Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hmph…Gates as Secretary of Defense, Billary as Secretary of State, I suppose he’ll keep ol Paulson and Bernanke as advisors in the financial mess…so much for “Change”! Hell, he’ll probably exhume John Foster Dulles next … Damn, this new administration ain’t goin’ no where.

Those dirty bastard Ruskies are supplying AK47’s, planes, tanks, bullets, destroyers, bombs but no Chorny Voda (Blackwater) to Venezuela. Shit… bidness is bidness…this keeps their military supply companies off the bailout list…oil is down, so we gotta make money someplace...and they’s gonna supply Chavez with newclear stuff too!!!…but we ain’t gonna mention the fact the US has supplied Saddam and the Taliban with the weapons that they’s now usin’ to attack our boys over there… damn…the world is getting riskier to live in fo’ sho’…take a good look at the Jewish Center in Mumbai…what the fuck is a Jewish center doing there in the middle of a buncha Hindus in the first place??? Now India’s on the terrorist target list??? Soon they’ll be attacking Pakistan and raise the gross sales output of Carlyle.

Haha just read a rebuttal on al Jazeera where it says, the US got rid of Hussein in Irak, now they got their own ‘Hussein’ in Amerika…

Hmmm…Maybe I’m still a little confused like I was in the last posting…but lemmee see if I gots this strait… the gov’t is gonna bailout Citigroup with $ 25 billion for a few worthless shares and guarantee over $300 billion of bad debts and they’s layin’ off 50,000 people. Yet they’s holdin’ the Big Three Auto Makers feet to the fire askin’ for how they’s gonna pay the loan back. They ain’t got no guarantee from the bankers … what the fu….k.
Ok, let’s see what could possibly happen here?
Scenario No. 1. The $300 billion goes up in smoke…the $25 billion is gone forever in golden parachutes and … the taxpayer loses everything…50,000 people still outta work and welfare or unemployment insurance run out…no houses, cars or necessities for the kiddies…but this costs the taxpayer that’s still gotta job, money to take care for these people, and at least clean up under the overpasses so they can live and beg… or indirectly fund the rampant burglaries, robberies etc. including this stupid bailout…

Scenario No. 2. The $300 billion somehow miraculously gets paid back in time with losses kept to maybe half of the amount, but no interest earned over a period of 25 years…but the $25 billion is lost forever…the 2008 taxpayer is dead, but this is passed on to his offspring to pay back…who in turn are looking for bailouts too…cuz there’s peace in the world and military supply companies have laid off millions of people.

Scenario No. 3. The bank’s executive branch is arrested and shot…this saves $25 billion…the $300 billion is still in limbo, but with less thievery going on, the bank manages to satisfy the debt and employs half of the 50 thousand people laid off up until the year 2050 around the time for the next bailout.

Scenario No. 4. Scrap the bailout shit…Give $1 million each directly to 700,000 people, or $½ million to 1.4 million, or $¼ mill to 2.8 million. Everybody’s rich! They dash out and buy houses, cars, trinkets, golf clubs and this gets the economy in China rollin’ again and Wal-Mart is way up there in the stock market. Then when the money runs out, they’ll choke and croak at the thought of work so no need for any more free bailout money.

There’s probably as many scenarios as there are dollars gone up in smoke, but d’ya think its’ better to give the money direct to a whole buncha people instead of a coupla hoodlums on Wall Street…But still, money don’t disappear, it just changes pockets…and we can just call this a “readjustment in values”. There’s no way a fuckin’ B’mer should cost $80k or $200k in Bobby’s case.

Now the automakers are askin’ for $34 billion, that’s up from $25 billion. Where did it start…around $15 billion??? Hmph, what’ll they ask for next week? Like Paulson’s $700 billion, it’s already gone to $800 billion and totals of giveaways have reached $ trillions. But congress is objecting to the auto bailout, but they jumped in with both feet to sign the Wall Street Mafia’s golden parachutes with a blink of an eye… hmph…makes ya kinda wonder what the fuck is going on here, maybe none of the politikians got their new Cadillac Escalade and they’s pissed.???

Here’s a good one now that he’s getting’ ready to evacuate the throne…”Bush regrets poor Iraq Intelligence”… now there’s a major Freudian slip!!! Intelligence??? Either he’s really stupid or just flat ass clueless that Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld and asshole Wolfowitz with Tenet were in the back room cookin’ up this “poor Iraq intelligence”. How about a combination of both…Duhhhh…. Huh??? But when it comes down to it, poor ol’ Georgie’s gonna go down in history as a miserable failure and Dickie’ll get his penthouse office in Dubai. Just ain’t no justice at all here is there? Incompetence rules supreme!!!

All this war shit in the DR Congo…hmph, there ain’t no oil, just a ready market for military hardware… any bets the Mossad is in there up to their assholes brokerin’ guns, bombs, bullets and Blackwater??? Ya’d kinda wonder if the Mossad simply ain’t the marketing arm for Carlyle…
Speakin’ about Blackwater, they might have some job security if they went to the Straits of Amman.

All this shit about Gitmo…hah! When they close it down, they’ll just send those bad boyz to Diego Garcia far from the public eye. Nobody really knows what the fuck’s goin on there…

Ol’ SBY signed the anti-porn law in Indoland…but I didn’t read anything about the anti-whorehouse law especially the ones owned by the police and military big boyz… the IHOP is still flourishing and all the bars in Blok M with bidness ladies plying their wares in the evening to support their families…I suppose that’s ok, their families gotta eat too…kinda makes you wonder if ol’ Sutiyoso still gets his commission or does this go into Fuzzy Bowo’s account now?

Damn, Oil broke the $ 40 limit and they think it’s gonna go down to $ 25…looks like the massive greed, corruption and collusion gots a bigger impact on the economy than Osama bin Laden ever could have hoped for, or did he start it rollin’? Oh, and a little help from the Bush Gang…and AIPAC…looks like it’s gonna be cheaper to drive those gas guzzling SUV’s after all. Now that should put a little zip into the Detroit scumbag’s cash flow…damn, d’ya think we’s gonna have a war soon? Shit, I meant “another” war soon?

And they arrested ol’ Goblokovich, no…Bodohkovich no, aw shit…never mind…the Illinois governor from Siberia – hmph…why the hell should they arrest him? Maybe spank ‘im cuz he’s so stupid for getting caught… sheeeit…if they arrested all the guys in politiks that’s mixed up in corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) the whole shootin’ match would be in jail…nobody left to run the country…now, hmph…maybe not a bad idea cuz they ain’t doin’ too good a job anyways…we need a new party…lets call it Anarkyism…fuck it, everybody do what they want…go steal money, like that fuckin’ guy from Wall Street ol’ Bernie Madoff the epitome of Wall Street, that stole $50 billion…damn, 7% of the total bailout... goddam…one asshole steals that much money and they’s turned around and gonna bail out the companies he stole from, then throw the fucker in jail and fine him $1 million… d’ya think somebody’s gotta be gettin’ paid off…?… but let’s pour a few more $billions of tax money into that group of gangsters and everything will be just alright…and fuck those car makers…boy, are we smart, ya?

Hmmm…Spitzer, Madoff, Lieberman, Emanuel, the guys from Lehman, AIG, WaMu, Bear Sterns, Citigroup, notice the one thing they’s got in common while runnin’ the economy into the dirt?

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