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People that control America – Good listen But no real surprises – just lays it out chronologically


What we know about Russia's alleged hacking of US vote

Hmmm…what’s the first thing that comes to mind – do we know what really happened (?) – Not much – this appears to be the beginning of another false flag to start feeding more fake news by the presstitutes.  Obama is passing the blame for not vetoing the UNSC resolution that Israel is an apartheid state – deception is the art of war, typical of the Mossad and Likudniks since the IZL and Stern gang raped the Palestinians before and after 1947 and Obama’s last attempt of gaining positive recognition.  AIPAC and ADL will suffer from this and it’s about time, however the presidential election hacking is another sick joke!  If the Russians had the ability to hack the elections, which is extremely possible, then they certainly would have the capacity to deflect the source, or whatever and blame Israel, GOP, Comet Ping Pong or whoever may gain from this. If and when Netanyahu gets tried for the corruption, then Israel may just be on the correct road and Palestine will be a one state with equal citizens, but this would put the Khazars in a negative position and not in control of committing the atrocities in the Middle East for the Rothschilds goal of NWO.

From November 11 and beyond…From Alex Kushnir PE (Pendejete Especial)

To summarize the thrust of this blog over the years when you stop and think, if that’s possible in a positive direction, it boils down to bring out in the open the actions and thrust of the so-called Illuminati, Council of 300, Council of Foreign Relations, or whatever name or curse you place on the Satanists, that grab the people by their short and curlies or bank accounts.  This evil scum, controls the world by means of terror and have caused massive bloodshed throughout centuries and millions of human beings have been slaughtered at the behest of this small insane group.  Nowhere in the corporate controlled major mass media does it say or even suggest the carnage needs to stop, or do the back room boys admit to the annihilation or even reference it in any of their policies.  The controllers are bankers that want power to enslave the people by disinformation of their behavior as the ultimate goal of unfathomable and unimaginable greed.  The gradual dumbing down of the sheeple by vaccines, drugs, chemtrails and the newly instituted trend in limiting education process of common core that the Western world is being taken over by, places the sheeple in a position to accept whatever these creeps desire and as Hitler’s disinformation propagandist, Joseph Goebbels stated, “Tell a big lie often enough this becomes the truth”.  This was set in place by the Rothschilds financing Karl Mark in writing the communist manifesto and blossomed farther with Lenin, being financially backed by the Rothschilds turning the Soviet Union into a communist state (Chairman Mao of China in later years was also financed by this evil scum) and promoting Hitler’s Germany into being a socialist state.  The difference isn’t noticeable since Communism is taking over by revolt and Socialism by nationalist popular vote by whatever means, coercing the people with lies, and false news is part of the equation.  The Western world is governed by so-called Democracy, where the people are controlled by a corrupted media and massive debt Ponzi scheme in the guise of a central bank.  The end result, in the last century starting with the Spanish / American war and ongoing, along with over 50 false flag operations, being orchestrated by the same small group of people in control of all the wealth and resources then factor in the 40 plus regime changes conducted by our ‘intelligence’ department to satisfy corporate America and bankers, the masses end up with literally nothing and have lost more than before the so-called liberation by the greedies and on our tax dollar – or more like borrowing from the banksters creating counterfeit money from absolutely nothing and the bankers ultimately controlling all the wealth, not only the people’s, but nations.
The Rothschilds have a multitude of bought and paid for assets committing these false flag operations and remain behind the scenes making them appear to be innocent of these atrocities.  These sick muther fuckers directly orchestrating the gross inhuman acts for profit need to be lined up and shot with the Rothschilds in the front row. 

When you look at the carnage of the latest century and the methods of twisting facts to make them happen, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, African countries, Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine – this should make the people of the world sick to their stomachs and demand justice.  Wars generate massive profit for the military industrial complex, which is owned by the banksters. Hundreds of millions of people have died due to greed and profit and their control over everything – major mass media being the source of misinformation that has cast a cloud over the real events with flowers and words of doing what is right for the people’s interests – whose interests?  These evil people controlling the presstitutes are also part of the carnage that continues. Then we get into “Fake News”…another topic to be dealt with later.

There doesn’t appear to be any research by the so called “Think Tanks” on how to preserve humanity – only how to destroy it. CFR, PNAC, Bilderbergs and ISW are only a few of the evil groups, throw in AIPAC and ADL then connect the dots.  In the process of planning future catastrophes, they also enforce the act of dumbing down the masses, with limited education, poor health care and big Pharma and raping the people of the wealth they work so hard to earn.  They also orchestrate financial debacles and bubbles and provide windfalls for the evil ones and rob the people.  Bernanke admitted the Fed caused the 30’s depression including the financial rise and fall, bubbles etc., over the past century. And they continue with the incredibly evil process with no objection from the people.  How many people have suffered from this?  The puppets push for the elite’s goal of owning the world.  When will the world wake up and put a stop to this?

When you examine the purpose of government – by the fore fathers prior to 1776, they did provide the guidance of a federal government and their role with the goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In modern day, this should include preserve the natural resources, maintain roads and infrastructure, provide exceptional education and the best quality health care not controlled by big Pharma and corporations.  National security to be limited to protect the nation from foreign invaders including foreign entities and international bankers and in the process of maintenance, remove the gross profit out of these benefits to the citizens. Enforce the anti-trust laws and monopolies and break apart the corporate controlled media and corporate behemoths and pass laws prevent this and classify as capital offenses. The benefits resulting from these laws in place to the citizens should be at no cost and the revenue to be derived from import duties, corporate tax and tax on sale of goods and services.  There should be no illegal Federal Reserve or NSA or DHS or FBI or CIA or IRS and these current agencies to be broken into a million pieces as JFK stated.  Only local law enforcement should be in place plus interstate communications established – greater in detail than is currently exercised. The nations’ military should be one department with branches including intelligence protecting our borders. We should have no military bases scattered throughout the world protecting corporate interests paid for by the citizens with funds and lives.  Once the people of the world are educated, there ultimately will be no need for any police and all the people will abide by the rules of common decency and existence and not be controlled by “Big Brother”.
Their needs to be a global international organization similar to the UN but dealing with all countries in a cultural method including international health care, education and protection of sovereign nations from predators.  Revise the UN constitution to focus on advancement of humanity and develop the science and technology to preserve the earth, not destroy it. The implementation of removing corporate power from daily lives will ultimately change the culture of the world to coexist with tolerance consequently removing the need for a military to reign over the masses protecting corporate wishes.  These acts still won’t eliminate the threat of the Khazar and their puppets whose insane desire to control the world is ongoing and the people of the world will arrive at a solution to eliminate this threat in one move.
The next venue is to have a look at Antarctica and the Nazi installations from before WWII.  The suggestion of aliens, Draco’s, reptilians and Nordics enter into the process requires more detail investigation – either that or open up the secrets protected by Area 51 including Agenda 21 then delve into the underground facilities starting with the Denver Airport.

This is what the Illuminati fears. In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (5) the author writes: "There is nothing more dangerous to us than personal initiative; if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord."

From a Debugger passage in 2008 – funny how things repeat themselves….

Ha, got a response to one of the topics I commented on in the net, that didn’t necessarily favor the Israeli side of world problems especially in the West Bank, and some dumb SOB called me “anti-Semite”…I just wrote back and said, I guess I must be anti-Arian cuz I don’t necessarily agree with Hitler, and maybe anti-Chink, cuz I don’t necessarily agree with Mao, or anti-Dementia, cuz I don’t necessarily agree with Bush and his blunders…and I have serious doubts I agree with Obama…whadaya gonna call that? Anti-Bama???  Makes you wonder what disagreeing to Trump policies will be called – the sky is the limit on this one…

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