Thursday, March 2, 2017

Marie Collins, an Irish survivor of clerical sex abuse, resigned Wednesday

I was going to comment on the subject matter, but thought - whew - that would take me until next week.


Karen Hudes - worked with the WB - was fired.  Your tax dollar is given to the Federal Reserve, then it goes to England then a big chunk of your tax dollar goes to the Vatican?  We pay our bills by selling dope - the CIA is helping us from drowning in the swamp.

And another good site - make up your own mind.


Not being a religious person, I still watched the following nor do I agree with everything VT has to offer but Kevin Barrett does win some kudos:

It might enlighten a bunch of people still listening to the controlled major mass media. It's a wonder Christopher Bollyn is still alive.


And now the greedies have a new one - Agenda 2030.  Agenda 21 didn't work out too good, so they've upped it to more detailed enslavement of the people.  This schmuck McCain is behind some of it, although he's just too fuckin' dumb to make any difference.

Ya know, in all this presstitute propaganda, nowhere does it say - let's educate the populations of the world and bring them up to speed on what's really going on around us.  NWO - Mega Central Banks - Military Industrial Complex - Big Pharma, peddling chemicals instead of looking for natural cures and take a step back to the future of the cause of these horrible ailments, they look at the bottom line and bonuses - Evil satanists kidnapping children and sacrificing them to Moloch or the big eye on the dollar bill - harvesting dope to ship to the masses and poor folk that can't afford a loaf of bread and keep them dumbed down - common core education to maintain the intellect next to zero.

Then on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski, yup that's Zbigniew's daughter, came out with the statement that the main stream media's job is to control what people think...HA!!  And in the same tone of voice that CIA director Bill Casey made the statement "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."  (Barbara Honegger did hear the statement and listed it, that's the lady that worked for Reagan / Bush then quit due to the Iran - Contra scandal.)
It kinda sorta maybe makes you wonder who the hell Mika really works for - oh - and it's becoming common knowledge that the CIA and Mossad have infected the media, Hollywood, military, big Pharma and even wormed into the core of humanity where they plant the seed of evil for their goal of enslavement of the world.  But who in hell is really behind the curtain pulling the switches(?) and it ain't the Wiz of Oz.

How about a little common sense - or is that an ancient ability to rationalize and deal with the problems that has long been forgotten...and the sheeple let batshit crazy M-F'k'n McCain at the joystick. 

Oh, and an article on the "International Reporter" stated McCain tried to get funds for his election in 2008 from the same Russian ambassador, Vitaly Churkin that was murdered in DC recently.


President Trump and the end of the American Century

First thing Trump should do is to scrap the Federal Reserve, next - kick out all the dual citizen Israelis in government - appointed or elected, then - shut down all the 'think' and I use that word loosely, tanks and arrest them and stick them in the Walmart FEMA camp. Then drain the swamp!!


Rep. Adam Schiff calls Trump's comment about press 'most alarming' remark since election

Ah yes - the House Intelligence Committee - that's an oxymoron - so far, history of the past 104 years has shown there is no intelligence in DC!


Chelsea Clinton burns Trump on Twitter for his baffling Sweden remark

Chelsea should go back home and visit with her daddy - Webb Hubble. Then move out of the $10 million condo and give the money from the foundation back to the Haitians her so-called parents stole from - and that's the tip of the iceberg.


Doctor gets life in prison after intentionally botching spine surgery in Dallas County  | Courts

Big Pharma and Monsanto get bonuses for similar criminal actions.


Bin Laden raid architect McRaven says Trump media attack threatens democracy

The bin Laden raid and assassination was another false flag. Osama died in December 2001. This was staged to create more chaos and push the thrust toward the CIA and Mossad created ISIS to keep the money flowing into the military industrial complex pockets.


Pros and cons of closer relations with Russia

How about strive for peace and stop funding the mercenary terrorists that the CIA and Saudi Israelia are doing then stop funding the terrorist state Israel - do a search on the conference held recently for the A & E 9/11 truth and the war on Islam. Then you will see who is behind the carnage and raping the world of it's dignity, and it sure as hell isn't the Russians.


Hmm, maybe this is why Trump doesn't want to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner

I don't think I would want to sit in a room with a bunch of presstitutes and whorespondents fabricating lies to satisfy the bankers and Khazarian mafia. Shut them down - besides I stopped listening to those morons long ago, and this site isn't a heart beat away. I visit here to make comments on the idiots for amusement.


U.S. seeks extradition of ex-Guatemala officials on drug charges

While they're at it, go after the Bush - Clinton Crime Cabal and the CIA also the bankers in the drug and money laundering over the past 54 years plus. And then hang them on Pennsylvania Ave.
El Chapo and Noriega are still in cells that no one can communicate with to find the truth about the shadow government ruining the world.


North Korea spy agency runs arms operation out of Malaysia, U.N. say

Hmmm...lemmee see how this works...congress approves $billions of military aid to Israel...Israel brokers the guns, bullets, phosphorous and DIME bombs to little countries (or more like mercenaries like ISIS) on the 'terrorist' list or axis of evil. These little terrorist countries sell the toys to others for a handsome profit, that over 50% goes back into fake foundations of the criminal politikians that approved the $billions to Israel. And we wonder why the media is promoting the hype of terror to drive fear into the sheeple's hearts to approve more money to fight terrorism. This circle jerk never ends since they killed JFK.  We need more refugees!!!

This ever happen to you?*=)) rolling on the floor


And Preston James is spelling it out as it is on-going.  (BTC is Babylonian Talmudic Cabal, COL is City of London Financial district and DC is District of Columbia) and I wasn't too far off with the years of ranting and raving.

Through their three separate secret nation-states the BTC runs most of world.

The Vatican is the BTC’s secret spiritual head; the COL is the BTC’s secret financial head; and DC is the BTC’s secret military and acquisition arm.
This planned destruction is planned to include a 90% reduction of the world’s population by numerous sophisticated means including hard-kill of war and engineered crime, and various types of soft-kill including engineered toxic GMO food, toxic additives in vaccinations, fluoride in the water and various toxic chemicals sprayed in the skies.


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