Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hell, June is almost over and I haven't enlightened anybody's world.

This actually started out as an article of pure genius...then I got hacked, or something and it eliminated the priceless comments on current events bought and paid for by the satanists...Better check your computers and make sure there's no virus in there.

And up comes another good question - "What happened to Libya's gold?"
Qaddafi was instituting the gold backed Dinar - and the satanists got Hillary and gang to set up the color "Arab Spring".  144 tonnes of gold, and around the same tonnes of silver - whew - now they have these rebels controlling all that shit?  And guess who controls the rebels?  Yup - Hillary and gang - but then you gotta go a little deeper in the state on who controls Hillary!!

Jerusalem Stabbing: ISIS Claims First Deadly Attack in Israel

Must be another false flag - ISIS is run by the CIA and Mossad and financed by our debt to the Federal Reserve. JFK should have splintered the CIA into a million pieces before they shot him. Too little, too late. Now look what we have - a criminal regime in DC, sinking to the bottom of the swamp!

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Investigating Jared Kushner’s Finances

This little POS is part of the neocon swamp - one of Trumps biggest mistakes selecting this dual citizen Zio that is satisfying their goal along with enriching himself and cronies, not the US citizens'.


The following reference is a little course in history - that does connect a few dots...The only misdirection this gives is religion - a major factor that is also a method of control...and even the author of this video doesn't want to let go, by what - deception???  You make the choice.

And may be related to why my last d'booger was somehow erased from my computer.. and I didn't delete it...


No retirement talk from Dianne Feinstein, oldest US senator

Damn, another dual citizen Zionist POS keeps her fingers in the money pot and they call this "intelligence committee"? Nobody can see what the hell is going wrong with this country? Kick out the Zionists and bankers and we'll have a normal existence - and then enforce term limits. But the country and world chaos is run by the back room secret society boys - shoot them first! Then pull the plug in the swamp.

NASA wants to probe Uranus in search of gas

Hell, I got that market cornered, up Uranus - hmmm - I gotta be discharging a few billion Btu's or is that Butt's every time I have some refried beans here in Texico ...  Besides, that'll be one helluva pipeline - think XOM and BP will get us taxpayers to fund that one? Like they tried to do in Afghanistan and Syria? They succeeded in Libya - or was that the Khazarian bankers getting rid of the Qaddafi's gold backed dinar?


Tax overhaul in trouble as opposition to import tax grows

First and foremost, the illegal income tax scheme should be disbanded and the Federal Reserve dissolved and the funds paid into this Ponzi retrieved from the criminals in charge of this racket - arrest them, then shoot them for all the carnage caused for the past 300+ years. Stop the goddam wars, shut down the 800+ military bases scattered throughout the world and bring our girls and boys back home and rebuild our country!!! Not destroy other ones!!!

A little peek into the income tax racket...but the tax doesn't go to the treasury - it goes straight to the Federal Reserve - and those basterds print free money and lend it to the puppet government and we pay the interest...and the dollar goes down the shitter...

Your slice of the pie
The fiscal year 2004 federal budget is about $2 trillion. The spending in percentages this year looks like this:
22.6%—interest on the debt
19%—health care
5.5%—income security
3.4%—veterans’ benefits
2.5%—nutrition spending
11.4%—everything else

Looking at it a different way, if you had $1,500 deducted from your paychecks as an “income” tax and your tax dollars were directly applied to government expenses, your contributions by category would be:
$339—interest on national debt
$83—income security
$51—veterans’ benefits
$38—nutrition spending
$24—environmental protection
$216—everything else

But, if the Grace Commission is correct, then not one penny of income tax money is actually being spent on services the American People expect their government to provide.

Then in comes the IMF - another branch of the Rothchilds Khazarian Mafia...

Single payer system.  Health Care

When you inspect how the corrupt government operates, then most likely the socialized health care may be avenue of continued robbing and stealing by big pharma, politicians, medical industry, insurance and the never-ending raping of the people will continue.

Then examine what our bought and paid for government is doing to the world with ongoing wars, mass slaughter of indigenous people in countries not even remotely connected to our existence. This is paid for by our government borrowing money from central banks, increasing our nation’s insurmountable debt and then claiming we the people have to pay for it by taxing us to the limit – this, by the way, doesn’t go to pay the debt – it goes straight into the central banks coffers controlled by foreign interests manipulated by Satanists.  The main stream media continues to spew out fake news and con the people with, “this is for freedom and democracy”!

It is?  Corporate controlled maniacs steal with both hands – a lame excuse for freedom.  The military expenditure is far above any social programs provided for the people – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is flushed down the swamp.

Then we have lunatics climbing on the band wagon stating socialized health care is bad!  What needs to be done is to pass laws that protect the people from being raped by gluttonous morons.  Stop the goddam wars, stop financing the military industrial complex owned by the central bankers.  Create laws that will prosecute the corporate masters and the penalty is capital punishment for this blatant stealing.

The government was created by the forefathers to protect the people, from enemies both foreign and domestic. Look what is written above that has mushroomed into a global demonic pursuit of control.

If the government is to protect the people, then health care is on the front – stop spraying the skies with aluminum oxide, strontium and barium including fibers that infect people.  Stop polluting the environment with toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and creating genetically modified organisms of the foods the people consume to stay alive. This kills them!  Take the obscene profits out of pharmaceuticals, insurance and control monopolies that funnel gross wealth into the hands of the few. Plant more trees, develop desalinating equipment and irrigate desserts, expand education of all countries teaching them to manage the expanding population and channel this into a goal of self-preservation not only of the people but their offspring.  Scrap the central banks along with term limits on corrupt politicians.  Declare lobbying a capital offense in all levels of government.

A national health care system may be the best solution – expand Medicare for all and control what the providers charge - instead of Department of Homeland Security - put people in there examining what these providers rape the people with - legalize hemp - the wonder drug - and it gives you the munchies.

A good follow up article - which is logged in history...

Did you know that before 1973 it was illegal in the US to profit off of health care. The Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 passed by Nixon changed everything.


U.S. shoots down drone close to Iraqi-Syrian border:

These western intelligence sources also stated Saddam had WMD. And they expect the people to believe them? Take our military out of there and shut down the goddam bases around the world- bring our girls and boys home and rebuild this country, not destroy other ones, then go after the war mongers and military industrial complex and bankers and try them, then send them to Gitmo for a little taste of water boarding.


Even the Wiz and rabbit have more common sense -


Israeli court stands up for woman in airline gender seat swap case

You have a Jew, Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox - what the hell are the Likudniks? Satanists!! Tied into the freemasons over 33 deg that want to rule the world. This group of morons should be eliminated!!


The Latest: Lavrov criticizes US in call with Tillerson

They were focusing on the gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe through Syria - simple - just like the pipeline from the Stan countries through Afghanistan - that didn't work out too good either, but enriched the bankers and military industrial complex! Create a false flag, start wars, murder, rape and plunder 7 countries for the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia and NWO satanists...Money in the bank...


New York Times: Polio outbreak *caused by WHO vaccines* paralyzes at least 17 kids in Syria!

Bill Gates gotta be rolling in the dope!! Gimmee the needle and I'll depopulate the world.

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