Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another one about the ridiculous history in the making

Wouldn’ta believed it if I didn’t see it. Yup, the US of A gots a black president…“I had a dream!” A wet one…

Just read the article about Helen Thomas, part of the news reporters at the Whitehouse, and in one photo of her interviewing Gerald Ford, stuck in one corner was Cheney with a snarling smirk as usual…but he had hair then. The little prick was part of the Nixon gang and somehow avoided being prosecuted with the rest of the goons. Rumsfeld wasn’t a heartbeat away…and they was the main architects that coached W all the way…or was that “Pulled the strings”?

Just hadta put this cartoon in here before we forget all about this guy!!!
Damn, it didn't take, but I'll send it separately to those of you that really care.

Anyways…ol’ Horsey forgot to put Wolfowitz in the cartoon, but probably he’s hidin’ in there somewhere doin’ it with his WB secretary (and boy is she ugly) and depicted on this ‘toon was only a teeny bit of the crap he was mixed up in, or at least take credit for and I doubt we’re finished with him yet and his side kick Cheney. They’ve already been indicted for crimes… at least Cheney has…and no pardon from Bush…but the ‘new guy’ in the big house has instituted a ‘stop’ on all last minute regulations issued by W and company…
And Cheney went to the inauguration in a wheelchair, cuz he hurt his back picking up a box probably stuffed with all the ‘offshore’ bank statements of baksheesh from Hallybutton, Northrop, Grumman, Lockheed Martin, AIPAC, Cerberus…XOM…BP…
I Google’d “Bushisms”…damn…it’s amazing he could get around the oval office without getting hisself cornered…
In fact, if y’all get the chance, Google “David Horsey” cartoons and check out “Empire Rising” series. I can’t stop laughing at “Dubbia the Incoherent”.

I sent this into the Yahoo News Blog, but I kinda doubt they published it…
Obama’s first priorities?
1. Immediately cancel bailouts for all investment bankers and Wall Street entrepreneurs and confiscate all funds.
2. Seize all the proceeds from golden parachutes given to the above company officials for the past 10 years, distributed by institutions receiving bailout funds and put them in jail with no bail.
3. Criminalize private interest lobbying of government officials or employees.
4. All bribing or attempted bribing of officials including corruption and collusion will be a capital offense for both the briber and the politicians taking the baksheesh and not reporting it and all to be presumed guilty, until proven innocent without a shadow of a doubt.
5. Institute a new law that any embezzlement of government funds including corruption, collusion and nepotism by using previous status and influence and connections in government to further their own or associates gain is a capital offense.
6. Institute accountability to all political arenas, local, district, state and federal and any failures of policies or violations to be all punishable by imprisonment. Claiming stupidity is not an option.
7. Stop all aid, financial and military to Israel and to any other country involved with genocide, invasion and occupation including testing of new explosive devices for the Pentagon and CIA and disarm Israel and eliminate the dangerous disparity in armaments in the Middle East.
8. Institute a “free” national health care system use the funds from assuming toxic loans from banks and failed businesses, to take over health care, hospitals and drug companies that make fortunes from people’s sickness and misery and make the entire spectrum of health care a non-profit system including enforcing the Hippocratic oath of doctors.
9. Institute “free” education that all children must attend and participate, from primary to university bachelor’s level and raise the overall standards and execute continuous review and updates to maintain interest and challenge for the children to succeed in this competitive world.
10. Make it mandatory with no exception that all youth are to devote at least 2 years of their educational process to enter into government service, either military, corps of engineers, public works and including studies in agricultural/scientific/manufacturing/artistic research and development.
11. Start a new revolutionary government “of the people, for the people, by the people”.
That’s just a start…and give the citizens the “Change” he’s been preaching. Damn, doesn’t this sort of resemble the beginnings of the “War on Stupidity”?

With Israel being charged with War Crimes using phosphorous bombs, there was an article about the sniveling dogs using this brand spankin’ new device called “DIME” Dense Inert Metal Explosive. When it explodes it sends out a cloud of particles about 1 mm cube in an area within 4 meters and this penetrates all organs in a body and into parts that are blown off and then the target dies within 24 hours cuz the doctors can’t get to all the massive injuries on the body. This nasty little firecracker is also contains depleted radioactive uranium for density to penetrate armor… I suppose they needed to test this on a few real live reluctant women and children volunteers before they attack Iran! And Cheney probably needs the report results…Oh, and another priority would be to put a travel ban on Cheney…
But the Heebs stated all the weapons they’ve used conform with international laws…hmph…”yup, this one here’s for killin’ and conforms, that one over there, that’s for killin’ too, but non-conforming, heh, heh, and we only use that little jewel at nite with the phosphorous”…what the fuck’s the difference, they all kill…how much deader can ya make ‘em??
… And ol’ Tipzi says she’s at peace with what they’ve done in Gaza…what horrible bitch, she don’t belong to the human race!!! But they’s already preparing for the war crimes trials and hiding all the evidence. If they don’t start trying these bastards soon, the Heebs will win another one.
But that pic of Tipzi and Condo on the net, man, do they look like a coupla dykes ready to go at it…??

But Obama, with a little HUTA, defends Israel’s right to defend itself…what about the Palestinians rights from way before 1917 to the present that were terrorized by Israeli terrorist gangs and the Irgun? I suppose we just flat ass forget about that…no money in peace!!! Let’s hope he gets a little smarter in the near future before we get involved with WWIII… Now the Heebs are setting up their war crimes defense team to prove they didn’t drop the phosphorous shit on the UN building, there’s photo’s of that stuff showering down all over…another big lie…

Obama’s gonna close Guantanamo…that’s good, but they’ll just send all the chained up blindfolded guys and waterboards to Diego Garcia…sheeeit…nobody knows what’s goin’ on there…

Microsoft is gonna lay off 5% of its employees. Hmmm…lemmee see if I got this strait…Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world…he is a champion of the American way…a capitalistic society which is also run by a government of the people, by the people, for the people…that says, a guy can get rich supported by the common folk working and buying a product that is obsolete in 2 days…then if it looks like this guy ain’t gonna make much money in the next period cuz they’s already fucked things up, he lays off the people that brought him to that position of being ridiculously rich…they go on unemployment, or welfare or no money and lose their homes, and cars and can’t afford to pay for the internet. This guy keeps all the money but the people that made it for him, lose everything… Then this asshole gets on TV and defends employing foreign workers for half of what he pays the local citizens… Seems like there is a flaw here someplace… anybody see anything wrong with this picture?

Those border crossing officers that shot the drug smuggler in the ass…that’s a messy deal with the Mexican gov’t complaining Bush commuted their sentence…why should that be a problem? This creep was smuggling a coupla hundred lbs of grass…then got shot in the ass tryin’ to escape…then the officers were charged with infringing on his human rights pressed by Mexican politikians??? There were some deals made with the Mexican gov’t boys connected to the oilfield that are also paid off by the drug gangs and asshole Cheney makin’ deals with the twisted Mex officials about sending the oil and gas back and forth across the borders. A snarled web of connections and collusion, but you can be assured Cheney was mixed up in it somehow cuz Dubias the Incoherent can’t spell.
Then Cheney complains that Bush shoulda pardoned Scooter…heh, heh, d’ya think they ain’t gettin’ along? Could be interesting when they go to court… but d’ya think it’d be better to put them Gitmo with a little waterboarding just to make ‘em both tell the truth…only if they really know what the truth is anymore… Hitler and Stalin got away with enormous lies that somehow became the truth…in their eyes…

Hmmmm…. Arthur Nadel…$300 Million, Madoff…$50 billion, Milton Retana…$62 million, Cosmo… $370 million…David Schick…$82 million…and that’s the guys the feds got their fingers on and probably just the scum floating on top of the financial cesspool…how many more of those cockroaches (75% are Jews) are out there with $ trillions down the drain…
A good article about the next Madoff is Henry Paulson…he’s the biggest Ponzi scheme cooker upper there ever was…and guess who’s the victims??? Yup… you ‘n me…a guy did the math…”there are 147 million people employed in the U.S. (today, tomorrow there’ll be less). The national debt will now require each and every U.S. worker to come up with about $68,000 in order to pay off the debt”…shit, that’s $10 trillion. Hell most of the people don’t make that much money – after taxes…and including living expenses, this will take over 20 years to pay off, and with another $ 2 trillion going down the drain per year in stupid war machine investment and killing off half the people in the world that pay taxes, we’ll never get outta debt and the pyramid gets bigger with no end… That sorta makes my day…damn!!!

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