Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gotta get this out - gonna be busy in the next coupla weeks.

Some good stuff, and some not so good...


Chilling out: An Emirati snowman poses for the camera on Jebel Jais, a mountain in the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah
Damn global warming - and this little snowman is in the Emirates...


Separatist commander assassinated in eastern Ukraine

For some reason these so called rebels or separatists aren't pro-Russian, they are anti-Rothschilds Bankers and don't want to be controlled by a central bank. When will we smarten up and kick out the Federal Reserve - get rid of that ponzi scheme that's reaching its failing point and will take the wealth of the nation along with it.


Iran scorns Trump, rebuffs U.S. warning on missiles

So Iran has a missile - so what? What about the 350 W54 pits pirated by Israel with the helping hand of GHW Bush and were used in WTC I & II. Then the others that were peddled to N Korea, Saudi and a few other parasite countries, including being planted in our cities here and the blackmail has made the Likudniks richer than chit. And we worry about Iran that hasn't created a war in centuries? Ahh, but they're sitting on all that oil!


And on the Next News Network - Pelosi just stated in a televised broadcast there is no way she can work with Bush...Yup, with a "B". And standing behind her was Schumer - another idiot in the swamp. Kind makes you wonder how in hell this woman can lead anybody, let alone democrats in congress.  Who knows, maybe her brain is fried from all that ping pong.  In another video, she tells this guy starting to comment at a rally "Tell them you're a Muslim".  "Make sure they know that" - who? I don't have the faintest clue!


Ginsburg Weighing Decision to Hear Case on Possible Russian Election Hacking

Goddam - who the hell appointed her to the SCOTUS? Just checked - it was Jimmy Carter - does he have a hand in the Clinton Foundation cookie jar? But he was in the aftermath of the CIA Golden Triangle / Air America dope smuggling fiasco. Ol' Chelsea's hubby Mezvinski, just shut down his hedge fund operation - maybe they're broke after the 'pay for play' business when down the shitter. Something like Madoff's ponzi scheme. The wolves are after Trump it appears and they'll pick anyone who owes them favors to attack him - it's becoming a wonder if he'll finish the 100 days.  Need to check what the odds are in Vegas and place a few bets - even Andy Capp is wagering on this one.
But what's next on the list - Dbooger has a keen history of casting sooth's that do come into play - eventually. Next on the agenda will be military taking over the government - there are hundreds of corporations on the gravy train that don't want wars to stop - but Trump is already feeding fuel to that frenzy - Iran - China - maybe Russia? The next false flag disaster will be a coupla W54 pits will blow up in big cities in the nation and kill a few million people - come to think of it there is a grand jury in Houston that is still sitting on the information of where these W54's disappeared to based on evidence researched by Able Danger crew that were obliterated after 9/11 when the missile hit the Pentagon, (oh, these little firecrackers were also placed in Bali, can add to this a little later, Oklahoma, London, Japan, Syria according to the Fake News sites) where these Danger boys had a terrible twist of luck by just summoned to a meeting in the wing that was pulverized. Then we'll have Marshall law - or is that Marital law or maybe Martial law - dunno - and Dyncorp, or Academi - Xe Group or Blackwater, maybe NATO or ISIS mercenaries will come and confiscate your guns, gold and fact O'Bama or is that Obama signed into existence "National Defense Resources Preparedness" in the waning days of his presidency.  When they shoot Trump or blow him up, most likely a nuclear pit is already buried in the tunnel right under the oval office, and Pense, who will mysteriously be in Florida reading story books giving a little learnin' to autistic children being vaccinated that day, will reenact police state law with the stroke of a pen and we all go to jail or the Walmart FEMA camp - hope it's next to a golf course - I'll bring my club and a coupla balls - *@-) hypnotized


Top US commander says more troops needed in Afghanistan

Well, Afghanistan broke the old USSR and it's on the way of making us even broker than ever. Besides, the poppy fields are depleting and the CIA needs the money to create havoc over the world and banks need the money for laundering and their bonuses. Oh, and General John needs a good place to retire in, Lockheed Martin or United Technologies and who makes the tanks? Get the hell out of there and all the other wars that make the greedies fortunes and the people paying for all this shit penniless - the dead won't care either - they're dead.


Exclusive: Syria’s Assad tells Yahoo News some refugees are ‘definitely’ terrorists

Of course there are terrorists in the mix of refugees - this is how the terror will spread to the Western world by design of the RKM and puppets like McCain and Graham - kill the people - next will be nuke attacks from all the W54 pits stolen out of Pantex by Israel with the helping hands of Bush / Clinton crime cabal. Bill Gates and Ted Turner will wring their slimy little hands with glee when depopulation accelerates.

Has anyone picked up on the controlled main stream media is starting to follow Tulsi Gabbard's actions to find the truth - that's if they can even post it without the Khazarian Mafia goons editing the content to satisfy their evil goals.


EXCLUSIVE: Defiant Assad tells Yahoo News torture report is 'fake news'

It's good to see an interview with Assad and by the CMMM. He does state the obvious and does question the fact that over 1 million people killed in Iraq under false purposes, yet Syria needs a regime change, based on stories cooked up by the PTB at Israel's direction and Yinon plan. The Yinon plan was hatched in 1982, Wesley Clarke stated, 10 days after 9/11 that the US will attack 7 countries in 5 years, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia and Iran. They have completed 6 of these and Iran is left, but next on the gun barrel sights. The 7 countries listed had no Rothschilds controlled central bank. Any guess why the 9/11 criminal act was committed? The presstitutes like Isikoff still wave the flag of freedom and democracy when in fact it is the NWO in the background. Ukraine was also attacked by the CIA under direction of the criminals in charge due to Putin kicking out the Russian central bank oligarchs. This is HUTA, that's 'head up the ass' in case you all forgot.


National Security Adviser Michael Flynn reportedly discussed Russian sanctions with Moscow’s ambassador

This is another thrust by the fake news to make us believe the drivel that comes out of their mouths. If the puppets stop letting Soros and bankers control their policy, then there would be no need for sanctions. The CIA with Nudleman and her sack of cookies and our $5 billion tax dollars went to destable Ukraine and the Maidan debacle because Yanukovych didn't want the EU puppets to control their policies. Putin paid off the bankers and took over the central bank - the reason for the sanctions... These presstitutes don't have much memory.


AP FACT CHECK: Are immigration raids result of Trump policy?

Whew - I suppose I need to get some string for the weed whacker and see if I can start the lawn mower - somebody has to cut the grass outside and they - meaning the immigration officials will send Jose back to Mexico. Oh well, I suppose I need the exercise - instead of going to play golf every day.
This also is the start of the plan to create demonstrations and the greedies take control of the country by the militarized police force - then the Walmart FEMA camps will be full of people and the 18 wheelers full of hollow point bullets will be loaded into weapons and used to herd the sheeple into the camps - that's the ones that are still alive..


Ex-AIG chief Greenberg settles, admits approving fraud

More ENRON accounting - Wall Street has been infected with a malignant cancer since the Federal Reserve has taken over the financial health of our nation. Shut the Fed down and arrest the Wall Street gangsters. Al Capone was a boy scout compared to these assholes.  Notice the DNA these POS creeps share?


US names Venezuelan VP a major drug trafficker

Before we start throwing stones at who we name major drug traffickers, maybe should do a search on Barry Seal and Gene Tatum in the Tatum Chronicles. The biggest drug smugglers are in our own dear sweet CIA with protection from the Bush / Clinton crime cabal and the drug profits laundered by the banks.  And what about Jeb Bush sent to set up the Texas Commerce Bank in Venezuela including the drug profit laundering in banks in Florida - then somehow he got to be governor and when 9/11 happened he went into the CIA controlled airport that was supposedly training the 9/11 hijackers and seized the records.  Whew - our media has no memory! But those goddam Venezuelans - and all the oil they're sitting on that big oil can't seem to take over.


How America Can Take Control in the South China Sea

Why not concentrate on stopping the economy going down the toilet first, then worry about the S. China Sea. Shut down the 800+ military bases down and bring our boys and girls home and stop funding Academi and Blackwater ISIS mercenaries creating havoc in countries that don't kiss corporate and bankers a$$es.


NEO – Governor of Jakarta pulls city out of the sewer

Factbox: Indonesians to vote in regional elections

I have spent much time since the early 80’s working and living in Indonesia also much time in the ME and China. Indonesia  is an extremely corrupt country but hopefully with JokoWi and current Jakarta governor conditions may improve. My wife is Indonesian and a Muslim but now an American citizen.

It is common understanding that Sukarno and JFK were contemplating on using a value backed currency and eliminating the Rothschilds worthless fiat instruments. JFK was assassinated in ’63 and Sukarno deposed in ’67 by Soeharto with the backing of the CIA. Millions of people had been eliminated due to greed and corruption. I was in Jakarta in ’98 when Prabowo instituted the riots, looting and destruction of Chinese properties and shooting of Trisakti University student demonstrators.

When I returned to back to the US in 2008, and after witnessing what the hell was going on in the world, I realized the most corrupt place in the world is right here in downtown DC between the White House and Federal Reserve buildings and you can throw in congress and media as icing on the cesspool.

#2 of 10 Most Popular News Galleries of 2016: 9/11: Then and now - 15 years later

Yahoo is #2? Second in line for the Fake News contest? The only reason I log on to Yahoo News is to comment on the ridiculous direction the corporate controlled mass media is attempting to lead the sheeple in. Alternative news sites are much better and closer to the truth and fact not twisted opinion to please the money junkies.


Bibi's statement in Fink's Bar in Jerusalem in 1999.

“If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So, it does not matter what you do.  America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit; so, we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”
It makes you wonder why in hell our government supports this evil little fake POS!(?) See below.

A little comment - Beyond Satire and the dots are being connected slowly - soon the truth will be out.
The following was copied from Shadow Truth...on the net.

The bond between GHW Bush and Israeli intelligence (initiated in the sixties) was cemented around the Iran Hostage Crisis. Menachem Begin had been furious that he was effectively forced into a bad deal for Israel (giving up territory) by Jimmy Carter, and wanted to ensure that Carter would not be re-elected.
It was at that point that Israel aligned itself with the Republican party, and GHW Bush brokered the relationship that would ensure a Reagan victory. This set the stage for the co-conspirators to form their own Shadow Government within the United States Government – which remains in place despite an apparent change of party control. The Lewinsky affair with Clinton was arranged by these co-conspirators to take down Clinton at the behest of GHW Bush, who was pissed that Clinton had denied him a second term. Israel had their own reasons to apply pressure to Clinton.
This Shadow Government, with Mossad as its co-conspirator, planned and executed 9/11, the (Rumsfeld/Zack) Anthrax attacks, and all that followed. What the Christian Zionists never expected was that Israel would use these same events to blackmail their co-conspirators, which serves to explain why the US Government is so actively engaged in the cover-up of 9/11, while allowing Israel to do as it pleases in Gaza, Lebanon, and coming soon – Iran. All of the Shadow Government operatives, all the way up to David Rockefeller, are being held hostage by Israeli blackmail. Israel has ALL the evidence hanging over their heads, and effectively controls America (and its nuclear arsenal) as a result:

It just gets more juicier as it progresses...and makes you wonder when Trump will be taken down.  The truth will set you free - can't remember who said that...

And some little tidbits from VT - you may question the authenticity but it's getting close...
We are going to take things on with a rough attempt at stating their importance, the biggest disaster is Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner; Kushner is a pig-skinned little toad with an Israeli passport who served in the IDF. He is one of the most unremarkable people on earth, the talent and intellect Uber missed his pickup spot. He is the primary advisor to the President of the United States in areas of national security, behind him is Benjamin Netanyahu and anyone who doesn’t know that Netanyahu both despises the United States and is utterly insane is not paying attention.
 “Then we have Steve Bannon, a failed blogger and a real Jew hater who sees himself as the ultimate American tough guy; no military experience, a potty mouth and a long history of screaming at people in line at Starbucks. Like Kushner, Bannon has spent his life as a toad and ass kisser.”
Bannon and Breibart has an office in Israel also - hmmm...makes you wonder why a Jew hater does business there...It seems like all the alt news sites are getting on board the "truth to the sheeple" program...This is complete divide and conquer by the greedies - who are losing their grip every day...


More stuff to ponder...

Oh oh - Paul Craig Roberts latest article states that Trump's presidency is toast with Flynn gone and RIP.  He was just not experienced enough in the going on's of the political elite controlled by neocoms, note I said neocom, instead of neocon. The little piggy squirming is Bill Kristol, the son of Irving Kristol who was Trotsky's boot licker and dyed in the wool communist that wants to control the world via Rothschild's methods. At least Stalin was smarter than that and had Trotsky murdered in Mexico with an axe to the head. Stalin was a Freemason also part of the evil branch that control the world and most likely he, FDR and Churchill, then throw in Mao, made the plan to make the bankers richer than shit with the NWO.  Why they call it the "deep state" - swirling so deep in the bottom of the swamp that nobody can see WTF is really going on.


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