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“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which require ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” – Henry Ford.
 I think I did this before but need to recap – the military industrial complex in 2013 did approximately $234 billion in sales. Profit was approximately $50 billion or around 21% and employed approximately 2 million people. In checking the 2015 sales, the numbers have dwindled down to around $47 billion according to UPI. Something doesn’t add up – either the information from 2013 is not correct of the 2015 fiscal year has been modified to make sure the people aren’t alarmed. The US budget for military is over $851.8 billion for 2016 and this most probably doesn’t include all the funds received from the global narcotics trade the CIA has their slimy fingers in. This enormous budget includes pensions of $180 billion plus $56 billion in foreign military aid. Why the fuck are we giving this much to foreign governments? And where is the $3.3 trillion Zakheim absconded? But the records were destroyed by the missile on 9/11 so we’ll never find out where that went. The national debt is $19.33 trillion. The interest to be paid is $283 billion around 1.5%. Most of that goes to the Federal Reserve, who incidentally had the US Treasury print all the green backs from the Madoff style Ponzi printing scheme that came from absolutely nothing. China owns 1.3% of the total debt and is dumping this as much as they can. Social Security trust fund owns around 20% of the national debt. Can you imagine – they take money that I and others have paid into retirement and soon that will be depleted and we won’t receive a nickel or penny – and after almost 50 years donating to this fund. We need a change – and soon!!!
The Plot Against Europe Revisited Reading this article in Veterans Today, in certain paragraphs, Jonas E Alexis appears to attack Darwin and his conclusions that MAN has evolved from the monkey and also questions the fact that David Duke uses Darwin as considerable evidence that religion is hocus pocus. Amazingly Duke has been accused of being anti-Semitic. Imagine that! This is not the full basis of the article, I just cherry picked the topics to make an amusing comment. I personally will side with the individual that would reject the Jew or Talmudic teachings along with the Elders of Zion, that Goyim are animals and were placed on the earth to serve the Jew. Logic and morality are also attacked by Zionism and the Zio controlled major mass media supports this bullshit and brainwashed the people – not only here but Europe and the rest of the world wherever they can!
Chemtrails and HAARP This is Frankenscience…look up in the sky and make up your own mind. Reptilian Aliens - Secret Tape from Skull and Bones - The David Icke Watch this – kinda makes you wonder how this ever got on to YouTube. After that watch “The Truth about reptilians by George Carlin”
Some research shit! Einstein free energy Wellinghoff Energy Si molecular structure solar batteries solar film on window to generate power Silent weapons for quiet wars Smart meters murders ******************
12/12/15 Now we have articles about the Kurds being in bed with Turkey on the oil smuggling and selling gas. From my experience in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) the Kurds appeared to be at odds with the ruling clan run by Maliki (when I was there) and they pushed for marketing the oil from their area independently without the levies / commissions / taxes applied by Iraq. Pipelines have been constructed for shipping the product to refineries in Turkey or shipping abroad from the various ports. Syria would, of course, be by-passed due to the CIA and Mossad orchestrated “Arab Spring”. (Item to note, at the well sites I was connected with, over 10 tanker trucks was shipped daily during the testing phase of the oil from each of the well sites. Where they went, nobody at the sites had a clue or knowledge who received the product and at current prices this amounted to over $250,000 / day or $1.5 million / week.) Observation of note: the Kurds in Erbil and Duhok didn’t mix with the population in Mosul yet in towns in Kurdistan, when passing local coffee houses, the Christians, Muslims along with other religious sects appeared to have pleasant fraternization. My security personnel assigned to me on trips around the oil well sites were Kurds and Christians. Other members of the security company were Muslims and got along well. We would discuss on occasion of the Saudi backed Arabs and infiltration of Israeli handled people were behind the disturbances including IED’s placed along the road and in once case in the fall of 2013, a Kurdistan government official was killed by a device implanted under the vehicle in Mosul. I happened to pass that area a few hours after the mishap. Considerable IED’s and UXO’s were placed in the countryside during the Saddam genocide of the Kurds and huge areas had to be swept prior to exploration sites set up. After the 2003 invasion and Saddam’s ousting, and with Cheney’s blessing, major oil companies quickly moved in and purchased oil leases throughout Iraq and don’t want to be under the beck and call from Iraqi corrupt regime, which they corrupted in the first place, and separate the marketing of oil in Kurdistan region from the Iraqi in the south. This was not possible during the Saddam Hussein era prior to 2003. Who knows where the money for the leases went – probably into the Bush dynasties pockets. Now with the shipping of millions of barrels of oil thru Turkey the major oil companies reap benefits on both ends, low production costs, no tax on the exports and buy it on the Turkey side at a reduced rate. This leads to the conclusion that 9/11, being the catalyst in attacking Iraq and Afghanistan was really not orchestrated by a cave dweller in Tora Bora with a cell phone, but by corporations and bankers benefitting from the carnage and war effort.
 Does this give you an idea of what really goes on behind the scene? These boys are all criminals!! I don't suppose any of them cheat at golf - do you? Don't count that!!! Pic of Giuliani in drag!
Suspects dead, motive sought after 14 killed in California Thought for today - A quote from the past - does anybody see any connection to the present course of events in the world???? "Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future." -- Adolf Hitler
************* Another good article to do a search on... Illuminati Jews Terrorize & Control Turkey by Henry Makow  

One item never mentioned in the holy book! 
Senior lawmaker worried about Americans returning from IS combat I suppose he never consulted with the knuckle dragger Brennan about the CIA funding ISIS along with KSA, Mossad and MI6. Once these little terrorist boys come home, they'll register with a CIA handler and conduct little atrocities to satisfy the money and oil boys and the NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI and the rest of the alphabet criminals. This is the open door for the NWO. Orwell's 1984 wasn't even close to what's happening as we speak!! Better get ready to pitch a tent at the FEMA camps. 
Russia causing 'environmental disaster' in Ukraine: Poroshenko 
This POS has been inserted by the Cookie Monster - Nudleman, after admitting our state department has wasted over $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine and remove the democratically elected Yanukovych. This was the plan of the Rothschild's Khazarian Mafia to take over Ukraine. 
News today 12/1/15 
Damn – Israel admits it’s been having military operations forces in Syria, and not just occasional strikes against Hezbolla… Turkey prez, Erdogan says he’ll resign if the truth is verified that he’s been pirating Iraqi and Syrian oil after shooting down the Russian jet that was bombing the tankers headed for Turkey… al Qaeda warns Saudi Arabia they’ll attack if the Sauds execute jihadists… Porky and Yats are squealing about Russia causing an environmental disaster (?) I suppose the $50 billion sent by the US taxpayer has ended up in Swiss bank accounts under these dickheads names. IMF is putting the Chinese yuan into the bucket for reserve currencies…there goes the petro dollar… We’re going broke paying of the Fed, plus wars and military expenditures around the 900+ bases in the world our dollar is down the toilet since these money changers took over in 1913… NATO is going to send 12,000 troops to Syria… We’re going to send 100,000 troops to Syria – according to the closet queen Graham and retard McCain… UAE is going to send ??? troops to Syria – I guess they’ll have to employ some of Blackwater’s left overs… Sheldon Silver – ex speaker of the house is convicted for corruption…(can you imagine that – a dual citizen Khazar being corrupt???) The Queen doesn’t like Kate Middleton – I suppose we can see a freak Boston Brakes accident in the near future like Dianne… Zuckerburg is gonna give 99% of his stock in Facebook to charity – any bets it finds its way into the Clinton Foundation?... Some really good news today... 
Covert Assassinations David Crowley – 
Gray State author and producer – allegedly murdered his wife and daughter, and then committed suicide with 2 bullets to the head. Michael Hastings – investigative journalist that put an end to General McChrystal’s carrier and about to publish a report of the CIA’s misdeeds – then his brakes failed and crashed into a tree at high speed with an explosion in the rear. Another Arkancide! Phillip Marshall – airline pilot – planning to expose CIA atrocities and planes at 911. – Allegedly a murder suicide shooting his two children and then himself in the left temple when he was right handed. Site was cleaned by professional cleaners before the area was inspected by authorities. Aaron Shwartz. William Cooper – Behold a pale horse. Attempted murders - Stew Webb - Jeff Rense Add more after research 
Response to VT Katherine Frisk. 
I stopped believing in this holy shit when I finally figured out there was no Santa Claus and I had to be around 3 or 4. The older I became, the more it confirmed my beliefs that religion was control of the people and a source of wealth for the select few. Gandhi was exiled from India for the statement on religion along with his peaceful approach toward government. Being exposed to great literature when I was a child in the ‘40’s and early ‘50’s, I began reading books that didn’t exactly correspond with the teachings of today – Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Henry Miller – my favorite banned in Canada at the time, Robert Ruark. My parents also taught me to never believe what someone tells you until you do the research to confirm or disprove. My first school was Catholic and this confirmed my belief there was definitely no heavenly being to create such stupid and ignorant group of dogmatic idiots along with the priest / teacher. I received a strapping almost every day and learned to fight at an early age. Not believing teachings from schools other than physics, science, chemistry, mathematics that produced a tangible result, also put me at odds with the faculty. History, one of my favorite subjects, appeared to be altered from the publications my parents provided during my growing years. Modern history was about the most boring period with major wars across the world almost every 5 years that involved killing of people who had nothing to do with the turmoil. Research in discovering the perpetrators and the cause of the wars invariably points to the same sect of culprits when you follow the money trail. “Jefferson and his fellow revolutionaries gave us all a great example to question authority and, if required, to overthrow it.” I believe we are currently at this juncture! When I lived in SE Asia, in the 80’s and 90’s and China early 00’s then India in the 10’s al Jazeera made a lot more sense than CNN or BBC in particular their interviews having representatives from both sides of the subject matter and one in the middle. Then al Jazeera they made the ‘deal’ with the devil and Khazarian mafia controlled western news agencies to broadcast in the US, they definitely lost their independent stance and are not much different than CNN or BBC, Fox and the rest of the presstitutes. When I spent almost a year in Kurdistan, the regular news, including al Jazeera was not available, and I came across PressTV which referenced Veterans Today. PressTV, similar to al Jazeera in the late 90’s and early 2000’s made a direct presentation of the current events as it happens, without editorializing or opinionating and twisting facts that our corporate controlled main stream media does to cloud the facts. Now you state the three major religions are infiltrated by moles from the KM? Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to atheism, hell, we’ll never get the true picture. Like my father told me, never believe what you read or hear – always verify the content and not just once. 

Alex thanks for your heart felt response. I personally believe in a multi dimensional universe where much like radio waves that cannot be seen with the naked eye, so there are many other dimensions beyond our phsycial vision. I believe in life after the physical death of the body, not because of anything I have read or been taught, but from my own experiences. So I have no doubt on that score. But at the same time, I am not so arrogant as to believe that I have the faintest idea what "God"is or is not. I think religion is our attempt at conceptualizing it and like everything we like to make it in our own image, when creation itself is multi dimensional. In doing so , we have created a cage for ourselves. I think many of the scribes in their original teachings got very close to the more accurate aspects, but those who would prefer to keep us in a cage where they can control us for their own benefit, have taken their poison pens to it. I do not think they can ever contain "God" in a human concept of understanding, but they do and make it in their image, frozen in time like a statue, and in some instances even have the arrogance to make it their particular skin colour, culture, language, nation and sex. I really thought that by the 21st century we would have evolved past that. But it appears we have all gone back to grade school instead of graduating into the university of life! 

Katherine – I certainly appreciate your response to my ranting – but again a moot point – as I mentioned the odds I was always at with my teachers and professors the one that comes to mind was a history lesson about the effects of religion on mankind. The teacher was a Christian minister before he went into teaching history and I did challenge him on his conclusions in class, the main items were plain as day, for instance Darwin’s theory of evolution vs. the bible’s writings being a mass of contradictions. His response to me – after the rest of the students left, was that “Man, does is not possess all the knowledge and is not fully aware of the true meaning of “God”. This has evolved throughout history. In the future Man, hopefully will discover the true meaning and its effects on mankind.” I didn’t question that statement and left the classroom, but felt the sheep will be lead down the garden path by Judas Goats. This was over 50 years ago and the world’s leaders have enriched a select few and wasted more time and money on methods of destructing mankind than how to improve the life, health and welfare of the people. I agree with you, we, the people on earth have gone back in time. The current state of world affairs is a classic example and being run by Luciferian creatures certainly not human. 

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY! "When People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders."Samuel Adams to James Warren, 1775 
This Russian Su-24 shoot down by Turkey when examined under the radar raises some questions. It is well known that Turkey and Israel along with our CIA and KSA, Qatar and MI6, EU and NATO, have been supporting, arming and financing the ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and FSA, al Nusra, al Qaeda etc., etc., for the past 4 years. One of the Russian bombers destroying the tankers shipping crude to Turkey for resale to the world market at the going rate has been shot down. Somehow something smells really bad! XOM and BP buys up the pirated crude at pennies on the dollar, brokered by Erdogan’s son Bilal, at a handsome commission no doubt, but the CMMM keeps on stating that ISIS receives the full market price, judging by the proposed sale of the crude and leaving any co-conspirators out of the equation. Israel is up to their scrawny necks in this deception. Turkey shoots down the Russian plane, supposedly not knowing whose plane it was, but how many more of these fly around bombing the crapolla out of ISIS with Russian emblems on the side? Now Russia will sanction all avenues of business plus trade and will cost Erdogan $billions. It states in the CMMM that Israel is turning its back on Turkey – this raises another question – why when they’re in cahoots? Now Erdogan states he wants to meet with Putin in France next week during the climate summit. Do you think he wants to throw Israel under the bus – and make another deal? Did Israel con Erdogan into shooting down the Russian bomber with promise of paybacks? Putin has been playing this chess game at a grand masters level – far above the western world’s corrupt geniuses. It makes us wonder what will evolve from this orchestrated fiasco. More shit…. The drastically lowered crude price has seriously stressed some of the largest Wall Street Banks to the max because of their inflated Oil Derivative contracts they have used to stay afloat. These Banks have apparently countered this drastic drop in the price of crude by accessing revenues derived from British Petroleum and Exxon buying stolen crude from ISIS at a greatly reduced, deeply discounted prices and re-selling it at the much higher going World crude price. This appears to have provided a means for these large Wall Street Banks to keep their Crude Oil Derivative Contracts afloat. 
I plagiarized this from Veterans Today – Preston James article. But it holds a lot of truth. 
1.The American economy is failing, most of our good jobs have been exported under NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and GATT. Now the USG is Hell-bent on passing TPP and TTIP and shoving Agenda 21 down our throats. 
2.We’ve allowed very small foreign based, neo-Bolshevik directed highly deviant special interest groups to hijack our government and our media and shove political correctness and diversity down our throats. 
3.We’ve had our historical traditions and our special holidays such as Christmas excised from our institutions and retail stores despite the fact that the majority still want them. 
4.Our borders, our English language, and American Culture is being destroyed before our very eyes. 5. Our Government has not only exported our heavy industry, manufacturing and most good jobs under their illegal, unConstitutional so-called Free Trade Agreements, creating massive unemployment. But despite all this there is no southern border enforcement and huge numbers of immigrants, legal and illegal, and encouraged to come into America. We hear the constant absurd claims that we don’t have enough engineers and scientists when we have thousands unemployed and underemployed when the real reason is that the large corporations want to drive wages down and keep them down. 
6. Our USG has become the World’s largest illegal narcotics and drug trafficker, often going into joint ventures with drug producers and using them to build up large competing drug cartels. This serves several important functions, the first is to raise massive amounts of “off the books cash” for deep-cover black, deep-black, and beyond-black covert operations. But it also help pull out excess USPetro Dollars to help keep inflation from growing uncontrollably. These dollars are then laundered by the large Wall Street banks for large profits and the money is then invested in foreign nations and used to bribe foreign officials and USG officials and members of Congress through espionage fronts. Another purpose is to dirty up the American populace, breed mass addictions, chaos and dysfunctional lifestyles, destroy the family, the fabric of American morality and character, and American society itself. 7. Our own USG which is supposed to protect us is engineering and staging numerous false-flag attacks. It is doing this as an excuse to fight illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars of aggression for the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate the Khazarian Mafia and its chief action-agent and Cutout, Israel. Bottom line is the our own USG has gone rogue, has become self-serving and has secretly declared war on all Americans and America itself. 
8. Americans are being hit with so many rapid social changes and stressors on all sides because of USG corruption, malfeasance and deficiencies in governing that they don’t know what to do in response. Most just give up and live in quiet desperation while everything they have worked for all their lives is taken from them and their World shrinks every day. Those that work for the USG (“Big Brother”) get lavish pay and retirements, while most other go down the drain financially. Retirees who worked hard and saved all their lives see their savings eroded by inflation at a rate of about 7-9% a years while they earn no significant interest on those savings (soon many will have nothing left and will be destitute). The economy is headed for collapse and some respected experts claim we will see all pensions devastated even USG and military pensions. Already the largest Union in America has reduced some of its pensions substantially. Many City Pensioners in Detroit found their pensions reduced up to 87% as the city went bankrupt. Chicago and LA are a breathe away from bankruptcy according to some experts. 
9. Most Americans who openly dissent are labeled domestic terrorists, spied on, put on watch lists and no-fly lists, stalked, some severely sanctioned, and some even murdered. Secret National Security letters (NSLs) are shoved in the faces of company managers and CEOs forcing them to fire, not hire, or these targeted individuals, to censor stories and now even book banning has started. These NSL letters are to be read only, not left and if the reader leaks any information about this NSL or why they fired an employee or didn’t hire an applicant, they have been threatened with prison for 10 years and a huge fine. 
10. American has been transformed into a huge National Security State run by what is best described as a private defense contractor based Secret Shadow Government (SSG) that has asset stripped most of wealth and is now sucking up what little assets we have left. It seems like every day the USG is taking more steps to create more tyrannical Police State power for themselves. Our freedoms and liberty are being attacked almost daily on every front; and the America we grew up in is now being destroyed before our very eyes and replaced with a Stasi-style secret police state. 
11. The USG is spending about 58% more than it takes in from Tax Revenues and is borrowing this from the private Federal Reserve System (FRS) with pernicious interest accruing illegally and unConstitutionally. Experts claim that each American is about $1,200,000 in debt to the private Federal Reserve as their part of the National Debt. It is nuts to allow a foreign run private Central bank to print and issue FIAT money as debt-notes and charge us Americans to use what should be our own money in the first place and should actually be the real Constitutionally required Gold and Silver backed currency. 
12. 40-50% of New college graduates cannot find suitable jobs, are underemployed if lucky enough to even find a job and are living back home with mom and/or dad. They are burdened with such large college debts that they face a life of debt-slavery and no private home ownership ever. 
13. Everything broadcast or published in the Major Mass Media is controlled by an illegal Media Cartel controlled by six ultra wealthy Media Moguls who operate under the control of one major international investment house which is noted for being on the Vanguard of such matters. A fantasyland false reality has been socially constructed by this Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) using TV, radio and Madison Avenue advertising and mind-kontrol to keep the American masses satiated, confused or feeling powerless. This fantasyland is based on Big Lies, False-narratives and propaganda and is so far from reality that anyone who tries to tell the real truth about anything is viewed as a crackpot or a conspiracy theorist. The average American has been so seriously mind-kontrolled with these CMMM dispensed lies that they have been handicapped from adequately perceiving reality. This fantasyland is actually a very big societal group delusion from which folks must wake up from if they are ever going to be able to start withholding consent from the KM’s Evil Agenda and to be able to take America back from these evil KM infiltrators and hijackers. 
14. Despite all their billions in money laundering profits from the CIA’s massive illegal narcotics trafficking into America, the large Wall Street Banks are still failing. The US Congress bailed them out twice with over two trillion dollars and this has not been near enough, the FRS has been issuing huge amounts of more US Petro Dollars each month as Quantitative Easings. But this is not enough, these largest Wall Street Banks are still failing and even at an increasing rate. Why? Because the US Petro Dollar is failing and being systematically and progressively rejected by the rest of the World. 
15. The private Federal Reserve System has been the vehicle used to empower and implement the Globalist NWO Agenda in order to create a single World Luciferian Government. It of course is run by the Select Few who run the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and also run the secret Shadow Government (SSG). The ongoing means to implement their Globalist NWO Agenda is to foment wars to create massive chaos, break down the natural order, make huge war profits and thus replace the old order with their new order step by step. And they have been making tremendous progress until the Internet, the American Populist awakening, and the recent complete checkmate of the RKM in Syria by the Russian Republic. Actually, the foreign owned and controlled private Central Banking System which prints and issues FIAT money which is technically counterfeit money or debt-notes that bear interest for their daily use. The private Federal Reserve System (FRS) was set up as the World’s biggest Ponzi scheme in 1913, designed to serve the needs of the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that owns and control it. End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system? The American Economic System has been designed to keep expanding until it engulfs the whole world in US Petro Dollar Debt-slavery and then is imploded when desired in order to shove a new RKM electronic monetary/banking system in place. Soon the US Petro Dollar will no longer function as the World’s Reserve Currency. Our FRS Banksters who serve the Khazarian Mafia (KM) will be cut loose like us and the top dogs who are really in control (the Powers that Be aka the Select Few) will just proceed to the next step in their age old plan. But what is this age-old plan they have been working to implement for many years? It has many different names: Globalist NWO Agenda, One-World Government, Evil Empire are but a few. To truly understand what this NWO Beast is that the RKM is attempting to impose on us against our will and the whole World too, we need to examine some basic trends over the last hundred years. Once these trends are considered then we must descend into the esoteric in order to fully grasp what is being done to us all, by who, why. Only then can we understand why we have so many Judas Goats leading us as cattle to pillage and to slaughter, why we remain silent, and why we do not fight back. 

After reading this and digesting it, listen to JFK's speech on 'Secret Societies'  You'll connect the dots.

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