Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another bit of wit and wisdom


Quote from Mike Dick - FBI agent targeted for shoot to kill after 9/11

“From the beginning, we knew this event, and this is how it was staged, as an ‘event’ would be another Pearl Harbor or Kennedy Assassination, books, conspiracies, speculation, and we would control all of it, turn it into an industry, use it to divide enemies, discredit  critics and get away with it again and again…”

And sponsored by the CIA, PNAC'ers and Mossad and signed off by the Bush / Clinton crime cabal.

I did a search on '350 W54 stolen from Pantex' and came across the article from Poland 'US secretly selling nukes worldwide via Israel'. Carnaby was one agents that was eliminated, but the guy that Trump fired, Tom Countryman, was involved with the peddling of these little firecrackers to countries - read the article - it gets juicy and lists the criminals in charge - google it - I don't use google anymore since they track for NSA all the searches, even the porn sites.

Gotta keep bringing this shit up...

Chemtrails Poster

Maybe Trump will put a stop to this?


White House calls outrage over omitting Jews in Trump’s statement on Holocaust ‘pathetic’

Over 50 million people were murdered in WWII. The world almanac has a different number of Jews from 1939 to 1947 and a growth in the world population of Jews that doesn't even come anywhere near the magic 6 million. As Rabbi Weissmandel stated, "One cow in Palestine is worth all the Jews in Europe".


Schumer: I have ‘serious doubts’ about Neil Gorsuch

Jesse Woodson James
Until a black transgender Muslim refugee is on the Supreme Court, the Democrats won't be happy.

Yeah, but he has to have an ISIS member card too!! And signed by Clapper and knuckle dragger Brennan.


Just maybe the schmuck that owns Starbucks will hire Palestinian refugees instead of the ISIS guys when they're evicted when the IDF bulldozer levels their home. Build a condo with Starbucks next door.


The Mexicans are boycotting the coffee shop already - no immigrants can cross the 30' high wall and can't get a job making coffee.

The sign of the crown...

Gotta find the Comet Pizza symbol - it looks like the one above - connect the dots yet???  Makes you wonder why the lion and horse have their tongues hanging out but no teeth well, two on the lion and why is the hand holding 5 arrows - must be a symbol 555 instead of 666.  The royalty has always been a little short.

Damn...Couldn't find the pedo symbol - so take a guess - a horse, a lion up against a big ball - and still don't know why they're doing that - up against the ball, I mean.  Damn...Now the NSA will spy on my search engine...and think I'm a pedo


They also need the symbols of corporate financial backers pasted on members of congress similar to Formula One drivers, then everyone will know who owns them.  I didn't see Monsanto's sign - they are in all the states and countries polluting and poisoning the people with glyphosate and GMO's.
Government truth? LOL


Nancy Pelosi calls Steve Bannon a ‘white supremacist’

And goyim are animals and were put here on earth to serve the chosen. Get a life and stop watching or reading WaPo, CNN and the rest of the presstitute controlled media.


German church OKs case-by-case Communion for remarried

Yeah, the Vatican needs the money - inflation has burned their roots.  Besides, all the Vatican gold and money is in a Rothschild bank.  Soon all criminals, in particular government officials will be communized and they can go to heaven - or hell, or wherever they will end up in the quagmire swirling in the swamp.


U.S. announces new Iran-related sanctions

Yeah, but our tax dollar wasted shipping our military on the Russian border and the 800+ bases around the world is OK! I don't think that's provocation, do you? Trump may be on the wrong path and listening to his people who are on the Likudnik payroll. Time to wake the f'k up and smell the poison ivy spreading around the world.

Some Great News!!

The Donald has fired Victoria "Fuck the EU" Noodleman from the state department.  I suppose she will take her sack of cookies with her, paid for by the 'taxed to death'.


Gotta send this to Wes Whitman.


'El Chapo' lawyers complain about strict New York jail conditions

Of course they'll keep him confined, just like Noriega - the Bush/Clinton crime cabal don't want him leaking secrets of the drug running and money laundering. It's a wonder he's still alive - Noriega too.  And now they'll both get free health care :)


Melania Trump Might Never Move to The White House

Maybe she's smarter than she looks. If Trump audits the Fed and has the treasury with backing of the military take control, the White House may experience a cruise missile like the one that hit the pentagon on 9/11. And the presstitutes and whorespondents will blame the Russians and start WWIII.


Intel Drop: Amateur Hour has begun

The shadow government obviously has made the threat that Trump or his children will experience a Wellstone, Vince Foster or Hastings or JFK Jr. mishap. It appears the people will have to work on their own to rid the world of the evil ones.


Guilty plea entered in Colorado pot-candy killing case

Do you think big pharma is putting on this event up for the people and governments to stop MJ legalization? Could be a false flag, like Boston and Sandy Hook. This is cutting into their anti-depressant business that makes their consumer kill people and suicide themselves or is that Arkencide. They want all the credit and and the money - not some little goodie you can grow in your back yard for next to nothing.


Chimps Kill, Mutilate and Cannibalize Member of Own Group

Bill Gates will do a study on what makes the monkeys kill another or if they ate any GMO laced bananas. Maybe he can mix that stuff into his vaccines to depopulate the world. Ted Turner will give him a bonus.  Then they'll go dance around the Georgia Guidestones.


Who Will Be King After Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen? She's second in line to the Rothschilds in the City of London controlling her wealth. They need a revolution with Madam DeFarge knitting her socks singing in the background. Guillotine - guillotine!!! Get rid of both those satanists and their minions and the world will start to recover from the blight and slaughter of people over the centuries.


Here Are Some Terrifying Highlights From Trump's Pre-Super Bowl Interview with Bill O'Reilly

Calling Putin a killer is ridiculous - all governments are basically killers - look at what's gone on in the past 60 years since the creation of Israel and opening up the path for the money junkies in the City of London and Federal Reserve . Take note of all the regime changes since the CIA was created and for what? Corporate America and bankers!! Smedley Butler listed it all - War is a Racket!


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