Friday, November 11, 2016

It ain't over till it's over or when the fat lady in a pant suit sings in Attica.

Well, today is the day - lets see who wins...maybe need to make plans to move to Canada if the bitch gets in.

I believe this cartoon goes against Hillary (?) - I was more in favor of the Donald since I simply couldn't stand the bitch or her asshole husband.
*whew* and I don't like cold weather - looks like we'll be staying here for a little while yet now that Donald has made it past all the voter fraud.  Lets see what he can do against the establishment of puppets controlled by the oligarchs.


Clinton calls Trump to congratulate him on victory

And the closing comment "Donald, please don't arrest me", but then whispers to Billy, that's if he makes it alive to inauguration.


A month post-hurricane, Haiti's most vulnerable desperate for aid

Bill and Hillary have the $millions from the earthquake fund raising - why not get them to send the money to Haiti. But they need to arrest her and her dope snorting rapist pedophile husband first.


Nothing like a little Comet Ping Pong...and throw in a little pizza or Cheese for Hillary.

Terms used by the pedophiles
Hot Dog - Boy***********
Pizza - Girl***********
Cheese - Little Girl***********
Pasta - Little Boy***********
Ice Cream - Male Prostitute***********
Walnut - Person of Color***********
Map - Semen***********
Sauce - Orgy.***********

The terms of Pedophile Island and Bohemian Grove attendees and Hillary's inner circle hanging around the pizza shack - hot dogs for the boys...and lets not forget 'spirit cooking'-chopped up little children and blood soaked walls... Then open the emails from Hillary...and the creep Podesta...and these fuck'n assholes want to run the country...time to lock and load...



After a Trump Upset, Muslim Americans Look at the Future With Fear

What a crock of shit this is - my wife is Muslim and voted for Trump. Soros money goes a long way. Scott Foval - Americans United for Change is one way - the corporate controlled presstitutes is the other...I may not agree with religion, but respect the freedom to choose what to believe - Comet Ping Pong is not in the picture...


IMF chief to recommend $12 bn Egypt loan approval

What a sham...why not Egypt simply print money from nothing like our Federal Reserve does, then lend it back for interest, then drive their citizens into incredible bankruptcy!!

What President-Elect Donald Trump Has Pledged to Do in His First 100 Days

He doesn't mention to abolish the Federal Reserve - this should be #1 on the list - get rid of those robbers and claw back all the money and gold they've absconded with and make our country great again - another is to release the $27.5 trillion to Lee Wanta and pay off our debts and put the people back to work.


What ‘Trumpcare’ will look like

Why not simply expand medicare for everyone and make it a national health plan and tax the banks and corporations including Gates and Turner.


Will the Powers That Be assassinate Donald Trump?

There must be considerable odds placed in Vegas on Trump making it past his first year and even greater ones on him making inauguration. The reason why the PTB picked Pense to be the VP. Besides, now the rest of the demonrats are playing Comet Ping Pong with hot dogs and pizzas.


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