Sunday, July 9, 2017

I don't suppose anybody picks up on the cynical sarcasm here

There are two ways to be fooled.

One is to believe what isn't true;

The other is to refuse to believe what is true.


Dunno why, but I just had to stick this in here!!


Anonymous Says NASA Has Evidence of Alien Life. Does It?

Of course there is alien life - and right here on earth - simply go to congress and you'll find a group of shape shifted lizards that look like politicians - then to Wall Street and Federal Reserve - armies of them slithering around and sitting in think tanks planning and plotting on raping the world of wealth. The Bilderbergs are the nesting ground where they swarm in for their meeting, then these poor excuse of living creatures head to the Brown Palace or Bohemian Grove, then slip and slide to Comet Pizza for a little spirit cooking!! Hail Moloch!!! Gimmee the money!!!


Bombs in the Air – Then Boots on the Ground

A simple solution – repeal Federal Reserve Act and have the US treasury coin the currency backed by gold, enforce Glass Steagall, go back to pre-Nixon and take the insane profit out of health care, then expand it to remove profit out of military expenditures and stop the fuckin' wars, then pass laws that secret societies are a criminal act subject to capital punishment - put the skull and boners on top of the list. Problem solved – then expand science to cure people instead of killing them for profit and pull the plug in the swamp, term limits and on and on – could go on forever, but gotta start somewhere.


CBO: Senate health bill leads to 22 million fewer insured Americans by 2026

First on the list is to cancel politicians health care during and after they leave the government - a start, then go to a national health care system like other civilized countries and expand medicare for everyone, except the satanists slithering around in the swamp and Bill Gates, give him a coupla shots of vaccine he's depopulating Africa with.


White House warns Syria may be readying chemical attack

Yup - start a false flag, take the sheeple's minds off the miserable life they live trying to make ends meet. The Fed will print more counterfeit money, finance this satanic ruse, and the people will go broker than they are now...military industrial complex and banksters will wallow in the fake money, based on fake news...whew - are we stupid or what? Trump must have his gonads in a vise and Kushner is bent over on his hands and knees kissing Netanyahu's a$$. Boy, the US is going down the drain - d'ya hear the flush handle in the swamp!!!


The Queen is getting a massive pay rise and Twitter isn't impressed

These shape shifted lizards need to be put away and confiscate all the wealth they've raped the world with along with their banksters Rothschilds., Knights of Malta and the Vatican. Throw in the Fed and military industrial complex, then come up with the committee of 300, well, 298. Line them all up and shoot 'em.


"The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing." -- William Paterson, founder of the Bank of England in 1694

...the Rothschilds climbed on the band wagon right after from nothing...such a deal...we'll own the world...oy vey!!!

And another item of 'interest'...the stock market is running wild and come to find out, the central banks are buying up all the loose shares and soon we'll have a market crash...then guess what, these same central banksters that have bought up all the shares will short sell and when the worthless stock market hits bottom, they'll buy everybody's all up and control just about all the businesses that have grown disproportionately out of reality, and the post baby boomers can't pay the rent...


F-15 jets escort Cuba-bound Canadian aircraft to Montreal due to 'unruly customer making non-specific threats'

Yeah, what the hell, he could have had some box cutters and NORAD would have ignored that and let them fly into Cuba so they could continue to play and with their exercise in war games. What a scam this is - I suppose this controlled major mass media needs something to take the focus off what the hell is going on in the world by the greedies!!!


It sort of looks like the condition of the Middle East is changing rapidly. Since 9/11 there have been at least 5 countries completely destroyed by the Zios and driving us deeper in debt to the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia Federal Reserve.  Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran as stated by General Clark immediately after 9/11, then throw in Afghanistan and Ukraine – that’s 9 countries targeted. So far Syria is a quagmire of blood soaked women and children but Assad is still there and Iran hasn’t been directly attacked yet and Lebanon was held together by the Hezbolla. Libya is a total mess, Egypt was part of the Arab Spring, Mubarak was replaced by a Zionist puppet, Ukraine is splintered, Iraq's another mess, Afghanistan has poppies growing everywhere enriching the CIA black operations and money laundering central banks are collecting the blood money. Turkey is on the verge of being confronted by the Zio partnered ME Arab countries, Qatar has now been sanctioned by the idiot Saudis... and supported by the “free world” military, which are under control of the Zionist lobbyists…the price of oil will no doubt skyrocket again when Qatar gets attacked with a few bomb shells and somehow a couple mini-nukes get mistakenly aimed at Iran wrecking their reactors… Turkey 99.9% surely will get involved, Saudi’s mercenaries will also get into the mix of shit, Erik Prince and Academi will reap fortunes,  then US and Russia will start shooting down each others' planes and the Lukudniks will be lined up counting the money yelling "give us more aid so we can defend ourselves from those vicious Palestinians - that can't even drink a glass of clean water a day...

Hmmm… Looks like we are heading into some serious problems… anybody connect the dots yet?  Review the Oded Yinon plan and we can maybe, just maybe, tell the direction all of this is headed…by deception thou shalt do war…and the satanists go play a little ping pong with a slice of pizza...chop up a little kid...hail Moloch...


South Korean President Seeks Diplomatic Relations with DPRK

Wait a minute, what is this guy doing?  We're supposed to have atomic bomb diplomacy here, not peace!!! Shit, that will slow down the funneling of fiat currency into our coffers from the dumb ass American tax payer, and goddam, they might even wake up and stop playing Pokemon and oggling Facebook and get rid of our bought and paid for pedophile politicians!!!!


Full Brennan Interview: Trump 'Doesn't Take the Word' of Intel Experts

Brennan is a complete moron - drugged and poisoned by the Khazarian Mafia - this idiot wouldn't know the difference between actual intel or fabricated by the Illuminati. This is all created to dupe the imbeciles we call citizens playing their stupid games and wallowing on Facebook.  Hopefully they will smarten up and get rid of the money changers and war hawk maniacs. The only problem, by they time this happens it will be too late!


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