church or mosque…or is that synagogue…not much difference… methinks the Heeb should give up his religion, don’t you? Damn… Am I stupid or what? Why did I even waste time and space on this shit?

And Obama, the dumb sumbitch, says he’s gonna send another 30k troops over to Afghaniland… goddam…I guess he flat ass forgot all his campaign promises…a typical politikian…lie…lie…lie… This’ll drive the country broke fo’ sho’ and d’ya notice how congress just sits back and goes along with this war shit wasting of tax payers money including bailouts and gets into heated arguments about health care claiming they don’t wanna waste money???… but to send a buncha soldiers equivalent to the population of Fort Erie…think about the contracts for infrastructure that Flour and KBR and Hallybutton will get… another ‘win’ for Cheney… see???...all that ‘dithering’ paid off…we’re a sick nation…the fuckin’ Taliban was there before the invasion, they’ll be there when everybody leaves…and women will still wear bags on their heads…

Obama justifies the troop escalation because the 9/11 attack came from Afghanistan… Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind, is a Paki…a lot of the plotting, training and practice was in the USA and Europe and not Afghanistan…looks like we’s attacking the wrong country(s). They’s after bin Laden too but he’s probably in Peterborough, but it sure looks like he didn’t plan this, he just took the credit to make hisself look like the number one terrorist…huge bounty too…can he turn hisself in and collect?

And I’ve got the way to fix all the problems there…simply corrupt all the folks in Afghaniland, right down to the poppy field cultivator and goat herder…just stick a couple dozen marines in local markets scattered about the country handing out cash to everybody instead of Karzai and his relatives and cronies…’one for me, one for you…two for me, none for you’…then they’ll all just love us and reject the Talibaners and al Qaeda …I mean we could teach them all about ponzi schemes, have a ‘Kabul Street’ stock exchange, bailouts… shoot, that could save us $trillions…then we’d have to deal with the unemployed at Lockheed, Boeing, Smith and Wesson, KBR, Flour, but when you consider $1 million per year per soldier plus $1225 per day for mercenaries… corrupting the public there would be cheaper in the long run… and none of our boyz and girlz would be killed…

Google’d Canadian Health Care comparison with US Health Care on Wikipedia –

* Canadians spend $3678/year per individual on health care and Americans spend $6714/year per individual – but let’s knock the Canuk’s system.
* Canadians have a life expectancy of 80.43 years and Americans have 78.6 years. Probably the stress of paying $3000 more per year on health care kills Americans a little sooner.
* Drug costs are disparaging also. Canadian medical services can buy drugs in quantities at discount prices, but Medicare and Medicaid are not allowed by gov’t to negotiate prices of drugs…hmmm …does this seem like there’s some sleight of hand in there brought about by scumbag pharmaceutical lobbying?
* Waiting time is also a factor, in 1984 a Canadian had to wait 22 months for an MRI, but that was in rural Saskatchewan… in 2007 they can get one within 24 hours for emergency. Elective MRI’s takes a little longer. I believe the 22 month wait time was used by the US health insurance industry negative advertising as current wait times. It didn’t say how long an American in Dogpatch Ark (its Marble Falls now) had to wait for an MRI in 1984 either.
* Malpractice insurance costs Canadians about $ 4 each. In the US it costs $16 each – 4 times as high – that’s a total of $4.8 billion and that’s just for the goddam insurance – and nobody even gets an aspirin.
* It appears the US ain’t gonna have universal health care any time soon…no money in it …like we ain’t never gonna stop the wars and killin’ people for profit…

And this was just stated by the GOP leader.

The Obama health care plan will cost billions upon billions to lie about," said GOP chairman Michael Steele. "The question is, shouldn't we be spending this money to lie about something else, like his judicial appointees?"

And poor ol’ Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia is gonna go to court again for sodomy of a 24-year old aid. He should do like Barney Frank – turn over a new ‘page’ and go on…

Heh, heh, we had fun with Anwar and the ridiculous charges back in ’98…the elite businessman scumbags in Kuala Lumpur just don’t want him to be prez, I suppose…cuts into their corrupt profit margin

I suppose we gotta listen to the verbal war going on between Nutanyahoo and AhmaDJ…one is as cocky and arrogant a prick as the other. Since the Izzis already gotta buncha bombs, and for now they’s only seizing land belonging to someone else and bombing a coupla tin shacks, the Iranians gots no bombs so they gotta enrich some more uranium and that’ll make us place more sanctions on them. Why not put sanctions on the Izzis with their bombs too? Hell…Sanction the whole damned neighborhood including Dubai that’s going broke… besides they’s all Semites…but some of ‘em gots the oil…we need that stuff for our Escalades – run into fire hydrants…and why we keep the Izzis on the payroll to maintain a military presence and threat to all the Ayrabs with the oil in the Middle East…”fill ‘er up”

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