Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hadta Post This one!

Medicare Part G

If you are an older senior citizen and can no longer take care of yourself and need Long-Term Care, but the government says there is no Nursing Home care available for you, what do you do?
You may opt for Medicare Part G.
The plan gives anyone 75 or older a gun (Part G) and one bullet.
You may then shoot one worthless politician.
This means you will be sent to prison for the rest of your life where you will receive three meals a day, a roof over your head, central heating and air conditioning, cable TV, a library, and all the health care you need.
Need new teeth? No problem. Need glasses? That’s great. Need a hearing aid, new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change, or heart? They are all covered!
As an added bonus, your kids can come and visit you at least as often as they do now!

My take on this would be to give the 75 or older person an automatic weapon with a case of bullets, then go into congress and eliminate most of the dual citizens and pedophile satanists - but leave a few - Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul and a coupla others that don't kiss the banksters asses.  Then bring in Cynthia McKinney for prez.


Hmmm...a little study in regime changes by the CIA on behalf of the puppeteers.

And this is what the MSM won't publish - but it's noted on Wikipedia and white washed to stick to what the criminals in charge want - right click the subtitles and have a chuckle.

Throw in what was going on in between these little regime changes - let alone Bosnia etc. these were busy boys - and think of the profit and bonuses to the greedy bankers and military industrial complex. Then stop and think who benefits from these atrocities - yup, the evil ones, and who pays the bill - yup - you 'n me. Damn, I even didn't add the Iraq debacle WMD or maybe the CIA wasn't behind that - oh yeah, they told the idiot Bush, Saddam had no WMD but the Cheney / Wolfowitz / Rumsfeld and PNAC / AIPAC team talked him into it and Halliburton and KBR made a fortune and we're $trillions in debt. Ukraine another regime change by Noodleman and her sack of cookies and our $5 billion.  History has a unique way of repeating itself and I keep on repeating this shit.  But things haven't changed a bit since they shot JFK - it's getting worse. And the masses are getting dumber!!

The Federalist Society - another spooky org run by the shadow gov't.


I kinda like Ben Garrison...sorta goes along with my mind set...


Here we go - "new health care will not pay for abortions" - ?

That's OK, I suppose but the doctors and clinics and garbage disposal co's will lose money so their lobbyists have failed - but on the other hand, these little fetuses will grow up to be dumbed down with Common Core and vaccinated - Bill Gates and Big Pharma will make a fortune, then the kids will die from infectious vaccines loaded with mercury and all sorts of toxic chemicals.  Hmmm...What's the better timing, before or after - follow the money!


Obamacare Repeal or Obamacare 2.0 - Ron Paul

Hmm...lemmee think - before I retired, my health insurance was over $12,000 per year - can't remember the exact amount since I got ol' timers. It's higher than that now, but still for 50 years, I've contributed approximately $600,000 in today's dollars. Most likely my total health care costs were approximately $75,000 including knees, broken bones, drugs and NSAIDs for joint pain. I paid for the vasectomy myself.  Where did the other $525,000 go?  Any guesses?  Check Tulsi Gabbard's article on drug costs compared with Canada and the US.  When you compare costs in India, or China, it's even less.  Why here?  Fuck the sheeple - oligarchs and evil pedophiles need the money.  But the master of evil, David Rockefeller croaked - that's one gone, time for the other 300 to kick the bucket...only problem is they've passed on their evil goals to their offspring from genetically modified orgasms. Hail Vialis...the boner in a bottle!

You know, when you consider the $trillions profited by the health insurance, big pharma, health care facilities and the people still have to pay exorbitant premiums plus ridiculous copay and deductibles to make sure they get proper care if they get sick, it makes you sick watching all these shenanigans.  Ya got a pill for that? I got one, it's called canabibong!!!


Israeli-American man arrested in connection to bomb threats against Jewish centers

Deception - that's the key word when it involves Zios - create a false flag, start a war, murder, rob, cheat, steal, hate and let the goyim die in the wars...that sounds like Soros! His buddy Rockefeller is gone, he's next and partners in crime, the Rothschilds, Bush and the rest of the City of London Khazarian Mafia!

This site tells it all - well - most of it.


In the, or was that  yesterday, probably tomorrow...

In the pentagon - so far since 1996, $10 trillion is completely unaccounted for! The new name is Department of Offense.  (the other is Department of Homeland Stupidity)
To put that number into perspective, that is nearly $32,000 for every man, woman and child… and the 50 different types of transgenders… in the US today!
In other words, over $120,000 for every family of four has been stolen, gone missing or been completely wasted.
If it weren’t for this waste, nearly every family in the US could have been given a free home and no people living on the streets begging for food.

The accounting office in the Pentagon, that Rumsfeld stated the $2.3 trillion was missing, then another $1 trillion after, along with the Able Danger crew reporting on the W54 nuclear pits stolen from Pantex were eliminated with a missile on 9/11 - Almost as quick as Hitlery's emails and no follow up on this - let the money go, it's a good thing there's still a bunch of people employed at McDonald's and Walmart to pay the bill...

Kinda makes you wonder what the fuck is really going on with the evil satanists!  Trump just raised the budget and hasn't even asked for an audit.  The goddam Federal Reserve and military industrial complex are in the same executive suite at the Bohemian Grove or Comet Ping Pong chuckling their asses off porking some little girl or boy then chopping them up. Screw the people, gimmee the money!  Hail Moloch!


United Airlines Tried to Bar Girls From Flight for Wearing Leggings

TSA DHS FBI CIA and the rest of the alphabet criminals are money makers for the evil satanists lurking in the background of the shadow government. Fear us what makes the sheeple tow the line..


Pentagon Opens Investigation Into Whether U.S. Airstrikes Killed 200 Civilians in Mosul shit...what about the millions killed over WMD? Or the orchestrated 9/11 by the satanists? Or buildings collapsing from fires? And how about the $10 trillion the Pentagon can't seem to find?


Bush slams Trump for 'saying things that aren't true'

Yup and WMD was real - and don't let those conspiracy theorists say anything against the terrorists that did 9/11. The whole world knows it was the NWO Illuminati behind this and sooner or later, hopefully sooner this will come to pass and the evil satanist pedophiles will be lined up on Pennsylvania Ave. and shot.


President Trump Puts Son-in-Law in Charge of 'Overhauling' Government as Jared Kushner Faces Senate Questioning

Will this little pussy schmuck nancyboy get rid of dual citizen Zionists out of our government looking after Israeli interests instead of the people in the US of A?


Dick Cheney in 2002: “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction”….. Dick Cheney in 2017: “There is no question, Russia meddled in US election”

And the bullshit just keeps pouring out of the frothing mouths of these 9/11 insane evil Illuminati pedophiles.  "Besides have you heard anything to the contrary?" After he made the stand down order and Minetta asked him 'does the order still stand?' - meaning the planes were coming in!! Then BOOM!! WMD!! Millions of people lost their lives.  The greedies made $trillions - but one of the scum at the bottom of the swamp finally croaked - he didn't succeed with depopulation but Bill Gates is still waving the vaccine needle around and reaping profits from Monsanto's glyphosate and GMO.  Here comes 2030 - Agenda 21 didn't work - well - maybe not yet.


How States are Trying to End the Disability Unemployment Crisis.

But no one says anything about the retirement plans for the mentally challenged politicians after they fuck up the world with their blatant stupidity and greed - as long as they get the money...


3 storm chasers die in Texas car crash, authorities say

They were spraying the skies with chemtrails for over a week in the Midland / Odessa area. Then suddenly a violent storm breaks out - amazing yeah? The military says they will control the weather by 2025 along with HAARP and chemtrails the so-called solar radiation management (SRM) bullshit. Got some really sick people in charge - Rockefeller just croaked, now the rest of the Committee of 300 are up to meet their maker and it ain't up there, it's down there and they'll be lined up to kiss Lucifer's ass who they follow.


Why he was eliminated - William Cooper was another one that pointed to the "Institute" - the insane ones calling the kettle black.


White House offers muddled message to states considering Medicaid expansion

Absolutely ridiculous! Why not expand Medicare as the national health plan for everyone and cut the criminal insurance companies, lobbyists corrupting the politicians out. Make big business, Wall Street and Federal Reserve, military industrial complex and insurance companies pay for the cost!


Israel defense exports surge to $6.5 bln

Ahhh...they're selling the crap we give them! I suppose nobody in DC can figure that out. And the jerks authorized another $38 billion for the next 10 years - Israel will be richer than anybody and Flint will still kill the citizens with lead in the water. Amazing how stupid congress and the rest of the branches in politics are.


Mattis suggests North Korea, not Iran or ISIS, is the biggest threat to U.S.

This idiot doesn't study history - Who supplied N Korea with the nuclear weapons - yup - Israel. Who stole nuclear data - yup - Pollard and gave it to Israel. And who created Israel - yup, Rothschilds. And who owns the Federal Reserve - yup, the Rothschilds.  Nobody can seem to connect the dots and figure that one out.  And guess who the biggest threat to the US is???


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