Monday, July 6, 2009


We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people!"
Obama’s latest comments on the shit in Iran…he never mentioned the intense lobbying of congress by the health care companies that’s stopping a beneficial plan for the citizens…maybe this ain’t violent, but sho’ as hell is unjust…He’s in the middle of trying to make his health care proposals benefit the providers… not the people…And fuck Iran!!! They don’t pay for hospital bills…

Another series of articles – Billary got up in front of the TV cameras and commented on the demonstrations in Iran and summarized “a country that uses religion as the leading force of governance is not much of a country”…then…on the next page ol’ Ehud Barak says… “there will be no separate state for the Palestinians unless they recognize Israel being a “Jewish” state”… kinda makes you wonder why we have this double standard of accepting one countries stupid ideas and objecting to the others’? And what about the other 20% of the Israeli population that ain’t Jewish? What – exile them and steal their property…build some condos…?
Those Ayraninans ain’t too awful bright either! If Iran invited XOM, Chevron, Shell and BP along with Hallybutton, Slumburger and Blackwater to move in and do a little production sharing; suddenly Iran would become a strategic ally??? Even if they limit the sharing 80% for Iran and 20% for big oil boyz, their economy would take off like a guided missile…and lets not forget, Iran already buys their military shit thru Israeli brokers…but they’s still disguised as the enemy regardless what the scumbags do under the radar… cuz there ain’t no money in peaceful coexistence… keep the “fear” goin’…

Getting back to the health care issue, now the insurance companies are sending out warnings that a gov’t plan will raise costs and people already with company supplied health care will pay more! I gots an idea, why not have the gov’t provide health insurance and negotiate and or bully the hospitals and doctors to pass on their privileged discounts to the gov’t instead of getting kickbacks from drug companies etc., etc. D’ya thinks the insurance companies are worried they may lose some lucrative bidness? Haha, you betchya…oh…and fuck the patient!!! And goddam… can you imagine the corruption that would erupt and contaminate the politikers in charge of this shit?!!! Now ol’ doctor feel-good can make plans for some pretty good expense paid vacations with a little lanyap along the way…
Obama should take a closer look into the marketing strategy and policies of these insurance, hospitals and drug companies…or in short Health care providers (HCP). Let’s have a look at the marketing strategy on the two customer target categories:
No 1. People with medical insurance:
Charge astronomical premiums cuz the poor schmucks make money and their companies pay a portion of it. If they get sick, they’re covered… sort of… The following are policies of the HCP.
a. Doctors and hospitals charge ridiculously high fees, but negotiate discounts for the charges to a minimum of 50% +/- …and that’s for insured patients. The uninsured pay the top rate.
b. Enforce enormous deductibles on the insured to reduce the HCP’s payouts.
c. If the patient has a terminal illness – make sure there’s enough fine print to not cover the treatment and let ‘em croak immediately.
d. Invest % of profits in the drug companies and hospitals to hedge medical costs and enforce the rule to only admit people with health insurance to limit law suits and have enough to pay collection agency fees.
e. Keep the cost of drugs up there so most people can’t afford them to make them better and let ‘em die reducing exposure to health care costs.
f. Enforce the limiting of development and marketing of any wonder drug for cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Ol’ timers etc., to ensure profitability of investments in drug companies.
g. Keep the lobbying agencies well financed to ensure the gov’t will not provide health care insurance and/or, make the premiums for gov’t run health care higher than what we charge and also control the discounts provided by hospitals and doctors and limit extended discounts only to HCP and not to gov’t run health care.

No 2. People without medical insurance:
a. Fuck ‘em!!!
b. Fuck ‘em!!!
c. Fuck ‘em!!!
d. Fuck ‘em!!!

Now we gots another governor caught fuckin’ around…Schpitzer now Sanford. At least he didn’t use government money for a little poontang with his Argentinean sweetie like ol’ Schpitzer in the Emperor’s club…but what’s the difference between that and taking $millions from lobbyists one way or the other and totally fuckin’ the citizens that vote ‘em in there??? Probably better gettin’ caught messin’ around than a corrupt thief…
Oops…Now it says the sumbitch stole gov’t money to go to Argentina to see his girlfriend…he ain’t no better than Schpitzer…or any of the other fuckin’ politicians, for all that matters… but at least he says he’s gonna pay it back…Hah!!! And now all the people are taking polls saying is unfaithful politikers can have public trust? Well, what’s a little poontang…it’s still better than being responsible for your child’s death in a war based on greed and lies…

In the last Debugger, there was mention that maybe there may be Mossad or CIA involvement in the demonstrations in Iran about the elections…lo and behold…the US gov’t admitted they have agents there in the middle of all that shit!!! What the fuck are they doin’??? Is that oil needed that bad that we’d get mixed up in another country’s business??? What the fuck would they do if Iran had spies here mixed up in our elections??? Damn, we’d probably nuke ‘em…and they just let the Mossad and Irgun guys do what they want, steal military and nuclear secrets….they let that guy go free that stole that last buncha newclear shit…and those guys from AIPAC…guilty…but that’s ok…

And there you go, Obama’s gonna let the gay guys get married…good for him…and them…just leave the little kids alone!!!

And the big oil boyz are clamoring around getting in line for bidding on Irakie oil…figures, I suppose all that hype about WMD and terrorist links has finally paid off in spite of the 4400 boyz and girlz plus the few hundred thousand Irakies that got killed. They’s gonna get richer…the scumbag cocksuckers… they should be shot along with Cheney and Rumsfeld and Wolfie…Dubbia just went along with it, cuz he can’t come up with an original thought…

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