Monday, June 5, 2017

"Man is the missing link between apes and human beings." -- Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Laureate

But then I don't agree with Konrad Lorenz - man should be somewhere between lizard and monkey...

And what do we have on the latest news...?
Terrorist attacks in London / Manchester killing a buncha people...
Gotta let more of those refugees that look like ISIS into the country - that's humanitarian.

Cholera can kill over 300,000 in Yemen...
Where the hell is Bill Gates - he's gotta have a needle for that...eugenics at its finest.

Youtube wants to shut down free speech and punish all dissenting voices...
Yeah, goddamit - we don't want all the truth coming out, gotta keep up the fake news!!!!

LA mayor worries that "Immigration Crackdown" can spark riots...
Wait a minute - how did all those rioters get here in the first place???

UK election to be suspended due to London attack...
Gotta get the boot licker May in there...either that or cancel the elections - lets start another false flag...

US State Department officials went into a deafening silence when questioned why the US sanctions a democratically elected government in Iran, yet kisses the Saudi Wahhabi @$$...
Duh!!!! HUH? But this is what they tell me to say - or not say...which is it ???

Over 1000 retail outlets closing in one week...
Make America Great!!!  We need some change - and real soon or we'll all be in the FEMA camp...

Soros funding spring gala that it would be heading up the new $80 million anti-Trump network that will span 32 states...
Trump may just need to ban that sumbich from entering the country...and confiscate all his stolen wealth...

NSA Won’t Release Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Tape For “National Security” Reasons
But they probably didn't mean to say anything that might institute a revolution...Slick Willey must have had his hand in her pants...

CNN host Reza Aslan, who recently ate human brain on national television, called President Trump an “embarrassment to humankind”
Reza's a POS and a CNN host? Zucker just loves this shit!!!

50th Anniversary of Israel’s Infamous USS Liberty Attack
But there's no mention in the major mass media about this false flag attempt to start WWIII back in '67!

Secret Societies - the ones that were behind JFK's assassination after his speech bringing their nefarious plans out of the closet or more like the tomb...
And these skum bags want to control the NWO...where's animal house??

This all grows into the bunch below...

And even more good stuff - "the Satanists Among Us"...and they even drag Pierre (Puck) Trudeau into this along with Justin then spill on pedophilia...damn where's Margaret when you really need her - and everyone was convinced she was a lunatic, but when you get down to what was going on behind the scenes ... duhhh...but she did have the upskirt program down pat...

But what is this leading to?  Damn...makes you want to oil up your AK47 and make sure you have plenty of bullets...


Hmph...Yeah...those damn Russkies - I suppose they can't figure out why the idiot war hawks McCain and Graham are screaming that they've put their country right next to our military bases...!  Whew - this could be an excuse for a nuclear war!!!! Then we wonder how the national debt exploded to $20 trillion...let alone the $10 trillion the pentagon just can't find and the $6 trillion+ blown on ME wars...Does anybody in DC have a fuckin' brain?

Former CIA Director: Investigation Needed to Determine Collusion

This idiot knuckle dragger couldn't tell the difference between collusion and corruption and nepotism - he's part of the excrement in the swamp up to his neck yelling at the bankers in a canoe without a paddle "Don't make a wave"!

Bizarre GoFundMe Launched After Hockey Star Uses Homophobic Slur

Ol' Getzlaf has spent too much time in the airport security line - GoFondleMe!


At least three dead in Jakarta suicide bombing: police

And Abu Bakar Ba'asyir is in jail under a gag order. Especially when he commented on the Bali Bombing that there was no way in hell the truck with a lame sack of fertilizer could cause an explosion that big and kill 200 people. Military grade C4? - maybe a W54 mini nuclear pit?  And he also stated there were CIA and Mossad men along the street chuckling during the exercise in state sponsored terror - kinda reminds you of dancing Israelis? Makes you wonder how he could have recognized them... He most likely was working for the evil intelligence(?) community then turned against them when they went over the limits of common sense.  Damn, and I remember that and was there a coupla weeks after and the Bali Classic was shut down...
The CIA backed Suharto with his carnage and got rid of Sukarno with his idea along with JFK to get rid of the central banks - now they're working with his ex- son-in-law Prabowo and rent-a-mob to get rid of JokoWi, and take over the gold, copper and silver mines for Freeport - McMoRan and rape the country again!! The poor Indo's will never see the light of day - a little bubur for b'fast - that's it and it's made out of GMO'd rice.  Monsanto poisoning the world and Gates eugenics at work...where's my needle???

Organized Crime Inside Your Mind…article VT 5/25/17
Organized Crime – statement – but what is organized crime? Kosher Nostra - The Satanist  or Majestic 12 (MJ12) in charge of the secret shadow government? Committee of 300? Well, 298 now that Rockefeller and Brzezinski have croaked...  These idiot psychos have infiltrated just about every organization in the western world and control the City of London financial district created by the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia. As Dr. Preston James states in his articles The Coming Shift to Cosmic Fascism (Part I, II and III) these vermin could very well be infiltrated by ET’s from other galaxies.  Similar to William Cooper and his book Behold a Pale Horse, and he was shot and killed by CIA / FBI agents in his own yard, but on whose orders? Interviews with William Tompkins, Richard Dolans and Corey Goode also discussing the presence of ET’s from other planets that have been on earth for centuries and inbred with humans – Tall White Nordics, reptilians, ET’s with little bodies and big heads and eyes, secret KGB tapes – Area 51 secrecy – Papoose Lake, NV - Roswell, NM crash, to name a few…Antarctica – what the hell is going on there – why did Joe Biden and John Kerry go there during election of Trump?  Rockefeller - Brzezinski have croaked - next is Kissinger - Bush - Rothschilds??  Is Trump winning - or are the money boys losing??
Hmph – looks like there’s something going to happen soon – invasion of aliens?  Independence Day??? All the military chiefs, politicians and super rich hiding in DUMBS connected by maglev rails, while the military destroys the world with a nuclear holocaust and the emergence of the Deep State Secret Shadow Government satanists crawling out into the open when the radiation clears? 
When is the BCC going to release the $trillions owed to Lee Wanta so he can get the US on a recovery path?

Lotsa questions - d'ya thinks the Satanists believe their time has come? Will the people wake up and get rid of these assholeyos?  Chase them down the street and lynch them - on Pennsylvania Ave.


Duck! Treasury will hit the debt limit soon unless Congress votes to raise it

Simple - stop the wars, shut down the 800+ military bases around the world, slam the door on the FED and claw back all the money the Rothschilds have raped the nation of, then shoot the bankers on Wall Street, grab the money and gold in the Vatican vault...problem solved.

Jared Kushner's charmed life is about to come to a screeching halt | Walter Shapiro

This little POS squirt nutless wonder is a puppet for the Likudniks - he does what they want him to, but he's not smart enough to know this will bite him in the a$$. Trump has made a few mistakes, he's one!!


Bigelow Aerospace, Time To Put Up Or Shut Up About UFOs

A comment from a couple of extratesticles - Sh't and Fr't from the planet Puk' - "beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life down here". They spent a week in DC, City of London and Tel Aviv and came across some GMO'd (genitalia massaged orgasmic) interbred monkeys in politics, AIPAC's leaders and Likudniks driven by the Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia. The ET's were amazed the dumb shits as stupid as they are, could walk on their hind legs...let alone carry a big club!!!

More of this crap...

Private Space Billionaire Says He's 'Absolutely Convinced' Aliens Live Among Us

Hell yeah, there's a bunch of them wiggling down Wall Street and DC on 8 legs, but shape shifted to look like Blankfein and Soros with their hand in your pocket, and lets not get into the creeps slithering around the Federal Reserve - hell what about congress squirming in the swamp - living proof!!


Listened to the podcast - Jeff Rense and Herbert Dorsey - the exposing of the "Deep State"

Interesting - it's a wonder they're still alive - George Webb is another - the guy who can prove Hillary was behind Seth Rich's murder and the missing Eric Braverman - former head of the Clinton Foundation - but they found him now and oh - don't fuck with the deep state...


UN slaps sanctions on North Koreans amid US warning

Why not sanction Israel, they brokered the stolen nuclear technology from us to N Korea. The greedies need strife to fatten their banks - the hell with sanctions, lets bomb the City of London financial district and the Federal Reserve, then the Vatican and bank of international settlement - then we'll all get along.


Senators Push For Russia Sanctions While White House Conducts ‘Review’

The article is a pile of bovine excrement. History is forgotten conveniently by the corrupt bought and paid for politicians and no one remembers the Nazi coup sponsored by Nuland (F**K the EU) and our $5 billion borrowed from the Fed to kick out Yanukovych and stick in Porky and Yats to rape Ukraine. Crimea had a vote and the majority of people decided to exit this fascist regime and join Russia. I could go on and on, but the presstitutes need to satisfy the Khazarian Mafia that pays their wages and keep on spewing out this fake news crap!!!!


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