Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Damn…now we gotta $7.4 billion aid package goin’ to Pakiland…hmph…gimmee some of that, cuz fo’ sho’ it’ll get corrupted, or maybe it’s a military aid package…DIME and cluster bombs, some brand new shiny tanks and helicopters…wait a minute…there ain’t no oil in Pakiland…why in the fuck are we there? Oh, I got it, maybe after the pipeline gets built in Afghaniland, we’ll control the port to ship the oil…

Now the gov’t wantsta put controls on the Derivative Market…what the fuck is Derivative Market…just Google’d it…derivative is like a razor, you can shave and make yourself pretty for your girlfriend and you can also use it to slit her throat…hmmm…I can see why this market should be controlled…it didn’t say nothing about ex-wives…maybe they should just be shot…awww hell, bullets cost money…

Here’s a good one under the heading…
”Weapons that Kill”
“It is in the United States' national interest to promote the existence of a stable, democratic and militarily strong Israel, at peace with its neighbors.”
Who’s fuckin’ national interests? Sho’ as hell it ain’t mine…I don’t give a shit about it, do you? And there ain’t been no fuckin’ peace there for the past 75 years…shit…how about 2750 years!! This militarily strong Israel is the cause of all the unrest in the Middle East and right now it’s infecting the world!!! Damn…And whoever wrote this article thinks the only way peace can be obtained is to threaten the rest of their neighbors with violence via military superiority? That’s like a bully when you’re a kid…he threatens everybody with physical violence to have respect …but in reality he’s afraid to sleep in the dark…why do we allow ourselves to be duped this way? The “national interests” are the military supply companies making obscene fortunes on war…and brokered thru Israeli outlets …the destruction of Gaza violates all the terms of the U.S. Arms Export Control Act prohibiting U.S. weapons from being used for non-defensive purposes. And we just keep on givin’ these fuckers money and military shit and we gots people outta work…losin’ homes…Ya boy…Havana Gela…

That ignorant arrogant Binyamin Nutnyahoo has arrived…a little conversation overheard while vacuuming the red carpet just before it’s rolled out in the Oval Room for privileged visitors.
“Hey Binya, how ya doin’?”
“Pretty OK Mr. Prez, just arrived and gotta cover some sensitive issues!”
Oh ya? … What seems to be on your mind?”
“Well, Mr. Prez, first, we don’t think there should be a Palestinian State cuz that will weaken our position while we’s subjecting all the dumb fuckin’ Ayrabs to apartheid and also we’d hafta move our settlers outta the West Bank and lose the rent from the condo’s we built and that ain’t including the investment of all that sub prime shit that we ain’t gonna pay back. Oh, and also a concern that ol’ AhmaDJ is cookin’ up some enriched uranium to put into a bomb. If the Irakies get a bomb, then we’ll lose our superiority in the Middle East! The last idiot prez before you wouldn’t back our plan to go bomb the shit outta their enrichment laboratories! This woulda made the war bidness flourish, oil would skyrocket and we’d all get rich!”
“Well listen Binya…we’s gonna have a little chat with ol’ AhmaDJ maybe in the next coupla months to cover some of these issues and see if we can resolve this diplomatically!”
“Damn, Mr. Prez, we don’t need no fuckin’ diplomacy; we need the constant threat of war and invasion to keep the Middle Easterners and the world terrified and kissin’ our asses while makin’ money hand over yarmulke in the bomb bidness!”
“Listen, Binya, don’tchya think we gots enough terrorism floating around? Somehow we gotta put a stop to all this shit so the world can concentrate on the piss poor economy created by your greedy scumbag Ponzi bro’s and Wall Street gangsters!”
“But Mr. Prez, if we cuts out terrorizing the rank and file schmucks, this’ll put your war toy manufactures outta bidness and we’s gonna lose our commissions and our AIPAC goons won’t be able to funnel some of this into your re-election campaign and not only that, all the laid off DIME bomb makers will need to go on welfare and the cost of treating their radio active contamination, that’ gotta half life of a million years, will be astronomical and will cut into our health care companies profits!”
“Hmmmm….lemmee think about this…will get back with you!!!”

The people want the Guatemala’s prez to resign over killing of a lawyer…Hmph…what’s the point…?

Goddamn, they found the missing link…a 48 million year old fossil…and they call it “Ida”…sheeeit…I see a buncha those on Tanah Abang…under the overpass panhandling for a coupla rups…they just had their tails cut off…

And the North K’s exploded a newclear bomb…wonder what the hell that’ll prove other than keeping the “fear factor” up to the boiling point and keep Northrop’s bottom line in the black ??? Betchya that made ol’ Kim Jong’s hair stand on end…but…forgot…shit, it stands up like that anyways while he’s sayin’… Yup, we’s gonna go blow the shit outta South K and maybe Japan, but we gotta be careful cuz those damn Chinks up north got a hole lotta those bombs…and sooner or later we’s gonna hafta pay the Irgun guys for sellin’ us those secrets they stole from the US of A…

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