Thursday, January 7, 2010


Gotta send this out before I gets on the plane to Indoland!
Just bought a coupla shares in L-3 body scanners. One of those doo-dads costs over $200 K and not including freight, installation, commissioning, tax, title and licensing. There’s over 300 major airports just in the USA alone and a minimum of 5 scanners per airport! Sheeeit…that’s over $300 billion and considering the extended warranty, spare parts and maintenance and operational costs for the next 10 years, that runs way over $2 trillion…WOW, just tripled my money overnite. But the cost of a plane ticket just quadrupled… and look at the other benefits…the medical industry, via major collusive arrangements they’re extremely familiar with, can get your entire body scan for nothin’ cuz you pay the ticket plus the tax collected from us dumb tax payers and this information will be secretly maintained to ensure the high cost of medical insurance…not only that but this will be completely networked to wholesale distributors then bootlegged to all the greedy companies in the world (or hackers) just by your social security number and they’ll have access to the images for whatever purpose for only a modest fee of $100 k per year in membership dues (a lot less than malpractice insurance) but the health insurance premiums will be still be maintained at $1.3 trillion…but I can imagine the local MRI clinics will object cuz a 15 min imagining of a knee costs $3k and this 10 second body scan (that’s not very clear) runs $100 and the networked systems will get an updated one for the record by you simply goin’ back and forth to Dallas…one drawback is we could possibly be faced with MRI clinic bailouts, but fuck ‘em, we don’t care about those little guys anyways…I wonder if Pamela Anderson’s plastic titties show up on screen… hmph – Oh, and another thing… IF the DHS is smart enough they could use this for detecting terrorists and bombs too…

Rush Limbaugh says there’s nothing wrong with the current US health care system. He was admitted to a hospital in Hawaii for chest pains and then came out ok…he probably didn’t check the bill. For an overnighter, the total bill – doctor, IV, gown, slippers, cap and room including a few electrodes and maybe an enema, (I hear he likes that) hadta be around $ 200,000. Rush’s providers probably allowed the insurance company a $ 195,000 discount, he most likely paid a $ 20 co-pay and his deductible was waived by the insurance company and hospital cuz he supports this criminal swindle of the public, and the insurance company paid $1,000 so the balance of $ 3,980… well, we’ll never know what happens to that…maybe the hospital gets an income tax write off as a charity donation or advertising…if it was you or me, we’d be taken to court for the entire $ 200 k and fined or incarcerated … If we didn’t have insurance, we wouldn’ta been admitted in the first place and right after they toss us out on the street we’s most likely get a transfusion with formaldehyde …are funeral homes covered by health care? Social security don’t pay that much… are we gonna have the mortician bailout comin’ up soon?

During a flash of extreme boredom at 3:30 AM and its too cold to golf, I Google’d ‘war predictions for 2010’ …methinks Boeing, Lockheed, Smith and Wesson and the rest of the bottom feeders follow this closely to analyze projected productivity and determine raw material inventory.
And ya’all probably thinks I pick on the Izzis too much, but check out the following sites and the people named along with ethnic origin also carrying dual citizenship that wield criminal influence on how we exist…
Maybe 10% of these are accurate??? Even at that percentage it’s pretty scary! And another one
Damn, there’s more of us out there than you could imagine…and some are sirius…and the best one of the bunch is
Then watch this movie attached “Missing Links” Ol’ Mike Moore didn’t even come close with Fahrenheit 9/11!
Of course if you got nothin’ to do and wake up at 4 am you can read all this shit and really make your day!! But d’ya thinks there was a conspiracy? Or maybe this is just coincidence, ya?
One of the sections was about this little creep Rabbi Dov Zakheim that was the financial officer of the Pentagon and when he was in charge of bean counting, $3 trillion can’t seem to be accounted for? Now, how in hell can any idiot misplace that much money…? And we let ‘im get away with it!!! Hell, that’ll pay for health care for 50 years … And another business this scumbag was mixed up in before 9/11 was CEO of SPC…System Planning Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes highly sophisticated technology that enables an operator to fly by remote control as many as eight different airborne vehicles at the same time from one position either on the ground or airborne. These remote controls can override a terrorist pilot plowing into the WTC. And this asshole is a Rabbi? How does slime like this get appointed to these positions? Any guesses??? You can Google this guy and read all the shit he’s been mixed up in. (and we gonna try the dumb shit Nigerian Mutallaba for terrorism…and pump up the military to invade Yemen)

If any of the above has even the remotest thread of truth to it, we’ve gotta be about the dumbest bunch of morons in the history of mankind to let these heinous individuals and their cronies manipulate all the resources to further their own gain…and at what cost???
We gotta spread around what these horrible scumbags are doin’, and it’s continuing as we breathe –

Then we had a buncha CIA guys killed by a double agent…that’s too bad…what’s worse, that or bombing women and children in Gaza…where’s James Bond when you really need him…? When are we going to smarten up and stop all this shit? Looks like we gotta sanction the Izzis!!! And arrest all people approving money for Izzi aggression…

In Yemen, they said they killed 4 would-be suicide bombers…well…the bombers got what they was conned into doing – the timing was just a little suspect! And probably the 70 vestal virgins didn’t show up yet. Anyways, looks like this place is all mapped out for the next war, but their oils gonna run out in about 9 years… why waste money now? If we waited 10 years, they’d all starve to death instead of us sending in the Izzis – Irgun, Shit Ben and Mossad plus Xe Corp and killing the women and children… we’ll just have to put up with a coupla suicide guys for now…and that keeps the fear factor up and we can spend more money on bombs and planes instead of healthcare…

Speaking of healthcare, I just got a brilliant idea  to make a $jillion…I’m gonna contact the major hospitals in China, Air China and the local Motel 6 over there also the major insurance companies over here and start outsourcing health care for major illness from here…take a knee – to get scoped, this costs almost $30,000. A whole knee replacement costs around $100,000. You can get a whole knee replacement in China for around $9,000. Throw in $1500 for a round trip and $50 for hotel, plus a little extra for some conjee (bubur without the chicken stock) 3 times a day and we gots a total of say $10,750. The insurance company here discounts the $ 100 k knee to $20,000 including hospital stay, so we gots $9,250 to split plus the kickbacks from the hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and China Air, shoot, we could make a smooth $ 10,000 per operation. A heart transplant here runs over $500,000; we can get the same in China for around $ 10,000 including an unlimited supply of hearts. Damn, we could make at least $50 k on a heart. Take a couple hundred of those operations a week…that’s $10 million, or $520 billion a year. All we need is a PayPal account, cell phone and computer… then we’d be up (or is that ‘down’) there with Wall Street Investment bankers…and if we spread this around to a dozen countries, we could make $ 2 trillion a year!!! …almost what Dov Zakheim wandered off with and givin’ our stuff to the Izzis…and we’d do it legitimately…Jesus, how much do you think we could make on brain transplants? *whew* this is mind boggling… the sky’s the limit…and the line is endless…

Johnny Lee Wicks was shot and killed in Las Vegas while he was gun totin’ in front of a federal building …he had a grudge against Social Security cuz he lost some benefits and shot a guard…AIG exec’s got their bonuses tho’… the big problem is he killed a guard that had nothin’ to do with him losing the money… d’ya thinks he shoulda gone to Washington and shot a coupla Izzi politicians where the real problem is…?

Damn, it says here that ‘dementia’ costs Canada $ 835 million – that’s nothing compared to what Washington DC costs the US taxpayer…oh…are we speaking about the same demented dummies?

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