Thursday, January 19, 2017

One more day before the election - we'll see which direction we'll be headed.

A little wisdom from days gone by

A good one…somebody told John Daley “Don’t drink and drive”…”Don’t even putt”

A poster I saw at Mad Dogs…”drink beer…helping ugly people have sex since 1827”…heh, heh…get the pic?


This is the push from Soros - BTW - anybody seen that skumbag lately?


Outgoing CIA chief rips into Trump on Russia threat

This pile of excrement knuckle dragger isn't even floating on the top of the swamp, he's on the bottom slithering around with the rest of the vile satanists!


Democrats say Bush is to blame for Obama's failures

What a joke! The list is endless, you can start with the Bush / Clinton crime cabal but you have to add the Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Military industrial complex, big Pharma - all crammed into the swamp that needs to be drained along with the dumbed down major mass media - this site included. Go to Rense, Mike Rivero WRH, Veterans Today and compare the fake news - whew - our government is totally wasted. Time to hit the flush handle!!!

Pence goes from outsider to Trump's inside man in Congress

Let's hope Trump survives the inauguration - Pense thinks Cheney is a role model - whew - that would be the end of the US of A as we know it if anything happens to Trump. Gotta drain the swamp and there's a huge group of satanists sinking to the bottom - playing a little ping pong and chopping up some pizza and hot dogs.


Trump vows 'insurance for everybody' in replacing Obamacare

Is it possible he may just expand medicare for all the population and scrap the private insurance companies robbing the people? And at no cost, simply charge the insurance companies, military industrial complex and Wall Street including shutting down the Federal Reserve and claw back the $trillions they've raped the nation and other countries. Shut down the military bases around the world, that cost alone will cover the premiums, then tax the people making over $1 million a year 99%. Problem, reaction, solution in motion and solved.


Forever a mystery? MH370 search ends after nearly 3 years

One of the biggest scams in history, well, next to 9/11 and WMD. The first place they should have looked was Diego Garcia, then an airport hanger in Israel. But there is the question of what happened to the people including the ones on the United and American airlines on 9/11. Watch the film "Operation Terror" that most likely comes closer to the truth than the blatantly stupid criminal commission report drafted by Zelikow. Follow the money!


Poroshenko says Ukrainians at risk of losing faith in EU path

This POS isn't even a Ukrainian - he's a dual citizen Khazarian Mafia stooge. Throw him and his buddy Yats out and put Yanukovych back in there. Then arrest Nuland and her Khazar husband Kagan and his brother and family for orchestrating the Maidan massacre and stick them in Gitmo.  Damn, might have to expand the gates - do a little land occupying on the Cubans - build a few condos.


Trump team denies report he will meet Putin at summit

That should be his first move, meet with Putin then hash out the war crimes committed during the last 100+ years. Go after the Committee of 300 and burn them at the stake or better yet, have firing squads on Pennsylvania Ave, Wall Street, City of London and Vatican - shit, may as well throw in Mecca or Riyadh and Tel Aviv.


Garth Brooks Clarifies Why He Won't Play Trump Inauguration

Brooks has friends in low places - it's called the swamp in DC.


Hadta add this one in from 2001 when in Indoland - damn - I think this guy is over here at Lockheed Martin working on the F-35.

Habibie (ex-dwarf and ex-Minister of Technology and eventually ex-President), well, his crowning achievement at IPTN (Indo airplane manufacturer) has seemed to go down the shitter.  Apparently a bunch of these CN-235’s or whatever, have crashed and killed a whole lotta people.  Can’t say how many are left up in the air, but I don’t think they made too many of these. Thank God!!!  The one good thing is, I think they sold one to Libya – it’s christened their flagship ‘Pan Am 105’.  The main reason for making these was the short take-off and landing space required for most of the airports around here.  When they finally tested the damn thing, it took twice the length of runway specified, so the remedy was to make all the runways around the world a little longer!!  What the hell, huh?  He wasn’t capable of changing the design!!  This is a combination of “shit for brains” and “head up the ass”.  No wonder the little dwarf is hiding out in Germany.  I hope he’s not designing anything for Daimler-Chrysler.  That’ll be a car that won’t run. He’s got the planes that can’t fly nailed down.  Besides, he’s probably to busy trying to figure out how to work the virtual reality visor.  Hmph… Minister of Technology!!
And to add to the “woe” of IPTN, one of the helicopters they made crashed on the way back to the plant to be repaired.  The pilot, co-pilot and mechanic were killed.  Now these boys were either very brave or very stupid.  Anywhere else in the world, the damn factory would be shut down and the management thrown in jail and up on criminal charges.  But not here, this is Indo’s contribution to the world or aerospace!!   Apa??


Amazing how history repeats itself - from an article Debugger doin' a bit of observatin' in Jan. 2008

And the latest debacle about “Natalie” and the fuckin’ insurance company Cigna that wouldn’t pay for her liver transplant?  Their brilliant excuse for not paying?...they said “65% of all liver transplant recipients die after 6 months”… Well, she died anyways and Cigna saved a few bucks…  Just shows to go you and living proof that those assholes definitely gots a stranglehold as one of the new ‘four horsemen of the apocalypse’ replacing “war, pestilence, famine, death”…Doctors, Lawyers, Insurance companies and Politikians!!!  Yee Haw, just have a look what’s happenin’ as we speak!!!  “Cataclysmic environmental changes—a coming nuclear World War—the rise and fall of governments worldwide—food shortages—widespread disease and pestilence!”  YUP, we’re headin’ there and lead down the garden path by moronic politikians…and oil up around $100/bbl.  Gonna cost a bunch just to get there…

But when you stop and think of it, we spend, well not “we” it’s “them” spend around $ 1.3 trillion on a war to protect the interests of XOM, Shell, BP, military equipment brokers and others under the guise of strategic interest of the nation.  If they spent some of that for a national health program, probably most of the people that can’t afford a transplant may just have a chance of seeing tomorrow.
Ahhh, but then, the doctors couldn’t buy a new Mercedes for their wives…drug companies would face bankruptcy from all that advertising…hospitals operatin’ in the red…and all the cocksuckers in Washington DC wouldn’t get their little baksheesh, election campaign contributions, plus all the perks that when you get down to it, is basically paid for by the dumb shit going to the salt mine every day…you ‘n’ me…
Now I hear that the Republicans (in 2017 its changed to the Democrats) are coming out with this new drug called Votagra for all the voters with electyle dysfunction…

And another genius quote of brilliant insight - this was about Georgie and Dickie in 2008, but you can include all presidential candidates.

George and Dickie’s 10 commandments:
  1. Thou shalt not put any major oil companies ahead of XOM
  2. Thou shalt not have any graven image before you other than GM…GE…GD…Toyota…FB (I added that one just now)
  3. Thou shalt not take yo’ muthah fuckin’ god’s name in vain…
  4. Thou shalt remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, except for the military invading countries under false pretenses…
  5. Thou shalt honor thy father and mother…and I’ll teach that sonuvabitch how to invade Irak and get the oil instead of pulling out of Kuwait…Now we got the WMD scam
  6. Thou shalt not kill…’cept for those bastards standing in the way of our drive for greed… corruption …power…oil…
  7. Thou shalt not commit adultery…while in infantry…
  8. Thou shalt not steal…just make it appear to be in the interests of national security…
  9. Thou shalt not bear false witness to thy local dictator…let the CIA or Mossad and mass media do it and we’ll destroy the tapes…
  10. Thou shat not love thy neighbor’s wife, or oil fields…without a really good reason…wait a minute and we’ll make up another good one…
We'll add just one more...

11. And then they get into the “heaven and earth” shit…but nobody says anything about black holes, super nova’s or billions of galaxies 100 billion(+/-) light years away or the scientific fact that earth is over 4.5 billion years old…long before anybody could think, write or make any sense…guess what after all these years…they still can’t *:( sad Then we get into all the little creatures with big eyes and no chin in Area 51...

Comeback queen? Hillary rumors won't go away

I suppose she can fight for a comeback in Attica...where she belongs with her rapist husband and the Bush Crime Cabal. Throw in the bankers and military industrial complex and the alphabet criminals in charge and they could have a ping pong contest while cheering her on.


And another little comment from 2002 - don'tchya just love it?

And only in Texico!!!  Jesus, the Supreme Court is gonna hafta listen to a couple of seedy lawyers argue this new law about “homosexual activity in private bedrooms is against the law!!  Can you imagine??  How in the hell are they gonna prove this unlawful activity?  I suppose they gotta raid ‘em and catch ‘em in the act, just like the drug business!  I can see it all now…
During a heated session of “Show and Tell”…The teacher asks little Johnny, “What does your daddy do for a living??”
Well, uh, he’s sorta on the special forces of the Vice Squad.
“And what exactly does this special force do?”
“Uh, well, he’s gotta catch fudge packers in the act!”
“Huh? He’s gotta what??
“Ya,” he says with a shit eating grin, “skid marks on the front of their underwear just ain’t proof enough anymore!!”               


Time to stop the deconstruction of America
Article by Preston James PhD on Veterans Today.

Dr James, I appreciate again your column and insight on the events and direction the country may head after the inauguration. This does bring up various thoughts on how this happened in the first place. It very well have been orchestrated years ago in putting Trump in to manage the faltering nation and financial status since the people are disgusted with the current direction is has gone since the JFK assassination. That I remember very well. Trump may not be aware of the hidden secrets of the evil in the shadow government and may be the tool for them to create the havoc that destroys us. We must all stand together and fight for what is right. Your column places the readers in this position. Again, thank you for your understanding of the current situation and the potential effects that may harm, not just us, but our grandchildren and their children.

Take a step beyond and we won't really find out what the fuck the satanists have in store for the sheeple.


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