Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, finally made it to 70 without croaking…and still gotta 8 handicap but climbing with this knee!

Anyways, this fuckin’ healthcare – all the scumbag politikians are screaming this is gonna add taxes to finance health care…but wait a minute, if we have cost effective national health care system instead of price fixin’ and payin’ off politikians like the current bandits do, we should be able to reduce the current cost…and so far these fuckers spent over $100 million on lobbyists and I’ll betchya it goes over $ half billion before it’s over….either they can’t add in congress or the lobbyists are making their pitch to protect the profit picture. After watchin’ a series of yay’s and nay’s some of the media is displaying all the misrepresented advertising running rampant on TV is causing havoc with voters…and on top of that, all the cons of national health care are false… that figures…
But when you consider the cost of health care, you need to factor in the obscene profits from the following areas and in one way or another we pay for (and it don’t stop with this list).
- malpractice insurance
- lawyers bottom-feeding on malpractice
- health providers fraudulent billings creating additional insurance costs
- health care insurance outrageous cost
- discounts extorted by insurance companies from doctors/clinics/hospitals that is never extended to patients w/o insurance
- high cost of lobbying agencies in Washington to ensure the system of insurance goes unchallenged
- media advertising to discourage national health care
- drug companies high profits
- drug company profit incentive to not create “cures”
- drug store profits
- unscrupulous doctors – go and Google “Doctors illegal billings” there’s $ billions down the drain…and we pay for that shit…
- and on, and on, and on.

But never fear…after a $trillion bailout the boyz on Wall St. are giving each other bonuses and we gots 10% unemployment…is this country fucked up or what???

Clinton was in N. Korea…just made a deal to let the US reporters go…hmph…a country with 22 million people located just south of about 1.5 billion, can make that much havoc…like the Jews…5.8 million people can create hysteria in the middle of 500 million Ayrabs - evicting people that have lived in their homes since ‘48…somethin’ jus’ don’t seem right here too…but they’s all makin’ money…at the expense of you ‘n me…
Makes ya kinda wonder if Billy will travel to Tehran and let those hikers go free that somehow wandered over that huge mountain and stumbled into Iran…but they’s gonna put some more sanctions on Iran to make ‘em quit refining all that plutonium…they oughta put sanctions on Israel and stop ‘em from confiscating land that ain’t theirs and murdering the property owners…and they already gots a coupla hundred A bombs…

Here’s a look at Indoland politiks…Taufik Kiemas wantsta join SBY’s cabinet and wants to be appointed to a position…any position – preferably to do with money…Megawati says this don’t seem like it’s a good idea…I suppose ol’ Taufik is running short of cash from his last session as hubby of the nation’s leader…

Jesus, now the Hamas are guilty of “war crimes”. Cuz they launched some rockets into a field in Israel. It don’t say that the field once upon a time belonged to their family and was seized by the Heebs in ’48, ’67, ’72 and ’08. But all those F18’s, phosphorous and DIME bombs, tanks, missiles and on and on…that’s ok…

It gets more cheesy with the US/Israeli relations in the Middle East…
Debate on the motivation for the Iraq War is shepherded into two camps: securing oil or securing Israel. In reality, the war is being fought to secure oil through Israel. US foreign policy is geared to make Israel its primary transport route for Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil. This also accomplishes two Israeli aims: ending dependence on US aid and toppling uncooperative neighbors.
Richard Perle's memo to Benjamin Netanyahu, “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing The Realm,” is rightfully cited as evidence of Israel's influence in the US's decision to attack Iraqi. However, overthrowing Saddam is not the main point of this memo. The “clean break” refers to ending Israel's dependence on US aid, which weakens Israel, and is the main source of control the US has over its ally.
This change in policy comes at a good time for the US. Friendly oil sources are dwindling. Massive spending on the Iraq invasion, as well as AIPAC spying scandals, have drawn negative attention to the amount of US-Israeli aid. America's contributions to Israel may not be politically justifiable forever -- the States needs an out.
The “Clean-Breakers” in Israel have a big job to do. They must wean Israel from sixty years of aid and cheap loans from the US, during a shaky time for the Israeli economy. Before Perle et alia can free themselves from American interference, they need to find an alternative source of revenue. That type of revenue isn't going to come from featherless chickens or even arms sales to China. Israeli leaders have fallen back on the commodity that helped create Israel in the first place.

Syria, Iran and Lebanon are the pieces of the oil puzzle that America has not yet taken. Israel's disastrous incursion into Lebanon, as well as Bush's warmongering against Syria and Iran suggests the US will try to complete the puzzle. Once the US controls these three countries, it can begin shipping crude out of Israel's ports in Eilat and Ashkelon (the terminals of the Trans-Israel Pipeline, Tipline). Using the Tipline will give the oil alternate departure points, should one of the Mediterranean or Red Sea routes become unstable. Aside from US interests, the Eilat port allows Israel to service Far Eastern markets as well.

The truth is emerging indicating the real reasons why we get maneuvered into all the death and destruction …why doesn’t anybody pay attention to this shit…???
Meanwhile, the fuckin’ Heebs recognize the fact the free money will end in the foreseeable future and they’s been makin’ plans to become independent by control of the energy market.
Duhhh…wake up stupid!!!

Let’s look at it again…aid to Israel…take 1997 as an example where actual data is quickly available.
Direct financial aid = $6.72 billion
Loan guarantees= $3.122 billion
Tax free donations= $1 billion
Cost to Taxpayers= $0.390 billion
This does not include military aid, planes, bombs, tanks and humvees and gifts and testing of evil little weapons on civilians…if you escalate the total to today’s appreciated costs this totals to over $20 billion and we’s worried about health care costs…

CNN had a documentary on the poor in Viet Nam…if, over the course of the last 100 years, France and the US would have invested $ into building the country up instead of blowin’ it up, there probably wouldn’t be any poverty there, or here…

It says they finally got ol’ Noordin Top, the al Qaeda rep in Indoland but Abu Bakar Ba’asshole is still busy teaching suicide bombers in his boarding school – he’s ok I suppose… But d’ya thinks maybe Noordin was in reality, one of Prabowo’s goons…Wait a minute, now they say that may not be Top… That sneaky devil…

Good pic on al Jazeera – Yemen, the poorest country in the middle east and they’s gots brand spankin’ new Toyota armored vehicles with gun turrets, soldiers wrapped in bullets and rocket launchers in the background. Probably some DIME bombs too…but the people watchin’ all this gross bullshit ain’t got no food…

We really need to start the “War on Stupidity” and pretty soon too…

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